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  1. Aha. Well in that case, one of the two power supplies seems to be outputting slightly more than the promised 5V (the one that gives visual feedback on the screen), and the other is right at the number (could be a calibration issue - when I "zero out" the unit the needle moves ALL the way to the right - off the printed scale). so it would seem at least one of these PSU is outputting the correct voltage. What ought I to try next? The RAM?
  2. I am looking at the black "V.mA" numbers when attempting to read the meter. I can't confirm anywhere that "V.mA" = is just the voltage in the "5V" DC output I am looking for from the power supply. It's kind of frustrating me. What the hell is a V.mA unit?
  3. I got a new multimeter, and have tested both power supplies. It's an anlaogue meter, so I hope I am reading it right, but they both seem to be outputting about correctly, with the PSU that produces a kind of visual feedback with the computer hooked up to the television outputting at a slightly higher voltage than the one that just produces a black screen. So, if it at least ONE of these power supplies works, what next?
  4. I didn't realize they were brick-and-mortar as well as online. There is one nearish to one of my jobs... will go there this week. Thanks!
  5. So, I got a multimeter yesterday, picking up the cheapest one I could since money is a bit tight... and, predictably, it didn't work. Tried the computer first, got no reading, eventually tried reading batteries I know worked, still nothing. So I returned that today. I guess maybe I'll see what they have at Home Depot later this week. There is also a local retro mostly game but also computer shop where I've bought some things - hoping they might be able to help me out by letting me test the machine with various power supplies they may have on hand.
  6. Would these work as replacement RAM: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DRAM-64kx1-Dynamic-RAM-64k-x-1-200ns-HM4864P-3-MB8264-20-M5K4164NP-20-8-pieces-/251666089003?hash=item3a9877c42b:g:glkAAOxy-WxTA3Xp
  7. hmm. Thanks, may take the plunge on one of those soon, if only as a stopgap measure.
  8. But while I am thinking along these lines, anybody on this board do service work on Atari 8 bits? Just wondering what my options are. I started taking the computer apart once i saw it wasn't working (my initial thought was that there was something wrong with the RF component) and I of course immediately noticed I'll probably need a tool I am not sure I have to take the metal covering off the motherboard. I have a socketed wrench set but I don't think it can do the fine work necessary to get the hexy bolts loosened so I can get to the board underneath.
  9. I won't, but this will be a slow process. Have to be a bit careful with money for a while. I took the plunge on this because it was a now-or-never proposition and there was a chance I'd be getting a great deal. Now it is a project. Such is life. Looking at "loose" PSUs for the XL on eBay, looks like I can count on at least another $30, plus whatever the RAM will cost. C'est la vie.
  10. There was buzzing of a sort when I had them hooked into the Commodore monitor I owned, but not really from the television that I remember. I've put it all away and now I am not sure I want to try again. Of course, it sounds like there is a good chance the computer is fried or partially fried anyway, and was when I got it. Ballocks.
  11. OK, so here are the promised pictures. The two power supplies that go with the computer are identical; the first one pictured is the one that produces the blue/red tinged feedback on the screen (I have now also tested the computer using this PSU on my television using a composite video cable, so I've tried three methods of connecting - composite to monitor, composite to TV, RF to TV - and with this PSU I get black screen, blue/red feedback, blue/red feedback on those tests): Here is the other PSU. It produces only a black screen no matter what I try: Here are the other PSUs that I got with the package. The first I believe is for the Atari 850 port expander, the last two are identical and I think are for the 1050 disk drive: Here is the computer: And the underside, with the serial number: I also took pictures of the front, top, and bottom of the drive... but I'll spare everyone for now. The power light on the drive comes on when I plug in a PSU and hook it up (good), but I don't hear any sound from a motor or anything on power up (bad?).
  12. I don't have a voltmeter... but I should get one. Let me see if I can do that this weekend. In the mean time, I'll work on getting some pictures up.
