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  1. I just got a Minitel in the mail. Is there anyway to replace the power supply with a 60Hz one?

  2. Wow...that seems more like satire of how bad 2600 ports were, not an actual 2600 port. Poe's law I guess. Did they use weird parallelogram sprites and then make various things out of those to save memory?
  3. Being too young to know what happened, what was it like? Were Intellivision or ColecoVision owners affected at all? I always had the cliched viewpoint of "New from All American Video Astrogames, a division of Joe's Plumbing Co, comes Space Revenge! The Blorgzom Blasters from Planet 24 are firing at earth! Help stop them! Available at MTF, your liquidation superstore." But is that true?
  4. I know this is somewhat unorthodox, but I have to say pad. I use a genesis controller on my Atari anyways.
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