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  1. Snacking On! Software proudly presents Oid Zone for the Apple ][ family of computers. We're scheduled to release officially next week on 5.25" floppy disk. Compatible with ALL Apple II models, including Apple ][, Apple ][ plus, Apple //e, Apple //c, Apple IIGS and the Apple /// in emulation mode. 48k required. Mockingboard compatible. All Assembly Language. Order now a www.BeRighteous.com $20 plus $3 shipping.
  2. My new game OidZone Supports Mockingboard.
  3. when will they be ready? What's the price in the US. I need 5 I guess. I'm going through the mismatched coleco visions I had boxed up to see what still works today, and someone pointed me to this thread! I have 7 CVs and maybe 2 working power supplies, lol.
  4. You can download the disk image for free at www.BeRighteous.com.
  5. You are Deuce Darkstar on a secret, daring, foolhearty mission to infiltrate the Domain of Big Boss and stop the Alien Downpour they are preparing to rain down upon all you knowand love. Your mission is to rescue hostages that cannot be brainwashed by Bog Boss ,destroy his armies of aliens, and disrupt his plans to turn Apple ][ Enthusiasts into “The Rest of Us.” You know it's a suicide mission, but you eat suicide missions for breakfast and you're mighty hungry. Good Hunting! Alien Downpour is a fast-action arcade-style shooter for the Apple][ family of computers. In celebration of the 40th birthday of the Apple ][ computer, which debuted on April 16,1977, Snacking On Software proudly presents it's first in a series of brand new action games for the Appe ][ series. Alien Downpour will be available mid April 2017 for $20 with free shipping, in old-school ziplock baggie packaging in 5.25 DOS 3.3 and Cassette formats. Orders are being taken now at http://www.BeRighteous.com. Requires 48k Ram Compatible with the Apple ][, Apple][+, Apple //e, Apple //c, Apple ]I[ (in compatibility mode), and Apple IIgs. All Assembly Language. Available on 5.25" floppy disk or cassette for $20 with free shippping. Packages in retro ziploack baggie packaging. Order on our website www.BeRighteous.com
  6. They're all SUPPOSED to be signed, Pm me your order name and I'll re-send you a signed one.
  7. yes I'm signing all of them. Michael Packard Snacking On! Software
  8. Late to the party... I have 5 CV's and only one working power adapter (and two bad ones) I'm in the US (western colorado). Any afordable solutions apart from using a $25 arcade power supply and hacking the connector?
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