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  1. Sadly these are long gone , but I'm not sure how to edit the initial post
  2. Bump! $140 (shipped anywhere worldwide) takes this one!
  3. I am going to list this one at $190, which includes shipping from Taiwan to worldwide, with tracking code. I reckon shipping will be about $40, that's what I'd always the big killer when buying boxed clones from abroad. I am also open to offers on this, as I'm really not sure what a fair price is. Thanks for the interest everyone. After Micro Genius, I'd say that the Ending Man brand of Famiclones was the second most well known line of clones in Taiwan. This is from their S-500 series, and is their S-500(A) model. Included in the package is the boX, two controllers, and the machine itself. Also included is a pair of AV cables, though it is not likely that they are the original ones that had come with this set, as they were just generic. About the power supply: I am offering two choices. I am willing to send the original (branded) power supply, and if I were purchasing the machine, it's the one I'd want; however, it does not seem to be functioning anymore. Therefore, I'd also be willing to send a generic power supply in its place, should one prefer functionality over collectibility. I've always found the Ending Man line of clones to be somewhat amusing, as the font used was stolen from Sega, and to make matters even more amusing, the acronym / ID marker the company chose to use for their products is STD. The machine works fine, the boX has some wear on it, but those that collect old Famiclones know that this is in more than fine condition for the item in question. The bottom styrophome piece has a hole in it. This is an NTSC machine, btw.
  4. Yes, you're right! Thanks for the information, just goes to show how much I know about these
  5. Hi guys, I have for sale some Sega Mark II and Sega Mark III (?) games, Taiwan versions. After the interest in the Bit Corp Atari clone I had, I thought someone here might be interested in these as well. Shipping for one cartridge would be $5 worldwide, includes tracking. I don't have the proper hardware to test these, so I need to sell them as untested, though I am willing to work with people should there be some sort of issue upon receipt, since I am just a collector / gamer as most of you guys here are. Ultimately I'd like to sell all of these carts together as a set, I'm thinking $190 takes all, includes shipping worldwide. But I also have flat prices listed should someone just be interested in a few cartridges. Thanks for the interest, and for checking out my post! Here is some information: https://segaretro.org/SG-1000_II Picture One (Taiwanese versions): 時空戰士 (Space Harrier) - $10 時空戰士 (Space Harrier) - $10 四人麻雀 (Home Mahjong) - $10 女子高爾夫 (Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf) - $10 足球王 (Championship Soccer) - $10 足球王 (Championship Soccer) - $10 足球王 (Championship Soccer) - $10 女子高爾夫 (Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf) - $10 Picture Two (Taiwanese versions): 摩天大樓 (Rock n Bolt) - $10 北斗神拳 (Hokuto no Ken) - $10 四人麻雀 (Home Mahjong) - $10 四人麻雀 (Home Mahjong) - $10 Picture Three (Japanese versions): Shinobi - $30 Shinobi - $30 Shinobi - $30 After Burner - $5
  6. I'm trying to figure out how to change the title to reflect this has been sold, but sadly my plebian self has been unable to find the option thus far. Either way, this has been sold, thanks for the interest everyone!
  7. This is a longshot, but do any of you guys from this part of the world know anything about Famicom clone distribution over there, during the 80s and 90s?
  8. I've had some messages about this, thanks everyone! It looks that these are pending for sale, if something changes and they don't sell, I'll update this thread again.
  9. Hi everyone! I rarely post on Atari Age, as Atari is a generation before me (I grew up on NES / Famicom). Some of you may have seen me around some other forums before, under the same name fcgamer. Anyway, I recently obtained a Creator 30 Atari 2600 clone, which was made by Bit Corp of Taiwan many, many years ago. Since I already have one of these in my personal collection, I figured I would put this one up for grabs. I also have a second Creator 30 clone machine, though it is essentially just the bare PCB. I have some parts that go with it, but the second machine was basically received by me in such a state, basically a parts machine I am guessing. The first machine includes the *branded* power supply too, So I have two Creator 30 Bit Corp Atari 2600 clones for sale; one is just the PCB, the other is machine + power supply. I *don't* have a way to hook these up to my TV currently, to be able to test them as working or not; however, I am looking into an easy solution for this, and if there is interest in purchasing these from me, then I'll work even harder to find a way to test them. I don't sell junk, and want to make sure everything is working (or if not working, is known to be non-functional) when making a sale, so that both parties can feel confident of the transaction. **Asking price: I am open to offers, or if someone can point to some recent sales of such machines, that would also be helpful. I live in Taiwan and these machines rarely turn up, though I have no idea of the demand for said machine off this island. I am also open to trades, primarily for obscure Famicom / Famiclone stuff, though since my collection of Famicom items is quite large, I can't just point to a "want" list or anything like that. Thanks for looking, sorry for being wordy, please message me or post here if you have an interest or any questions
  10. I only have Falsion on a Famicom cartridge port version, done by a pirate company. Unfortunately I don't have the goggles. That is something I love about the Famicom though, is the wide range of accessories and special devices to go with the games. Because I grew up on NES, I feel that the Atari games are just a little too "old" for my liking, too simple I guess. But I just love the old technology and how ambitious it tried to be, with special controllers and stuff like that, making the most of the limited technology of the time,
  11. Hi, thanks for the question. No, there is no end label on it
  12. The following is a list of items that I am currently look for. They are all Famicom games. I would consider trading my Condor Attack cartridge for some games on this list: http://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=11657.msg158607#msg158607 Or the game is also up for sale / offer. If you are interested or have questions, please ask.
