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  1. Thank you 9640News for allowing me to access your data!
  2. Not even started properly, it starts already! CRITICISM!!! "The Cyc" may be informative, but you have to read it on your PC / Mac, etc., or printed out pdf notes Why this book, the thing is obvious, the Internet and software are great things, but as bad as it may sound, nobody lives forever and little by little great websites with great information that survive in a book are disappearing , even after my death there will be copies or scans of my book! The websites with the information have disappeared forever and a book with a sorted table of contents lives on and can be picked up quickly, even if it is not always up-to-date. Personally, I prefer looking at a book than clicking hundreds of links on a screen and getting lost ... Everyone can see for themselves how they like it! The book won't be free, but I don't want to make big money with it either, I just want to put information in a reference work for as many TI / Geneve users as possible! If I earned € 0.00 at the end, that's good too, it was fun to create something. Thanks to schmitzi, mizapf and Tursi for the positive opinion on a book!
  3. Hello TI99er / Geneve9640 Users, i'm in the process of writing a book about the TI99 family and Geneve9640, it should become a compendium, of course it would be nice if I could use graphics and texts! The book is about everything that concerns the TI / Geneve (hardware, software, games, utilities, extensions (new / old), books, magazines, emulators (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.), conversions, interesting things TI users, etc.). Should the book come into being, it will have between 400/600 pages. To do this, I need a little help in the form of text and / or graphics that I can use, so I would be very grateful for support! Certainly there are also some in the forum who are on the TI99 Discord server, there I created a survey under "news", maybe you can take a look there, it would help me whether it is worth reading such a book at all write.
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