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  1. 😆 Sorry Grammer 🚔 nobody has typos here 💡
  2. Did you read title or text 🤔 in post 1? Jaguar was written many times. Another one crying to mods? Madman the alpha 😢 👶 and you are the beta.
  3. What is it with you popping in all my threads crying to mods to close threads?
  4. I would say Fight for Life does or AvP more than doom but ok replace doom with wolf3d.
  5. Oh ok. You are agreeing me and Leeroy aren't same nor sound/type same. Cool. Okay about the casual typing on 📱. I think I am doing better typing here now than before and articulating communication with you guys.
  6. Let us start with paragraph 1 and 2. Do you think Raiden would look same as Jaguar version? Honestly Raiden looks like a low bit ST port. Panther doing 16 bit to 32bit ports like wolf 3d or doom in 1992 or 1993 would crush snes or genesis looks and feels at the time. If Panther had good games i posted, you think it could helped sales and got Atari to help announce Jaguar with more 3rd party support as well as expand Jaguar library with backwards compatibe Panther games? I like what Bill said :
  7. Okay, you don't think we are same person. Because we are 2 different people...wait didn't you just say...😆 nevermind... Ha ha. How is that? Can you not read my recent posts correctly? Do you know more than 1 language?
  8. Its a active thread, I didnt read all the posts so I'm replying...to you...in my thread 💡 Changing things? I'm reading the text from you and wiki ideas site. Did you read it, it dont say everything is fake there. At least idea was posted and inspired me. I mean, it inspired me to work on one at least Why? Why? Not yet, but if a couple things happen...it will.
  9. What if this is what inspired me to make 🤔 a real one, and it does come out? What if those plans are in major motion as of right now?
  10. I think 🤔 there were 3 to 6 games planned or started on Panther. One was Raiden. I think a Panther version would look JUST like the Jaguar version of that game. So, say you had Raiden, Doom, Wolf3D, NBA Jam and some 68000 games like Bruce Lee etc like 16 bit to 32bit games for PANTHER...I think that a Panther system with good simple games would have helped get 🤔 sale$ good enough for Atari enough to announce the 64bit JAGUAR years later with AvP, Doom2, and get capcom and konami on board, treasure and others to help jag games heck maybe even probe doing mk2 too or least give more time for Checkered Flag and Fight For Life (and not treat guy like 💩) to be better etc. Jaguar could have got more sales with Tempest2000 pack in instead of cybermorph (scrap it) and 3rd parties I mentioned above with SSF2T or etc then release JAGUAR CD 💿 with good cd games like Iron Soldier 2 and get more companies on board later in 1995 or 1996 like infamous Sega virtua racing 64 bit jag 💿 version with lawsuit deal or SNK games or something (like 3do had) along with packing in Myst which blew up around that time. And maybe JAGUAR 2 later with AvP2, Quake, etc in 1997 which could be backwards compatibe Panther and Jag cart system and cd system in a duo form. Maybe go in with Panasonic, Sega and Lockheed Martin for M2 with 80 games actually worked on for that and some finished are online now so I believe it. Yes they would eventually fall and be acquired by infrogames to help make Matrix games for Xbox 😆 but at least 1991 to 2001 could have been better. Better than saying no to NES, naming then saying no to Genesis and countless other bad decisions in 80s. I think that history would be better. I liked some 2000s Atari/Infrogames games honestly. Path of Neo was 😎
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