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  1. I got my cable from amibay and my boot selector from sordan. Very happy with both! The cable from amibay is longer so that you can put the gotek on the side instead of on the top of the Amiga. Amibay cable Sordan Boot Selector I have the older Cortex firmware which works fine but needs a little messing around. And more often than not you can not save/load. As I understand, if you get the newer flash floppy firmware all you have to do is put the adf:s on the USB stick and it will work. And it has full save/load support.
  2. Teaser from Retro Games Ltd. Fullsize or Mini? Probably and hopefully fullsize. 🙂
  3. This product, if it were to be manufactured, is not for the C64 only, but I do not want to post on every retro forum in existance so I chose this and Lemon 64. And we will see were it goes, if it goes anywhere... It is just an idea and the specs/features below are just from the top of my head to start a discussion. Hopefully it is an interesting idea to not just me. So, in short, personaly I would like to see a retro dedicated modern LCD TV/Monitor that matches retro systems in design and color. In this case I have chosen "commodore Grey/beige" inspired by the 1084S. I am also thinking that beige will match a lot of older systems. Anyways, please have a look at this and comment.
  4. Kevin Bridges on Call of Duty. I think I rather play Moon Patrol...😉
  5. Really looking forward to the release of the Amico. I have shown pictures and videos to my 7 year old daughter and she really likes what she has seen! She wants the the purple one and it will be cool to have it next to my Intv System 3 for ”generational” comparison. But I do have some thoughts on the latest trailer. To me it is good but not great basically...😉 First of all the music is good but feels too dramatic. This is is a fun console. The music should be the same. And IMHO the trailer is a bit too long and does not focus enough on some of the selling points. I think these points should be clearer in the next trailer: · Kids friendly - none of the the realistic bloody vilolence games that can appear on other consoles. My personal opinion is that this is the most important thing. · The controllers are like the smartphones the kids play on these days, and they can use their smart phones as extra controllers. Show people sitting together playing. (BTW, will you be able to buy extra Amico controllers?) · Low cost – The console intself AND especially the games. · Plug and Play – You are up and running in no time compared to other consoles Not just remakes of retro games but also completely new games. So, thats just from the top of my head right now and I am sure the marketing will be great. Anyways, Good luck and keep up the great work!
  6. There is an update on fb (Click on link)
  7. I damaged one of my 8520PD cia:s and have ordered replacements, one is a 8520a and the other one 8520PD. Can I use the 8520a or do both cia:s have to be the same exact model?
  8. A couple of thoughts 1. I am not a modern gamer but it seems that modern games are getting more and more violent and of course the realism of todays graphics make war games (I call it e-war and not e-sport by the way. Fifa for example is e-sport. Battlefield etc. is e-war in my opinion) even more disturbing. A non-violence dedicated games console is definately the right thing to do and I am sure that there is a market for it. They can basically do a George Plimpton thing again. Show images from bloody e-war games and images from Amico games and ask the target group (parents) which kind of games they want their kids to play... 2. Going down the Intellivision controller route again is risky. These controllers REALLY need to be great and not just produced for nostalgia reasons. It is essential that the console is also compatible with any other standard usb controllers/joysticks out there so that people have a choice.
  9. Yes, it is a 8375. And apparently it is not a big mystery: Wiki quote: "Although officially introduced in 1992, some Amiga 500 Plus units had already been sold (masquerading as Amiga 500 models, and with no prior announcement) during late 1991. It has been speculated that Commodore had already sold out the remaining stocks of Amiga 500s, before the run up to the profitable Christmas sales period. In order to make enough A500s before Christmas, Commodore used stocks of the new 8A revision motherboards destined for the A500+. Many users were unaware that they were purchasing anything other than a standard Amiga 500."
  10. I have no idea if they are common, but I have the exact same in one of my two Amiga 500´s. When I first opened it for cleaning I was confused and thought that I had bought an Amiga 500+, but there was Kickstart 1.3 and I came to the conclusion that these were put in Amiga 500´s. The one with this motherboard inside has a different logo. (The same size as the logo for the 500+ if I am not mistaken) That´s all I have on the matter... So, what the hell do I have here? An A500 and A500+ in one??
  11. THE C64 Mini Unboxing + Gameplay - Commodore 64(John Riggs)
  12. I also made this mockup a few years ago A new ergonomic controller would be great, but for me it would be sufficient with controller adapters/connectors that would allow you to use Atari/Commodore DB9 joysticks and controllers with some Intellivision games. For example I have a Intv System III and last night I played some Astrosmash on it for the first time in a long while. (I have mostly played on emulator the last few years with USB SNES controller or SlikStik via USB adapter). And man did my hands hurt after just a little while... it was painful... I like the original controllers for some games but I want to have options and adapters cables would provide that. However, there would also have to be DB9 connectors to put on the original Inty controllers so that you can easily switch between Inty controllers and other joysticks. Again, in short, adapter cables and connectors that allows you to switch between Inty and regular DB9 joysticks would be good enough for me.
  13. Here they say that a USB SNES controller works fine. (Cinemassacre - C64 Console - Talk About Games) And here is some gameplay
  14. Not to worry, the boombox is not plugged in...
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