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  1. I’ve always kinda wanted the Tron joystick also. I’m a huge fan of the arcade game. I love playing it but aesthetically the cabinet is second only to Discs of Tron environmental in my book for coolest arcade cabinet. I think thats the real reason I want the atari tron stick. I’m not sure if I have the cart either now that I think about it.
  2. If you are making a direct copy then DVD Decrypter has always been my goto. Rip to ISO and burn all with the same program. Also has the capability to remove certain limits on the original like the inability to skip trailers and stuff like that. Been using it for like 20 years now.
  3. Bought one of his Mac mini’s. Transaction was smooth and Mini arrived super fast and well packed. Thanks!
  4. Got mine on Friday. Catalina worked fine out of the box. Put in a 128gb SSD I had laying around and installed Big Sur using some guides for installing it on an unsupported mac. Works perfectly even with only 4gig ram. I’ll upgrade to 12 or 16gig soon and it’ll be more than enough for my needs. It’s not a primary machine, just used when I need a Mac and for entertainment. Much better than the i3 hackintosh I planned to build. Thanks!
  5. Sears manual sale pending. Everything else still available.
  6. Finally went through my manuals and found my duplicates plus a few carts to match. Prices don’t include shipping. Sears manuals $3 for all: Breakaway IV Dodger Cars Race Target Fun Others Regular manuals $7 for all: Atlantis Berzerk Chopper Command Combat Defender Demon Attack E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Maze Craze Missile Command Star Raiders SwordQuest Earthworld Manuals with Cart ($7 each) Yars' Revenge Donkey Kong Raiders of the Lost Ark Asteroids loose cart $2 (has “K” writen large on back)
  7. @bluejay I have one of those. I keep meaning to put an intel board in it and turn it into a hakintosh.
  8. What’s your definition of “not that much”? The cheapest in any condition currently on eBay is $119 and the only other sold is $95 loose. I haven’t been watching so I have no other price history to go by.
  9. Wow, I didn’t realize these were going for that much! I have a loose one but didn’t think I had any of the more valuable ones. How much are loose ones going for now?
  10. Im actually surprised someone with a flashback played it enough to wear out the joysticks. First time I’ve heard of that. I actually liked my original FB2 joysticks (which looks like those). I used them on my really Atari for a while since they were my best performing sticks till I rebuilt some of mine.
  11. And given who the seller is that seems pretty likely.
  12. Ooh, finally able to get in on one. Count me in!
  13. If I ever do I will indeed share. Any tips or examples to help me identify what exactly is needed to make it perform better would be appreciated. I thought I remembered something about the original improved version having a small nub at the very center of the underside to make it harder to simultaneously hit multiple or incorrect directions but I'm not certain of that.
  14. Thanks for the reply! I saw that one as well but its appears to be for a different handheld. It has 3 tabs around the outside but the flashback has 4. I'm not sure about the size and since I've brand new to 3D printing I've not modified or created an object yet. If I can't find an existing one then trying to modify that one might be my next step.
  15. So I finally got a 3D printer and was also coincidently playing my FB portable recently and remembered that back when I bought it where was an online seller with a replacement D-Pad that was supposed to be an improvement. Figuring there was one I could print I started searching around and either my search-fu is weak but neither is anywhere to be found. I can't find any reference to one being sold and the only 3D printable one I've seen referenced is the one @Fireslayer26 mentioned but he seems to have only been here briefly and that was almost a year ago. Thingaverse doesn't seem to have one either. I've not yet attemped to model or make aything from scratch and even if I had I wouldn't know what needed to be done to improve it. My first hope is that someone has or can point me to a existing model that I can print on my 3D printer. Short of that any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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