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  1. OK, so maybe I'm not the most tech savvy of gamers but I should be able to download and import ROMs for Atari 2600 games, especially as I have two emulators. To be clear I CAN download and import most commercial games from back-in-the-day, with a few exceptions. Mostly a handful of games from 20th Century-Fox and SEGA. But I've had ZERO success with homebrews and WIPs. Since a user at http://highscore.com/ submitted a score for Abyss of Chernobyl: 90 Seconds I've been wanting very much to play it. I have no idea if it's getting a physical release. I hope so. A factor to consider is that I have Doxillion Plus on my PC, which I use to archive all of my ROMs. I download the ROM that I want, and extract it with Doxillion Plus into the Folder of my choice. EMU7800 Version 2.2 (Core 1.4) Once downloaded I import the ROM file into EMU7800. This emulator will import most everything from back-in-the-day, but fails when it comes to some Fox and SEGA games. Stella Version 6.0 Has a ton of ROMs already, but whenever I try to download ANY homebrews, regardless of if they're a WIP or are finished games, Doxillion Plus pops up and I get an error message that reads (as an example) The file "Abyss0.19NTSC.bas.bin" cannot be loaded because its format is not supported in Doxillion Document Converter. What is the snag, and if I purchased a Harmony Cart what steps are involved in downloading ROMs into it? Abyss of Chenobyl is a large game. 64k I believe. Does the Harmony Cart have a size limit as far as individual games are concerned? I performed a search for the Harmony Cart at the AtariAge store but couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the detailed information. I greatly appreciate. Now all I need is $750.
  3. I have some basic questions. If the Super Game Module was never produced, why are they being sold on sites such as eBay and Amazon. At $750 no less! https://www.amazon.com/ColecoVision-Super-Module-Ultimate-Wafer-Drive/dp/B07CVDTT8F And why are there homebrews for the ColecoVision that require the SGM? http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Colecovision.html
  4. Thanks for the info Al. That's a worry off my mind.
  5. I've got a ColecoVision coming my way, so I've been wanting to order come homebrews for this system. However it doesn't seem to be possible any longer at the AtariAge Store. When I click on a title I can see the info for it, including cost and so forth, but there's no option to add these games to my Shopping Cart. Furthermore, while there is a link to click to add each of these games in my Wishlist, when I click on it nothing happens. What's going on? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but this was the closest appropriate place that I could find.
  6. I've been busying ordering games for my Atari platforms, although I'll be adding another retro console to my collection soon, so I'll soon begin purchasing games for it. More on that further down. All listed software (Games) are for the 2600. Recently Arrived, And Shown On My Youtube Channel: Software @eBay Beany Bopper Mega Force Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes Turmoil Recently Arrived, But Not Yet Shown On My Youtube channel: Hardware Atari 5200 Trak-Ball Controller. Boxed. Refurbished by @AwesomeOgre. I traded my spare Boxed Commodore 64 for it. Software @AtariAge Aardvark (CIB) Software @eBay Alligator People (Prototype Reproduction). I already own the cart offered by @AtariAge, however this one uses the same artwork as found on the cover of a DVD release of The Alligator People. Doesn't appear to be from Hozer, but then I've never dealt with them so don't know what to look for. Spacemaster X-7 Ordered, But Hasn't Arrived Yet (Or Even Shipped Yet In Some Cases): Hardware ColecoVision console, being refurbished and modded for Composite Outputs by @AwesomeOgre Software @AtariAge Roach In Space, A (CIB) Seaweed Assault (CIB) Strat-O-Gems Toyshop Trouble Software @eBay Amidar (CIB) Astroblast M.A.D. N.E.R.D.S. (Homebrew; CIB) Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back I had never found a copy of N.E.R.D.S. before, but did tonight while trying to hunt down a decent, and affordable, cart of H.E.R.O. Video by CheapTech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzuOVLH2NBo I've been wanting to order some ColecoVision games from @AtariAge for obvious reasons. However that option doesn't seem to be currently available. I can't even add them to my AtariAge Wishlist. Strange. Feel free to post your comments below. 😀
  7. Al,


    I tried ordering some ColecoVision games but the Add To Cart option does not appear for any of the CV titles. I can't even add them to my Wishlist. Is AtariAge experiencing some sort of difficulty with these titles? I'm having a ColecoVision console refurbished and modded, and it would be nice to have some homebrews to play on it.



