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  1. Hello all, I am modding a Wii for my kids for Christmas. We have an Atari 2600 set up in the play room and it has been a hit. One just turned 5 and the other 3 and I think we can safely broaden the exposure to NES games, so... If anyone can direct me a to a good set of NES ROMs it would be much appreciated. Not interested in hacks, mods, homebrew or obscure famicom-type stuff. A solid compilation of officially released US games would be rad. I can curate from there. Thanks!
  2. I am sad because the game looks awesome, but I cannot afford this luxury. Somebody throw a rock at me if the price drops.
  3. Loves Bee Ball for 2600

  4. Loves Bee Ball for 2600

  5. WOW! Someone's underwear is too tight today. Here is a list of my own: 1) I only just joined your precious forum two days ago. 2) Was the Comic Book Guy on the Simpson's based on you? If you read your post with that voice, it sounds just like him. 3) I didn't post to be popular. I am popular enough with my newly found Air Raid cart. Which I now wear on a gold chain around my neck. Nerd Bling! Air Raid is super common and is so much worse than Pac-Man... I recommend you destroy it with a hammer and post a video for us all to see
  6. I was happy the day I found out my Sega Saturn Alien Trilogy disc opened in iTunes!
  7. Tempest for Jaguar is a personal favorite. Also, I kept my old Descent II PC discs because Ogre and Mark Walk (Skinny Puppy/Ohgr) did the soundtrack. I have a couple more but these are the only ones worth mentioning.
  8. I've been looking for loose cartridge cases as well. I have my Chase the Chuck Wagon in two sandwich size ziplocs, LOL. It's not that pretty to look at but keeps the dust out I guess. For loose carts I use bags that I found in the craft section at Wal Mart. I guess they're supposedly used for beads or other small crafty things, but they snugly fit Atari 2600 carts and more loosely fit Intellivision carts. They were super cheap, too (about $3)...though I don't remember how many came in the package.
  9. Nice... which size comic bags fit the Atari 2600 games best without a lot of slack? I like the thicker "shell" type in the first response but to be honest the games are probably equal to or less valuable than the covers Hmm. I can't remember off hand. I just moved so most of my 2600 stuff is in boxes. I'll have to see if I can find the package of bags I have and get back to you. I'm 90% sure that I use paperback sized bags though. I know moving is a pain, but if you get a chance to confirm the paperback size that would be great. I'd like to place an order and get these organized, but I don't have a local comic shop where I can specifically test bags/games. Thanks again
  10. Has anyone seen this sell recently? I'm curious about the actual value for a cart in like new condition with box and manual in very fine+ condition. I have the Video Game Collector price guide, but that has never been accurate... (I only use it for a checklist!)
  11. Nice... which size comic bags fit the Atari 2600 games best without a lot of slack? I like the thicker "shell" type in the first response but to be honest the games are probably equal to or less valuable than the covers
  12. So I just dropped by because I thought I remembered collecting supplies being in the store, but I can't find them. I recently came into possession of a significant number of boxed 2600 & 7800 games and would like to get some plastic bags/covers for them. Does anyone know where I could find such a thing, or what might work best? Currently I keep my boxed NES games in ziplock freezer bags because they're the perfect size, but Atari games are just slightly too big. I'm not above re-purposing in such a way if anyone knows something that will work that I can pick up at a local store. Sorry if this has been covered recently!
  13. Ahoy-- I'm looking for a walkthrough/map for the 2600 homebrew text adventure Dark Mage. Wasn't sure what forum was most appropriate, but thought someone here might be able to help. Thanks Rev
  14. I have one game for my Vectrex (Asteroids), but I can't play it because my only controller is broken. Bummer. And my 5200 has a slew of games but the controllers suck *so bad*.
  15. If AtariAge counts as commercial, then yes...I did the artwork and logo for Marble Craze. I also did an illustration for Go Fish (attached, copyright 2005 Daryl Litts Design) that I never posted, but wish that I had...I didn't check the site for a while and just missed the deadline. That's what I get for neglecting AA.
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