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  1. On 11/23/2021 at 3:17 PM, Beeblebrox said:

    @Fred_M   Ah I used to go to the Stafford show in the 1990s! :) That's funny, I would have likely met you and bought some of the games I still have in my collection from you. Small world eh? (We'll I suppose technically the Atari scene is a small world;)). Course were are talking 25 years ago here! :D


    I wrote for various disk mags and I think Twaug was one of them. Grim Reaper too, plus a few paper based mags. Also reviewed games and demos. It's a lifetime ago. :grin:


    Juicy stories eh? :D


    I recall playing Ninja in my teens - the death stars stick in my mind (not, err, literally heh heh!) ;) I loved International Karate. 


    Aside Boulderdash which I played all the time, Kickstart as well as Gauntlet were my go to. Loved Henry's House. Plus also Zybex and Blinky's Scary school,  (Zeppelin Games were an amazing developer), and of course The Brundles. TBH the list goes on. I just wish we had had the likes of Atariblast!, PoP, Flob and Final Assault BITD. Still, we have them now and it's amazing.


    My fav A8 is prob still the 800XL. I did love the 130XE but the top loading cart on the 600/800 XL is so much better placed. Plus the latter feel quite robust. I only ever had 1050 drives BITD. Got two working ones now, both Happy clone type enhanced. My SIDE3 and various A8s with U1MB installed are amazing.


    Only this year I managed to get a 600XL and recently an 800. Love em both.



    grim reaper - me and john e., loved ams shows and twaug (rip dave e).


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  2. On 10/20/2021 at 11:16 PM, Beeblebrox said:

    @mistapaul  Thanks for the Audio Alter link and the heads up.  I've been playing around with the 3D audio enhancer function as well as trying different settings on Fujiconvert to enhance some of the Skyrim and also Tempest 2000 tracks I have. (I read a few older posts in this thread attempting to gain an understanding of things like DC offset, etc etc. Tiny bit more enlightened after doing so, and a bit of Googling. :thumbsup:


    I've found the following Fujiconvert settings are quite good at noticably mitigating somewhat against the distortion you get in the quieter bits of the tracks. (So the sort of fizz/pop cutting in and out sound at extreme lower levels), whilst still allowing some good upper level/louder audio to come through. You still get the contant background light hissing of course given it's 22kHz stereo but I can live with that. (You can tell I am no audio technician with the use of this terminology eh?).;)


    So I am currently leaving auto gain off, (using a gain of 4), DC offset of -7, then 16 for course levels, 2 for fine levels, 0 for bump, 5/7 for non linear and 4/6 for linear:




    I posted earlier versions of some of the following tracks in this thread. IHMO I think these new versions are improvements and the stereo still sounds great on my speakers:


    Skyrim Far Horizons audio alter 3d gain 4 DC offset minus 7 16 2 0 5_7 4_6 pdm2 stereo 22135Hz ide pal.pds 13.88 MB · 3 downloads

    Skyrim Streets of Whiterun cropped gain 4 dc offset minus 7 16 2 0 non linear pulse 5_7 linear pulse 4_6 pdm2 stereo 22135Hz ide pal.pds 8.26 MB · 3 downloads

    Skyrim from past to present audio alter 3D gain 4 DC offset minus7 16 2 0 5_7 4_6 pdm2 stereo 22135Hz ide pal.pds 12.8 MB · 3 downloads


    and of course a bit of Tempest 2000. (This one not 3D audio alter enhanced as for some reason the track conversion kept outputting a 10k corrupted file):

    Tempest 2000 Mind's Eye gain 4 DC offset minus 7 16 2 0 5_7 4_6 pdm2 stereo 22135Hz ide pal.pds 6.76 MB · 4 downloads

    (Maybe a bit distortion with the drum and bass (could be my speakers) - but can Tempest 2000 tracks have too much bass?!:P:music:


    this is my conversion, the original file seems to have a differnent bass line playing on both stereo channels, which gives it an echo effect. i just tried to cut this hiss..


    02 Mind's Eye pdm16 stereo +7161604646 ide pal.pds

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  3. 8 hours ago, Beeblebrox said:

    @mistapaul  ah, I am intrigued.:P Would you mind sharing what you do and which software if it isn't too much trouble? I am very keen to maximise the quality of my own conversions.


    pass the MP3 through here 

    Pass original MP3 then save the pass the saved MP3 through and save and use on fujiconvert.

    There is lots of options on this software and it's free..



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