  8. That's approx. $250 U.S. Dollars. Two sets of wico controllers make it a bit tempting, but I currently don't have that kind of money laying around.
  9. The Jaguar Conversion Controller doesn't appear to be out of stock. In fact the site indicates that there are 3 In Stock and that it can be back-ordered. Or did I miss something?
  10. I've really been wanting an Atari 5200, but what has held me back are the controllers with their infamous poor build quality. I've done some searching online and found a couple of alternatives. Forgive me if their old news, but I think that it'd be great if these were offered for sell through the AtariAge Store. Not as kits but fully built and ready to use. Alternative 1 RetroRGB Controller It looks nice, but what's the build quality like? It appears that this controller can be purchased either in kit form or ready to use. Alternative 2 Atari Jaguar to 5200 Conversion Controller Looks comfy. I've always liked the Jaguar Controller, and $89.99 seems like a reasonable price. Which of these Controllers is best? Can't these controllers be offered via the AtariAge Store?
  11. As you may remember, I decided some time ago that the easiest way to build my Atari 2600 Game collection is to do it one publisher at a time. Publishers completed so far: MenAVision 1 game. Ultra Rare. So what I own is a Reproduction purchased through the AtariAge Store Mythicon 3 games. All suck! Next on the agenda is 20th Century-Fox ("Games of the Century"). Below is a list of all of the Fox/Sirius games. Those in Bold are already part of my collection. Those that are Underlined have been purchased on eBay, and have shipped. The rest of the titles I still need. There are seven Prototypes, two of which I own Reproductions of. Alien Alligator People (Prototype) Bank Heist Beany Hopper (Ordered; Shipped) Crash Dive Crypts of Chaos Deadly Duck Earth Dies Screaming Entity, The (Prototype) Fantastic Voyage Fast Eddie Flash Gordon Lasercade (Prototype) M*A*S*H (x2) Mega Force (Ordered; Shipped) Meltdown (Prototype) Pick-Up (Prototype) Planet pf the Apes (Prototype) Porky's Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (Ordered; Shopped) Save the Whales (Prototype) Spacemaster X-7 Turmoil (Ordered/Shipped) Worm War I Do you have any suggestions on which game(s) I should purchase next? How about Publishers? I'm trying to decide between Activision, Imagic, Coleco, Sega, M Network (Mattel), or Coleco as being the next publisher I concentrate on next.
  12. Tonight I experimented with recording game play footage. Some games seemed to work fine, while some, like Mouse Trap, recorded with some flicker. This is in spite of the fact that there was no flicker evident while I played. I've tagged Bob DeCrescenzo because I mentioned him in the video. Emulator: EMU7800 ver. 2.2 (Core 1.4) Capture Software: OBS Studio (Windows 10; 64 bit version) Controller: Logitech Xbox 360 I mention in the video how easy it is to import ROMs into this emulator, however I've never been able to get homebrews to import into it. I've tried the ones posted in the AtariAge Forums, such as The End 2600, but once downloaded they will not import. So, the only homebrews present are the ones that this version came pre-loaded with. Only one homebrew for the 2600, Oystron. However, many homebrews for the 7800 are included. The only one with issues is FailSafe, which doesn't work with my controller. Fortunately I own this game physically. Now I just need the box. All of the homebrews that came pre-loaded in ver. 2.2 of EMU7800 are available to purchase physical copies of from the AtariAge Store, with the exception of those by Mark Ball, and Santa Simon. I'd love to purchase physical copies of these unavailable 7800 titles, but if they're not available I'm out of luck I guess. I Can Now Record Game Play Footage Youtube Video
  13. Early Summer will be here soon. Can't wait, but then what choice do I have? Plus, I'm way behind in fulfilling my Wishlist. 😋
  14. Thanks! I'll keep an eye open for it. 😀
  15. I've tried importing both the NTSC and PAL60 versions into my emulator, EMU7800 ver. 2.2, but neither will import. Will physical copies be available? I'm interested.
