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  1. I agree, it is a sick fascination I think Tiger assumed itd be as easy as an LCD handheld and proceeded to fumble the heck out of a good opportunity and idea. Would be interesting to play one with a sharp modern LCD installed though, not gonna lie
  2. Excellent adventures that made me smile. It is amazing how terrible game.com hardware is. I was playing Duke on my pocket pro for about 20 minutes, probably longer than anyone at Tiger played it. The screen overheated and made the bottom half of the screen go white until I turned it off to cool. I dont believe anyone tested any iteration of this hardware.
  3. I received mine today as well and they are fantastic! The comfort, precision, and button response puts the OEM 3-button to shame. It has dramatically improved my enjoyment of the games Ive tried so far (Doom & Raiden, for the record) and I can see myself enjoying the jaguar more with these. Hard to explain, but my hands need to expend more energy on the 3-button and feel worn out grappling with it compared to the Pro. Better ergonomics. Recommended to anyone who actively plays the jag! (I also had to push a couple of pins to get one controller in but thats an easy tweak that only needs to be done once, if at all.) Thank you for taking on this project for all of us!
  4. This looks amazing, sir. What is its planned combat style?Take all the time it needs and thanks for the updates!
  5. It is one of those things you just have to laugh at, but yes, were it sealed Atari Karts Id still be screaming 😅. I will be getting an actual copy of IS soon!
  6. Order 1196 here but Im patient - cant wait till they start getting in peoples hands!
  7. Yes, I was upset and suspicious at first since I was excited to try the game, but Im now convinced it was a factory defect. I once bought a sealed CD right off a Best Buy shelf and it was an empty case too. Luckily I hadnt left the parking lot and they refunded me. I have amazing luck to attract these 😅. Since he refunded me and let me keep it, Im actually happy to have it now - a fitting case study of Atari close to the end of its rope!
  8. Nice! Ive been agonizing over which two to buy as thats the max I can afford right now. Recommendations? I eventually want them all but are some expected to sell out sooner? Here are the ones Im most interested to play first: Cybervirus Double Dragon Desert Strike Super Off Road
  9. LOL! When life gives you lemons.. @save2600, strangely I feel the empty cart is a more satisfying failure
  10. Go figure, I wait years to pull the trigger on this game and win the 1 in 10,000 worthless empty cart lottery
  11. I just bought a sealed copy of Iron Soldier and to my dismay I found it was completely empty and devoid of a circuit board. Was this an uncommon factory defect or was I duped? It looks completely legit otherwise like all the other NOS Jag games Ive purchased: old hangtab under the seal, guide ad and Jag club mailer, manual, real overlay, etc. Doesnt seem worth the trouble for $30 if it was intentional and the seller offered a refund without me needing to send it back. Maybe this is rare and valuable http://i64.tinypic.com/14mzw35.jpg
  12. Yep, US got 4, EU got 5, JP got all 10. And yes, tiny production too! Surprisingly fun though.
  13. The Pokemon Mini had just 4 games released in the US. Tiny library and tiny system
  14. Im in the same boat but no worries - Ill PM too to be safe This is so exciting!! Cannot wait no matter which batch and whenever its ready! Thank you!
  15. Interesting idea... Another amazing find would be if someone discovered the unreleased Red Alert port
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