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  1. I can't help but feel it will be a box that connects to a VR headset. That would fulfill the "not a traditional console" comment. It also won't be tied to any current console (such as xbox, ps4, etc), meaning it's not a "special edition" of those units, but a new unit. Maybe it wil have wireless controllers with the headset, and the box would be the unit to process the games? Maybe a new way to play the classic games (more likely new ones)? Just a shot.
  2. I have an old multi cart with switches http://www.atariguide.com/c16/___in___1665.jpg That I'm trying to preserve since I grew up with these. I'm wondering if I could send the cart to someone who can that they may dump the roms for me. I can't find the games anywhere (since they're bootlegged versions and some are new). Any help? How much would you charge for the service? Thanks!
  3. Hahah that made me laugh! Thanks for the input!
  4. Had this as long as I can remember. I was thinking of posting on Ebay, but before I went that route, I was wondering if anyone would be remotely interested in something like this? It's a 32 in 1 multicart that uses switch combinations to pull up the games. From what I understand, it's pretty rare. The label is rough,but cart itself is in great cond. Sorry for the bad image, was in a rush.
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