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  1. This game will demand respect as in fear and terror. I beat first Level after Many tries on default difficulty but next levels i needed to go down to novice to beat, sorry, it’s the best ”trick” there is. I agree with other posters on details and strategies saving and using power when most needed. Music and graphics is unreal giving you a pleasant ride while dying. A must have game, for its high Level off frustration we all jagmaniacs love.
  2. Giana sisters Flood Lure of the temptress Wizard of wor 2000 Berserk 3D
  3. Jaguar is not best platform in any way, most of us know 2600 and PS4 are. And if you’d like to know the name of the best game it is called Giana sisters as it is played om any given platform.
  4. Jaguar has finally reached beyond embarassing ,bad failed system and is now cool and odd - perfect for late comer tech hipsters cashing in om the system, while being cool and different in their trend sensitive friends’ eyes. Now they are home from their IT offices working at home spending some easy earned cash on this old-new cool system. Its the way of things. And everyone know playing original carts and cds on original system is the shit, you should spend your ”i work at google” money on. One new game each day at least. Take a break from the computer to chill playing defender 2k on the fat screen tv, by rotationshastighet the Office chair 180 degrees. Peace out.
  5. Subforum or not, yeah i like that game, the animated series i got om dvd and Lost horizon is among my favorite bands, Im honest. I like all the games i got on jag cd. Maybe i can stand with it growing up with tons and tons of bad Amiga games and i Love the sucky jaguar era, its the way it is. I bought the system for brutal sports football and have enjoyed Every game i have added with a Few exeptions.
  6. Highlander rules!! Completed it first in immortal mode (code) then in mortal mode... What a day! It helps that you Love highlander animated series and also the epic track Highlander with the best band in the world called Lost horizon!! Never dubt the power of that exclusive exclusive game om jag cd. Get it and stab that sword towards legendry.
  7. Jag cd is elite today, battlemorph to the people! Songbird, look forward to campare the two versions in the future. Huge fan of the game. Will put it om my songbird to buy list.
  8. Modest collector... got two systems, for jag link play, and one cd addon, very happy about it !
  9. Maybe you already know this by now but the guide book is called ”Atari Jaguar Official Gamer's Guide” with guides to many games on the system. It’s a common item even today.
  10. Ultra vortek was programmed on a amiga 1200 I believe is mention in-game, at credits.... Amiga cd32 might have been the "amiga2" if the akiko chip was unique to the "closed system" video game console, and not inside the 1200 A computer is a "open system" a console a "closed system" but both are built as a computer on the inside. Yes, Jaguar was pretty much the next step from amiga 1200 with better graphics, great sound better capacity for 3d than amiga 1200, so why not... still a comparison between 32x and Jag is maybe more propper, both being "closed systems"/consoles. Whatever...
  11. Looks cool but seems that Saturn already beat the invasion!!! Haha
  12. Playing it right now, in my Jag CD-add on... Yes, you need to swap CDs from time to time but I still find it an entertaining experience.
  13. Yes, and you need to be two players inside the pleasure dome to collect every single piece of gold/gems together, to complete the game the "right way". A single player will not reach all the treasure by himself.
  14. I got Zero 5 like two months ago and have reached level 4 on novice, and beaten level 1 at default difficulty/normal level, a fun game and a graphix/sound wow! in the likes of Tempest and such, but to be honest I'd go for Protector SE (with Resurgence cd if you have Jag CD) since the difficulty curve seems great from YT videos and would probably give you much more fun for the dollar during x-mass holiday. It's action, but not as hard as the unrewarding Zero 5 action.
  15. Yes, love TUNE B, really helps keep the concentration at top! (The other two are kinda gloomy) Think this is more the *game* before 64-powah or other stuff, great puzzle, yes, in the vein of Zoop. Zoop is a bit too much action, and the speed curve is too fast for "hours of fun".... Loopz really gave us Jagumaniacs hours of puzzle fun!
  16. It's only building squares! XD First, there is a ratio/pattern of pieces coming, in the beginning small pieces, later harder more space killing pieces and when you're more or less screwed at the end erase pieces will occur. First of, do not let you be dependent on one kind of piece coming, let's say a small corner, for all your loopz because then you will soon lose. So build a loop that is awaiting a small corner or a small straight, another that is waiting on a larger corner or a straight three-piece and so on... I have like three loopz in work at the same time awaiting different pieces.... the way to get points. And when a large U-shaped piece shows up, I always put it alone in the corner to await a second one to complete the loop. There is one piece, the largest one, that sometimes should not be placed since it will ruin all loopz in work, then just let the time end and get rid of it that way. For extra space, build loopz inside loopz. In the end, don't give up, place as many pieces as you can into the maze for that extra end points. Sometimes, while loosing things opens up from a series of three erase "pieces" in a row and your on the track again! Lucky! My best have been 27k, 31k and now 38k. Am kind of tired of the game right now, but will return for some more loopz madness very soon muhaha! Play a lot of times, for hours in a row and your skills will amplify!
  17. Great game, had lots of fun this weekend must have played seven hours by now
  18. Impossible in one player, beatable in two player mode on Jaguar.
  19. No account needed, just ordered Loopz and Skyhammer. Look forward for this
  20. Ha ha, Super nice game! I also want to call it something, so I call it Sporadic run!
  21. Yes true but i just register at AA and dont want more codes to remember. Guess songbird stuff are at AA for a reason.
  22. Will Loopz be sold at AA store, cause Id like to pick it up together with Skyhammer(finally!)?? Also, Will it be produced at a short number - or be a permanent game in the jag catalogue ?
  23. Looked and it eraised all other thoughts a completly mindfullness game a must have. Put concentration to the test just to see someone play it cannot wait to play it. Thanks
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