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  1. Ah, I checked and I actually have a CX-22 not a CX-80. Good luck with your issue
  2. I will pull apart my CX-80 when I get home tonight if I have the time. Best I remember, for the fire buttons it uses two small ancillary boards each with a dome switch very similar to the switches on a CX-40.
  3. Yes, most likely which is much easier to fix than a bad cord. You can peel off the tape holding down the dome and bridge the contact briefly with something conductive and see if you get a button press. If so, you can clean up the area and the dome with rubbing alcohol and once dried use a fresh piece of tape to reapply the dome. If the dome is damaged, like split or crushed than you will need to replace it, you can salvage one from a joystick control if needed.
  4. I bought a 2600A and am having issues with the reset switch. It intermittently stops working for extended periods of time. I have reflowed the solder, removed it and taken it apart to clean the contacts and swapped a different momentary switch in. Nothing seems to fix the issue. I can fairly safely say that the issue isn't the switch. What else could be causing this?
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