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  1. Probably my final score for this 86,885
  2. I don’t have a trackball, but love this game. 67,580
  3. I find this feature really neat, and I’d like a Compaq Portable for the same reason. Unfortunately I have no direct experience with them, so I can’t offer you advice. 😞
  4. Thank you both!!! This was the advice I needed, definitely helped. (To leave the top invader) The TV is a wooden console General Electric. Not my favorite brand, but it was an acquisition of opportunity, and I have been very happy with it. My new, improved score 5,685. Thanks again!
  5. I got this score early in the month. I kept thinking I would better it. I think I actually got around 2,100 a few times but that’s about it. Guess it will have to do. Any recommendations?? 2,064
  6. This games looks and sounds beautiful. I can’t wait to spend some more time with it. Thank you for creating it!!!
  7. For Windows emulation, I wasn't able to get this to work in the standard ProSystem or EMU7800. However, it does seem to work in the RALibRetro prosystem core if you run it in Test/Compatibility mode.
  8. 51,125 I love this game, but apparently I'm not too good at it.
  9. 9,880 I know I've broken 10,000 before but can't quite get there this time. I'll keep trying, but wanted to post this in case I don't make it back by the 8th.
  10. I'm going to enjoy this round!! Let's start with 4,540.
  11. Well, I guess I won't be able to beat this. 6,000
  12. I always thought Yar’s Revenge set a mood.
  13. Sure thing. Here's a zip with R18, R20, and the Holiday Special in wav format. I just tried the R20 version and I do like the improvements in the Bubsy sprite. bubsy-sc.zip
  14. I'm going to try to play a little more and see if I can do better, but just in case, this is my current best. 8,650
  15. I have really enjoyed playing Kitt’n Kaboodle on my Flashback Portable and in Stella in the past. i just recently got a Starpath Supercharger, and after trying out the original Starpath games, I went looking for other 4kb games that might work on it. I was extremely pleased to see that Bubsy worked perfectly!! Loving playing Bubsy on real 2600 hardware for the first time!!
  16. I love T:ME Salvo and would love to play that.
  17. It was my first time with this game, and I did really enjoy playing it. I actually just played a little more tonight because you always feel like you can make it to the next level.
  18. Yeah, this is my first time playing it. I’m enjoying it! I think I’m getting there.
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