  16. Game Go Fish! System Atari VCS/2600 Difficulty A/Expert (A/A) Score 5,914 I'll be officially submitting this score soon. I'm currently having technical problems with the photos that I took with my Smart Phone. Since the most recent Microsoft Update photos will not import from this phone to our PC. However, they appear in our Amazon Photos account automatically as before. I tried saving them to our PC from the cloud, however they didn't save as standard .JPEG files. The High Score site won't accept them due to this, although they will post both to Patreon (full image) and to the Community Section of my cessnaace Youtube channel (cropped). When I posted this photo to Youtube it cropped the file. I could move the crop horizontally, but either the score was cropped-off, or my ID was. It doesn't appear cropped at Patreon (Public Post). This isn't the only photo that I took, but they all refuse to post at High Score. I already have the World Record for this game in the A/Expert difficulty setting, but it's about 2,000 points lower than this one. I'd already achieved a new WR in the b/Novice setting, but that score is still being voted on. In fact this score is about 1,000 points higher than that score. I do play this game quite a bit. Every day in fact. I was able to post a photo fine to https://www.patreon.com/Cessnaace which I made a Public post, as opposed to Patron Only. https://www.patreon.com/posts/29998778 The photos that I took won't post here either. The photos saved as .jfif files for some reason, and not .jpeg.
  17. One homebrew for the SNES is Justice Beaver: The Great Timber Tantrum, which is nearing completion by Collectorvision Games. I'm one of the backers for it on Indiegogo, so I received an update a couple of weeks ago, which included a link to a Youtube video. I'll try to link to it here, although it's an Unlisted video so I don't know if this will work. Justice Beaver Youtube Play Video
  18. There is a user at http://highscore.com/ whose main username is deebo who has been creating additional accounts to harass other users and to vote for his own scores and vote no on everyone else's score submissions. One truly despicable example is the account he named OldFartMark, with an altered version of my avatar giving me fangs and a swastika on my forehead. First of all, if you run across this individual be aware of what they are doing, and secondly my avatar there (and everywhere else that I use it) is copyrighted!!! The original artist, in the U.K., sent me a high quality print and the permission to use it for any site that I wish, provided that it was kept unaltered, however he both retained the original and copyrighted it, as he's a professional artist. Many users at the HS site know what's going on with deebo, but I thought I'd add a note here.
  19. Not many games this time around, in fact just 2. Both were purchased here at AtariAge. My latest order contained the following ... Froggie (7800) Tooth Protectors (2600) Seagull 78 Controller Adapter With Froggie I ordered the version without the POKEY chip, but I believe it supports XM sound. Not quite sure what that is, but I suspect it refers to supporting a 7800 Mod which replicates POKEY sound. I got the Box Upgrade. I usually do when it's an available option. Tooth Protectors is obviously a Custom Reproduction. This game requires the Melody board. The label artwork is fantastic. When I placed my order for the Seagull 78 Controller Adapter I believe that I got the last one in stock (currently). Allows a Sega Genesis Game Pad to work with games for the 7800 that require 2 action buttons.
  20. Atari 2600 @Good Deal Games 2nd Dimension, The Atom Smasher (Case; #73 of 100) Clyde's Revenge Nintendo Entertainment System @RetroUSB Assimilate (Boxed) Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em More Glider (Boxed) Solaris (Boxed) AtariAge has also shipped an order, which should arrive shortly. While the Good Deal Games store is currently closed technically, they are still excepting, processing, and shipping orders. The store should be officially open by the end of July. Michael has added additional items in which discounts are available when the buyer mentions cessnaace in the comments field when placing an order. Here are the available cessnaace offers: Book Downright Bizarre Games: Video Games That Crossed The Line by Michael Thomasson $10 off on the purchase of either the Softcover or Hardcover edition. Game Pit-Fighter Atari 7800 Prototype (unfinished) $5 discount Magazines 1 FREE with every 2 purchased.
