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  1. Hi there everyone! I've been having this problem for a long long time, every time I open the code of my games the IDE gets very laggy, when scroll down it responds late and slowly, I don't know if it's just me or is it a common problem.
  2. Is using the standar kernel, maybe it has to do with the titlescreen kernel, but I can't seem to include it after the titlescreen so that it shows only during the main gameplay Edit I tried the one I made in the demo game and works perfectly fine but on my game it just causes the screen to go insane
  3. You're right it is posible, but what size would you recomend me to make the image? Because I did it 48x156 to use the 48x2 but over one third of the image is not showing up.
  4. I have a question about the titlescreen kernel, is it posible to flicker the color like the yoshi example but using a 48x2 kernel instead of a 48x1? I wnat the color flicker but not limiting to one color per frame and instead treat each frame like the 48x2 to color each line but flickering to mix the colors.
  5. Why does my game go apesh*t? I did everything that's supposed to be done and included the file at the very top of my game, and all that happens is that the screen turns into a color flickering mess, I can't even play the game.
  6. So if I understand your example, the main music would go in channel 1 rather than 0? And I have one more question, does the duration work as the tempo? And if so, how do I set up the duration if each note has it's own duration? I'll attach my files for the music to try to make my question clearer or if I'm confused, I'll upload the mono version of the tune, as well as the bin file. music1.bas music1.bas.bin
  7. OMG! Thanks dude, it helped massively, now I understand how it works, thanks a bunch man
  8. Is the titlescreen loop where you include the asm? Or is it the gosub to the titledrawscreen? And then how would you call the music loop before starting the title loop? And also, which is the start of the title loop? Sorry for all this questions, but those are the things that either I don't know or I don't quite understand yet.
  9. Yeah that was clearer, however I still would love to see a functional example if you can
  10. If I have the titlescreen asm in bank 5 and the music on bank 6 and my main code is in the first bank, do I call the subroutine for the titlescreen in bank 5 and directly from that same bank (5) I call the subroutine for the music on the bank 6? I'm not sure if I understand correctly, If not could you give me more details or explain me how please? Thanks
  11. Yes please it would help massively thanks
  12. Is it posible to playback music simultaneously while the titlescreen is being displyed? I managed to do a rendition of a melody for a game I have in mind but I need it to play during the titlescreen, do I need to translate it to assembly? I thought on calling the subroutine directly from the subroutine oof the titlescreen but no luck, I think is also due to not knowing how bankswitching works properly
  13. Could you possibly tell me how do you have configured your environment while using jEdit on windows? I really don't remember how I did it on Ubuntu, has been a couple of years from now.
  14. That makes sense, some time ago I used to use jEdit on ubuntu as my IDE it took a while to get it to work perfectly, but when I did it was an amazing experience, it didn't lag at all, and had many different skins, but I'm kind of lazy to do it on windows as well jeje and also I don't remember how I did it
  15. I'm just curious to know, why aren't there any hotkeys for compiling and running? Or a way to adjust the interface, I would love to be able to put the console where the project explorer is so the errors and messages are more visible.
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