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  1. you could make a fortune selling just the modded controller portion on eBay. nothing at all turned up for "jamma controller mod 3P 4P".


    i would buy two controllers for my machine, which just a 2P double dragon. i just swap out boards. can't afford the money/space for second 4P cabinet so being able to plug two of those babies in for Don/Raph would be killer. it would force me to finally hunt down Xmen and Simpsons, too...


    That's because they differ per game. Konami games have their own 3P and 4P harness, that works on TMNT, Simpsons, X-Men (and the same harness works as 5p and 6p on the 2 screen version of x-men). Midway has their own for NBA Jam and whatnot.


    If you mean modding 2 genesis controllers into Konami p3 and p4 harnesses, then yeah I guess I could, but that's such a small market, I don't think I'd want to. Keep in mind, the set only works with konami games...


    Let me finish the mod first, then let me see if I can hunt down some 1st gen Sega genesis controllers (A LOT easier to mod). If I am able to do so, then I'm sure we can make some kind of deal. ^_^

  2. Neat.


    By "It has everything, the cpu, the audio driver, the game itself, EVERYTHING, is on this board.", is TMNT normally on multiple boards and this is an after market board?


    Yeah, definitely need a nice box for it, it would suck if you or one of your buddies spilled beer on it :ponder:


    Haha, yeah it will have a nice box when its done.


    I just said that because on the forum that I posted the project on, they're not very smart with computers, so I had to explain that this single arcade pcb has everything. I'll delete that because here, well its pretty obvious we know what an arcade board is.

  3. Yeah, a lot of people thinks that. I found that out a long while ago from running into a rare vid that was allowed past 10 min but under 11. Did some testing, and found that out. ^_^


    Thanks Nathan, I'll edit the post to have that. ^_^

  4. Awesome, keep up the good work :)


    This is going directly to my CC2 when I get home.


    I hope I'm low enough on the list to get a Kroc Cart, I'd love to be able to play this on my 2600...


    Hmmm, small trophies would be better than just a number, makes it that much more unique. And I'm really liking that AI idea... that would be interesting.

  5. This is turning out fantastic!


    I like the 32k idea, as you said, you can dedicate the dragon to its own bank, allowing it for more/better animations and more room to code the dragon for more details if you so desire.


    Does catch work on the ROM? I haven't had a chance to play it yet...

  6. Dude. That isn't necessary. To fix the stuttering: Go to start, run, type in Dxdiag and press enter. click on the Sound tab. See where it says full acceleration? Change it to standard. This will work, trust me. I have/had the same problems with counter-strike source and grenades going off. At times, the whole game would crawl because of the sounds. Changed it from Full to Standard, works perfectly.

  7. Also, the $20 was for the 2600 and some games.


    The 2600 was dirty as hell, but as you see, now it looks like it came right out of the box :)


    I'm glad it turned out alright. For those of you that was wondering, it was a burned out AC Adapter that was the problem.


    Yeah the main wires are soldered direclty to the board, made sure the ground wires got all the pressure, and soldered them insanely well. Then to make sure that didn't move, I ran the cable across the bottom of the Atari, taping it down every few inches. It isn't going anywhere.


    I hope you're brother enjoys the Atari as much as I did working on it and knowing I am reliving someone's memories all over again!

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