  21. cessnaace

    NES Homebrews

    OK, this isn't Atari related, so sue me (please don't do that). I was recently at RetroUSB's site and noticed that quite a few NES homebrews had been added since my last visit several years ago, and these newer titles are being sold at a discounted price. $10 off each on many of their titles. The newer releases seem to use donor carts, unlike their older titles that use new carts. The only explanation that I can come up with is perhaps the releases using donor cartridges were not actually produced by them. I don't really know though. Most of the games where I indicated ordered have been discounted (but not all). The 8 Bit XMAS carts come/came in a clear shell, with blinking Christmas lights, a personalized message, holiday music, and in some cases a mini-game. Games In Stock 2-in-1 Geminim/Siamond own 8 Bit XMAS 2017 Assimilate ordered Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (ver. 1.100) own Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment own Beat Em' & Eat 'Em ordered Chuckout 2 own Homebrew World Championship 2012 own Mystic Pillars own Power Coloring Quadralords ordered Solaris ordered Study Hall own Super NESnake 2 own Twelve Seconds Games Discontinued 8 Bit XMAS 2008 8 Bit XMAS 2009 8 Bit XMAS 2010 8 Bit XMAS 2011 8 Bit XMAS 2012 8 Bit XMAS 2013 8 Bit XMAS 2014 8 Bit XMAS 2015 8 Bit XMAS 2016 8 Bit XMAS 2018 Airball own Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (ver. 1.000) own Chunckout 2 Japanese Larry and the Long Look For a Luscious Lover own Mad Wizard own Mike Tyson's Intergalctic Power Punch own Nomolos: Storming the Catsle own Rise of Amondus Sneak n Peek Sudoku 2007 Tic-Tac XO Ultimate Frogger Champion own Vs. Castlevania Vs. Duck Hunt Vs. Excitebike Vs. Super Mario Bros. https://www.retrousb.com/
  22. Recently while exchanging emails with Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games I expressed an interest in buying two games for the 7800, both of which were listed on the GDG site as SOLD OUT. Michael told me that he'd go through his Trade Show boxes, in hopes that he'd find additional copies. Well, he did. Both games are shooters, and were being developed by Tynesoft, However, they were both cancelled prior to being completed. When the protos for both games were discovered in 2008 by Curt Vendel they were unfinished and quite buggy. Both games were finished and given the polish that they deserved by Robert DeCrescenzo, Mitchell Orman, and Eckhard Stolberg. Both will now run on a stock 7800 console, NTSC and PAL. Plutos $44.75 Baz Daniels Youtube Play Video Sirius $44.75 The No Swear Gamer Review Video I subscribe to both channels. Hopefully they won't mind me using their videos. Whenever I use someone else's video for a Patreon post I ask for their permission first. But this isn't Patreon. The only exception that I make to this rule is when I promote another Youtube channel on Patreon; I make those posts Public. Besides, I post Patron Only exclusive content at least once each day. Last-night I made 2 exclusive posts. If you have a Youtube channel, please leave a comment if you don't wish for me to promote your channel. Or, if you do. Patreon/Cessnaace Last-night I also received an email from CollectorVision concerning the 3 recently released games that they are offering for the ColecoVision. While I attempted to post this last-night (along with the info on the two 7800 games) here in my AtariAge blog, that blog entry failed to publish, so I'm giving it another try here. I did post about it last-night at Patreon/Cessnaace. I'm just going to copy and paste from the CollectorVision email, but I'll have to add the prices as they weren't in the main body of the email. Jet Ready $65 Featuring: Brand New Game! Amazing Graphics Great Sounds Addictive game! 8 different levels. LIMITED NUMBERS The contains: Box Game Cartridge Instruction Manual Hustle Chumy $60 Featuring: Great Graphics Great Sounds Addictive game! SG-1000 Conversion LIMITED NUMBERS The contains: Box Game Cartridge Instruction Manual Jawbreaker 1 & 2 $55 Featuring: 2 games in 1 Cool Graphics Great Sounds Addictive game! MSX Conversion The contains: Box Game Cartridge Instruction Manual I really would like to purchase these three games, however I do not as yet own a ColecoVision (I really want one though). Recently, I conducted a poll in the Community section of my cessnaace Youtube channel, where I asked my subscribers to vote on which retro console should be my next (retro) console purchase. The choices were Intellivision, ColecoVision, and Atari XE GS. By a wide margin the XE GS received the most votes. So I'm saving up for one (and for a Switch). Plus, I also really want carts of Plutos and Sirius, and I DO own a 7800. Oh, and I do own Hustle Chumy for the SG-1000. Even though it rarely results in any, I'm again asking for comments. If anything it provides me with some feedback.
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