  13. I'll throw in with this thread, as I am in a similar boat. I just decided to take a gamble on an "untested" Atari 800XL with disk drive listed on ebay, because the computer was being sold close to my home. Got the computer, a 1050 disk drive, a 301 modem, and an 850 port expander for $74.99 since I was the only one who bid. It seems it was a sucker's bet, however, because I cannot get a picture from the computer. This computer did come with a whole mess of stuff, including two power supplies. So I've tried running the computer through both PSUs, through both an older CRT television with have which works (and which my Coleco ADAM is hooked up to), and through a Commodore 1084 monitor I have using the composite video cable that was included in the package. When I try with the monitor, I just get a black screen with both power supplies. When I try with the TV, one power supply gives me a black screen, the other some reddish tinged feedback - not a picture, but not nothing. Where should I start? I'd also love to know if the disk drive is any good, but with am not sure how to test it if I can't get the computer running.
  14. My wife and I attended last year and we plan on attending this year. Have to say, I don't remember any Atari computers - but I was wowed by the Amigas (the 4000 on display in particular) and the Commodore 128D I saw (first time I ever saw one in person), and the two Apple Is that were there, that I am not sure I would have. I'll be on the lookout this year... particularly because I am picking up my very own Atari 800XL tomorrow! I'm excited.
  15. That looks like the Penn State Nittany Lion. What region of the country are you located in?
  16. W Whoa. My ADAM keyboard and my C64 keyboard could use this service.
  17. I have not purchased a console from them. The closes thing would be the ColecoVision Expansion module I purchased last month, boxed. They cleaned it up, works great, also bought a couple of paddle controllers, they work fine too after he did a clean and restore on them. Wrote a warranty for the purchase as well, so I think you can buy with confidence.
  18. OldSchool80skid, if you are in Delaware then you are not too far from southeastern PA. In Glenside, a northern Philly suburb, there is a place called Classic Game Junkie that does all of this kind of stuff. I just bought some refurbished paddles for the 2600 from there, did it for me in about 25 minutes. Family run business, guarantees all work for one year. I know he does conversions to composite video out on classic systems. If you are still in the market I would look into the place. They also supposedly have a location in West Chester which would obviously be closer to you in Delaware than a northern Philly burb, but the owner of the business is based out of Glenside and last time I was in there he seemed to indicate he was annoyed with whoever wants running the West Chester location.
  19. So I've let this project run dormant for a bit, but I've noticed this item on ebay - a replacement power supply. I have to be a little careful with the cash for a bit, but if there is still one available on February 10th I think I'll pick it up, if folks on here think this has a shot at solving my "dead" drive problem. What do you think? For some reason the forum is not allowing me to paste the link to the ebay item...
  20. Well, the guy who runs the place I go to locally, Retro Game Junky (in southeastern PA), indicates to me that the oldest stuff - the 8 bit stuff - is the most difficult to move. He only does work on Atari stuff on a as-ordered basis because it's the slowest stuff. On the other hand, after 30 long years of wanting one, I finally bought the first expansion module for my ColecoVision, so I can now play the Atari 2600 library of games. So, just a mere 39 years later, I'm in baby!
  21. How rare is the Coleco ADAM Donkey Kong Super Game Pack? I'd love to get my hands on one and occasionally try searching for it on eBay, to no avail.
  22. Collecting this kind of stuff never would have occurred to me, but it is indeed great! Thanks for being generous enough to share!
  23. Huh. Good to know. Perhaps I will attend this year.
  24. I work in Edison all the time... except from now until Thanksgiving, when I am on a special project in Philadelphia and can't get up there! If you can wait until after Thanksgiving I can likely help.
  25. You lucky bastard. Great find! I'd love to come across a disk drive without paying an arm and a leg for it. Also, Super Donkey Kong (the one on tape, I assume that is what you got).... man, that's one of the super data packs I'd really love to get my hands on! Wherever did you find all this stuff?
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