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  1. I know it's probably naughty of me asking this...seeming as though there's quite a few programmers here (who don't want their s/w hacked)


    Like the subject say's...Who was your fave. pirate/cracker


    these are the ones i remember


    Mr. Bacardi (i think he came from germany)

    Spite, SSMB, John E, Alias Maximus (and probably Others) from AURA

    Steve Zipp

    Mole eater (I think he was from London)

    And the legend that is ROB C (or what not was to ST/E fanboys)



    BTW...Boot menu's were the beez kneez

    wow! somebody remembers me and aura

  2. I've just found out who you are, though i admit that it did take me until i nabbed that last part file from the atari 8bit gamebase (you are the famous or otherwise Mr Irvine)



    Didn't you once write into L.A.C.E (London Atari computer enthusiasts), since someone with the same name (who is better known as 'spite' of A.U.R.A (A fairly well known a8 crack/hacking crew or group in uk) wrote into LACE and the letter was read out



    Slightly disappointed though that the original uploader of A8 gamebase neglected or forgot to include the gamebase executable with the a8 romset, after all he bothered to include all the executables support files like the db and scripts etc (as well as icons)



    I noticed though that gamebase A8 'cheated' slightly by including the entire homesoft gamedisk set of 388 binary file menu's, along with the individual game files (as atrs) which sort of means that gamebase sort of supports nearly or all a8 games or edutainment programs on the a8 ever released



    Had to post it twice since this site or forum has issues with IE7 (since it messed up my first post)

    hi peeps, its me your are looking for , i am he spite of aura...i never wrote in to lace or used irvine as a name, you have a copy of the said artical, id love to read it...

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