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  1. Do you know if it is a PAL version? Even if it was I would still be interested in it. I would add it y ok my collection. At one time I had a Atari kiosk but had to sell. Now I have over 500 Atari new old stock sealed games. Always wanting to add more. Thank you for pictures too it is always cool to see vintage stuff. Are those finding Nemo socks?
  2. If you ever want to sell it I am here. It is all good if you spell Atari wrong too.
  3. Just do everyone knows I sell parts and pieces to the kiosk. I have all banners except one with game art on them. I have the index cards. I am willing to trade for the other banner I dont have. Enjoy allatari.com
  4. I did just receive one fr of m a friend. Sealed game and everything that came in the bundle. Plastic was torn and my woman has been wanting the shirt do I gave it to her. Everyone that has one know they are very small shirts. She accidentally dried it. Well it is the size for a kid it us laughable. I have 11 sealed Mash bundled games in my collection. So if anyone wants to sell there's I would buy it for $200. In great condition. My last purchase was fabman99 thank you Larry.
  5. bow830

    Imagic Kiosk games

    Please anyone help me with what games can be played on the Imagic kiosk. I am told only certain games can be played on it. I need your knowledge. Thank you Laurence allatari.com
  6. bow830

    Imagic Kiosk

    One more question what would the value be on a Imagic kiosk?
  7. bow830

    Imagic Kiosk

    Do you know if they are more rare than our version? Thank you for responding too.
  8. bow830

    Imagic Kiosk

    Does anyone know if they made a Pal version for the Imagic Kiosk? I have the opportunity to get my hands on a kiosk but he thinks maybe it could be a Pal version.
  9. bow830

    Atari 2600 POP

    If you ever are interested in selling the Atari kiosk board I would love to buy it. I had a kiosk due to money I had to sell. Since then I have acquired a lot of parts and pieces to the kiosk. Thank You Laurence allatari.com
  10. From what I found out what these units are is returned consoles that have been refurbished and they send them back to the stores for display purpose only. Hence the no resale. But if you get one in great shape it is definitely a keeper. allatari.com
  11. working on building a Atari kiosk kit to sell

    1. bow830


      Yes I do. I buy and sell to support my collection.

    2. bow830


      Yes I have gotten a name for myself ha ha ha. I have a lot of regulars that buy from me. My latest thing is I am going to build a kiosk and make a kit for others to build there own.

    3. ValkerieSilk


      Love it! This would follow the specs of the original? Any cost estimate yet?

  12. I totally agree with you. I am just testing the waters to see if I get comments. So I appreciate the help. The one on eBay I have watched for awhile now. He lowered the price but it may be new but it is not factory sealed. It looks like saran wrap on it. Collectors want good looking games for there collections. I try to base my pricing on condition and prices I have seen on eBay and or what I paid for it. I won the last auction for He-Man for just over $200. The one I am selling was the one that I had in my collection. The one I won on eBay I traded out for the one I am selling now. Should I put somewhere on me site make offers? Because I am open for that too. Thank you again.
  13. I am inviting any and all Atari collectors to my new website. It is for buying, selling, or trading of Atari games. It only is able to search through MSN.com not Google yet. Please come check it out. I also have a link to my eBay site for other games. It is allatari.com please message me there for any questions.
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