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  1. Yes, I know... Kind of wishful thinking, but I do miss it. Not so much to save money, but I loved the incentives (spend $100 and get....), and definitely loved the holiday carts! That said, I think there is a lot more interest in the hobby than there used to be, and a LOT more items in the store, which I suppose means more assembling, boxing, etc. etc. Anyway, I'll keep playing my old holiday carts for now, make a "holiday order" just the same, and just look forward to a big box of new home-brews under the tree!
  2. One of my Christmas traditions is buying myself a bunch of games from the AtariAge store and this year will be no different, but before I load up, I just want to ask: any chance of a holiday sale? I'm buying stuff either way, but I thought I'd check before I pull the trigger. BTW, another tradition I have is breaking out all the old Christmas carts (I think the first one is from 2004?!) and celebrating the season with the Atari- thanks Atari Age for all the great games, and keeping the old Atari alive!
  3. Anybody still waiting to get their copy of Mystery Game? I ordered mine April 16th (part of the last round of ordering), and haven't seen it yet! I tried to get in touch through Intellivision Revolution website twice, and once through PayPal to check on status, but got no response. I'm in no hurry, and have ordered several games in the past with no problem. Any one have info?
  4. Cool idea! Yep, Wizard of Wor is another I forgot.... Was actually just playing Towering Inferno after listening to Ferg's game by game podcast on that game and Name This Game.
  5. Nice! Totally forgot these used two sticks.... I will Nice! Forgot these were two stick games... Used to play Riddle quite a bit when I was a kid. I'll try these out too.
  6. Yep, forgot about Raiders- that's another one.... Any more?
  7. Hi everyone, I've become a huge fan of Edladdin ever since I got the awesome Super Twin 78 controller for Christmas. Although I really like Robotron, it's not the ONLY reason I got the twin stick model. I have also been using it quite a bit on my 2600... Finally I can enjoy playing Stargate and Spy Hunter!! I never really played them much before, since they require 2 sticks, and it felt awkward. I know Radar Lock and Star Voyager also make use of two sticks.... What others am I forgetting? (I also have an Atari 800, and I look forward to trying the Twin 78 on Castle Wolfenstein) P.S. if you have a ColecoVision, please consider supporting Edladdin's new Kickstarter campaign? I am not related to Ed or being paid for this endorsement, I just love these controllers!
  8. Just want to say that I have and LOVE the Super Twin 78 stick from Edladdin. Worth every penny. The spot on arcade control makes the 7800 a joy to play (completely changing my former opinion). Here's hoping you meet you goals Ed! Speaking of which, in an earlier post someone mentioned they might "upgrade" to a different level of support? How is this done? I may have a little more to throw in!
  9. This is amazing! Who owns the rights at this point? Is there a chance it might see a cart release ever?
  10. Just recently ordered this (and a couple other!) BASIC game books by David H. Ahl that I THOUGHT I remembered using with my Atari 800 in the early 80s. I guess not, because the BASIC is not Atari Basic, and the conversion section doesn't even recommend trying on the Atari 8 bits! Anyway, I especially remember playing "Hammurabi"... Maybe it was from another book? On another computer? Down to my question: these games look like fun and I'd like to try them on my Atari 800.... Any advice? Would Atari Microsoft BASIC work? Are there Atari versions of these books out there?
  11. How cool! I'm getting this soon.... Looks like fun.
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