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  1. I have a RadioShack TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer for sale. It is one of the first portable computers, made in 1983. It is in great condition and has only been used a couple times. I ask $75 + $15 for shipping. Money orders, I will make a PayPal account as soon as my phone gets charged.
  2. I want Genesis games (I already have Sonic 2 and NFL Quarterback Club), Genesis accessories, a model 2 Sega CD and SCD games, and a 32X and 32X games. I use money orders, possibly PayPal if I can get it to work
  3. I'd like to get a Japanese 3DS XL for my birthday in September (yes I know it's too early but) without having to pay $200+ dollars. Japanese only, money orders and possibly PayPal.
  4. Hello, I am loking for a model 2 Genesis, 32X, and model 2 Sega CD at a low price. I use money orders for payment, possibly PayPal if I can get it to work.
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy any Japanese consoles and games. Japanese only. I use money orders for payment, possibly PayPal if I can get it to even work.
  6. Sonic. I freaking hate Sonic Boom and Sonic 06 though.
  7. Ok, but I will sell them on craigslist instead
  8. Decided not to sell anything except for the Transfer Pak on Facebook, also new prices.
  9. Nevermind, ignoring thread. Will sell on Facebook instead.
  10. Sorry for making a trade post that wasn't that good. As of now, I am selling the items for money instead. Anyways these are the prices (of course shipping is added, I do not know the shipping prices): NFL Quarterback Club for Sega Genesis (the original, not the 96 one. box and manual included): $2 + shipping Dreamcast with AV cable and VMU, no controller or power cord (for parts, no picture or sound on TV): $7.50 + shipping PlayStation with power cord that also works with Dreamcast and RF switch that also works with PS2, GameCube/N64, and Dreamcast, no controller or memory card (for parts, goes in and out of memory card menu, have not tested games): $7.50 + shipping Money orders only, no PayPal due to it not recognizing my city sorry. I will PM you the name for the money order and address to send the money order to.
  11. Ignoring thread, will sell the items I am offering for money instead on a new thread since I realized the items I am offering have lower values than the large list of items listed that I am asking for (most of whom were Japanese-exclusive games, which are more expensive).
  12. I can see how it sounds like sarcasm: -Who the hell would sell a system that is broken into 20 pieces? -Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the most expensive Saturn games. -PS4 and Wii U are newer than the items he is offering. -Selling 10 copies of the same game, none of whom work, is pointless.
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