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  1. Though I haven't done this in awhile, I believe you can got to the disk management and click into the unused space and format that into another usable partition, with the floppy image partition being the first, but there are way to make the whole usb drive, bootable. https://neosmart.net/wiki/boot-usb-drive/
  2. Well, I'll be lurking on the phone the rest of the holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.🎄🎄🎄
  3. mdos_gpl_util.hd This is what I have, downloaded in 2015, don't know if there was a later download of the same name.
  4. MdosGpl.zip.001MdosGpl.zip.002MdosGpl.zip.003
  5. I would have downloaded the 3 files and then used the appropriate program to sew it together then un archived it to the .HD file it was. I don't have it disected any further than that. I have used it in MAME and opened it with TI image tool, I believe.
  6. I too, have these files, I will try to locate them tonight.
  7. Or this? I have two, can run classic99 and all others.
  8. When I go home from the office, I am always in a internet free zone, and until I get my hardware issue dealt with (slow as I have a lot of other things going on), I I use both windows PC and Mac's to run Mame and Classic99 and Win994a.
  9. On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Twelve TiPi'S Dsking Eleven Spaceships Scrambling, Ten Forthers Forthing, Nine Slymoids sliming, Eight PARSECs parsing, Seven Geneves a-laying, Six Sneggits playing, Five Final GROMs! (bum da dum dum) Four P-box cards, Three Munchie Men Two TELL(ing) TURTLEs And a TI cartridge on my TV.
  10. This was a beige 99/4a keyboard, not a 99/4 keyboard, though it could be used on one I believe.
  11. Is this beige keyboard from a TI99/4? It looks just like a beige TI99/4a keyboard.
  12. Will be nice to see what comes out of this, fantastic.
  13. Tried again this morning, Kaspersky never let out a peep, oh well.
  14. If they can make an image of any software packages, OS or whatever, that would be fantastic.
  15. Can't say right now, I'll take screen shots of the message tomorrow, I'm going home now from work, finishing up.
  16. On the Seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Seven Geneves laying Six Sneggits playing Final GROM! Four P-box cards Three Munch Men Two TELL TURTLEs And a cartridge and a TI TV.
  17. Kaspersky just went off on these two links though.
  18. A few more. One card shy of a full deck. Bonkers Screw loose
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