  13. Hello everyone. I guess I should introduce myself first, since I am new to the AA forums. I have been collecting videogames for almost 15 years now, and go by many names on several of the gaming forums: trm on Digital Press, fcgamer on Famicom World, and tracker465 on Nintendo Age. I have been around for a long time and have sold / traded many items over the past 15 years. My primary collecting interest is Famicom games, though I do have a smaller Game Boy collection, and also collect games for some obscure machines (Game King, Super A'can). I recently obtained an Atari 2600 game, which I would like to sell / trade, since I don't collect for Atari. fcgamer is my username on other forums. I can verify that if necessary. Up for offer is the Ultravision Condor Attack game. I know it is rare, I doubt there would be much interest on NA for this cart, but I will throw it up here first, then later sign up on Atari Age or someplace when I have time, should there be no takers here. There is some label damage to the cart, otherwise it is in nice condition. It is untested though, since I don't have access to an Atari 2600, but due to its condition, I believe it to be in working condition. Any questions, please ask. Thanks!
  14. These pictures are quite outdated too, but they give some sort of an idea what I have.
  15. Here are some pictures of my "game room" for everyone's enjoying pleasure. Feel free to ask questions if you have them, and I hope that you guys enjoy the tour. Here you can see the small setup at the entrance of my game room. There are some Pokemon posters on the wall, as well as a set of Mega Man keychains. The pink storage units hold my Game Boy and Game King collections, and you can also see the boxed Game King games sitting on top. I am quite proud of that collection, as those games are obscure and not many people are aware of them. Underneath, you can see a few game console boxes sitting - I know that I need to figure out a better way of storing those boxes, to prevent long term damage from occurring. On the right, in the boxes, are Famicom games. They are sorted by type. Here is a closeup of the contents on the desk. I have probably around 100 different unlicensed Game Boy games, most of them CIB. You can also see some old Famicom carts CAI System carts sitting on the top. For the Game King, I have 22 different games CIB, and several others loose. I wonder how many different games were actually released for this machine. Now let's take a look at my first and biggest love, Famicom. Each of the plastic containers with the drawers holds around 80 Famicom carts, and most of them are filled. The games in these drawers are mostly unlicensed originals, and they are separated by developers / publishers. A few misc items sit on top of the containers, and the desk houses the boxes to my Game Boy collection, a large amount of bootleg Famicom Disk games, and some extra controllers. Here is a closeup picture. Even though I don't really collect Sega, I really like the look of the Mallet Legend box. The wireless Micro Genius controllers are another favorite piece of mine. And here is some more random junk, sitting on the shelves. There are some magazines, a few more clones, a Famicom Disk System and Famicom disk copier, etc. I have fond memories of picking up the decals for the wall, maybe a year ago. Here you can see my Famicom Sachen collection (almost complete), and also my Super A'can game collection. The cabinet houses even more Famicom goodies. Does anyone see a pattern here? As for the empty glass bottles, I use them for when I make batches of homemade wine. I originally used to bottle my product, but now I only bother to do that if I want to give it away as a gift. Otherwise, I just let my 5 gallon bucket of wine sit, and serve people straight from the fermenting container. It's great for gaming nights. Now we are nearing the end of the tour. There are a few more cabinets containing (boxed) Famicom items, and also my small Sega Mega Drive collection. As you can see, there are some boxes and other junk to the right, but that is because my game room used to be an extra bedroom / storage room. I can't move all of the junk and bed out of there, unfortunately, so I just have to share the game room with the storage section. And a closeup picture revealing a large number of Hacker International game carts and disks, a rare Korean karaoke machine and its Japanese counterpart, etc. A lot of weird and interesting gaming items here, mostly for the Famicom. Well that concludes the tour, and for those who are wondering, the TV I use for gaming is in the living room. So people that don't know I am a nerd / collector don't ever need to find out. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the tour, and I hope to get to know everyone on these forums better in the near future. Thanks for visiting.
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