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About Me

I live in the Midwest.  I love technology in general but especially computing related tech; and have a strong passion for it.  I got my 1st computer, an Atari 600XL, when I was 14 years old in 1983; though I had some previous exposure to Apple 2 machines at school.  That 600XL was soon replaced by an 800XL which was itself periodically upgraded with enhancements.  I tend to enjoy creating software more than I do using it, which is saying something because I enjoy using computers & software quite a bit.  Computing has been in my bones and in my blood ever since either professionally or personally.


Now rather than do the typical thing and continue with things like talk about my pets, family, or non game  & computing hobbies and interests, I think instead I'll actually just throw out some bits that actually say something perhaps more meaningful about me.


A few concepts that help describe my philosophy, what I believe, what I see as important, or just plain preferences:

  • The saying "It is better to give than to receive." is more than just a cliche.
  • Anything worth doing is almost always worth doing well.
  • Liberty over risk mitigation.  I could have used the word "security" instead of  the phrase "risk mitigation" and  the priority would have been just as valid.  But I chose the words I did because what you get isn't even as good as security.
  • "You get what you pay for." is a misnomer.  I prefer: "You rarely can get more than you pay for, but you certainly can get less."
  • 2 + 2 = 4 every time.  If you get something else, then then the 4 wasn't really a 4, or one or both 2s weren't really 2; not really.
  • Sometimes less expensive is actually more expensive because you have to replace more often due to durability issues, or because you find you have to buy the  more expensive example anyway, and immediately, because of a lack of task performance of the less expensive one.
  • All else being equal, or perhaps better in, the less expensive option is the best value.  Because...
  • function over form (I don't care much about what brands or labels people see me use)
  • Shit stinks, no matter if it is yours or someone else's.
  • Do right by others, even if it may be less than ideal to your own interest, and encourage others to do likewise.
  • Long term it can be quite a virtue to be able to delay gratification, and it is encouraged to heed that... but try not to be forced to suffer too much regret when you are old and feeble because time got away from you.
  • I don't expect everyone, or even anyone really, to exactly match up with my thoughts posted here.  That's okay with me because of my last tidbit...
  • Live and let live.


Happy trails!


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