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  1. That SAMS cassette set was for the longest time the only software I had for my TI when I was a kid. All I had was a bare console and all I could do was play with basic and save/load programs via cassette using an already old tape recorder of the same form factor as the TI program recorder but lacking the remote jack so I had to start and stop it manually.
  2. Overseas entity registers and immediately tries to stealthily make multiple posts promoting his website selling repros. Doesn’t sound like someone I want to do business with.
  3. You guys are way too lenient. Selling digital copies of stuff freely available to download is both pirating and straight up scamming. That auction is BS and should be reported to eBay. And I really hate the “guys just trying to make a buck” argument because so is the guy who breaks into your car. There is no way he’s scanned all these himself and they are certainly just stuff he downloaded. He’s basically trying to profit and sell someone else’s work with little to no effort on his part.
  4. The real/easy dead giveaway is that CX-10 don’t have “top” printed on the ring. @save2600 is incorrect though about the hex discs. They are a myth and don’t exist...lol. Seriously though, are those repros or originals? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an original with the hex disc still attached.
  5. Where are you seeing that? The joy behind the wick bat is a flashback joystick I believe. Or are you referring to an older post?
  6. You say the atari lead fits right into the socket. It shouldn’t. The Atari is sending an RF signal on an RCA connector. Every TV I’ve ever seem uses a coax (F type I think its called) for RF signals. RCA connections are usually for video inputs.
  7. Thats because you are only seeing it from the perspective of what YOU would do. Most people aren’t doing development and really just want to play with the standard software on their TI. I’ll be honest with you, with a flash cart and PEB (real or nano), I’m probably set. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a TIPI and probably won’t be venturing down the road where I would.
  8. Haha, you got me! Those look sexy as hell all NIB and the TI fan in me wants one but I wouldn’t know what to do with it and I don’t have the funds right now anyway. unless maybe you want to trade for something from this thread:
  9. What am I missing? Why is it bothersome? Are they not NOS or is the price too high?
  10. That's Bull S$#^! This crowdfunding crap is totally out of hand. I understand some hobbyist trying to put out some obscure product with limited interest, but why the hell is one of the biggest toy companies in the world asking people to pay before they make a toy?! That's outrageous!
  11. I'm not sure what you are getting at here. Nobody is "calling them pads" this is just typical BS keyword spamming to try and get their listing to show up in as many searches as possible. It is really annoying though but unfortunately "pads" is probably close enough that eBay wouldn't agree if you flagged the add for keyword spamming. Unfortunately there are tons of much more egregious examples and they really bug me every time I'm trying to craft a very specific search for a specific item and it gets flooded with a lot of completely unrelated ads using words that don't even belong.
  12. Dude’s got 98.9% feedback. So he’s clearly not a good seller.
  13. Ah, I'm speaking strictly from a consumer point of view. I've never bought Red or Enterprise drives. WD Blue to Seagate consumer level drives I've had better luck with Seagate.
  14. That's funny. For traditional spinning drives I always buy Seagate because I've killed way too many WD drives and stopped trusting them all together.
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