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  1. Ok, yeah, everyone else are babies says the dude throwing a hissy fit and threatening us with the destruction of his stuff. 🤪 Someone’s off their meds.
  2. I’m shocked that people on AA (or anywhere really) still need to have this pointed out but “Askin’ ain’t gettin” as they say. Asking prices are meaningless. Only sold prices tell you what something is worth.
  3. Y’all know these were posted here on AA right?
  4. I agree that is a great haul and brings back a LOT of memories! I don’t come across Petra very much on vinyl. I used to listen to them when I was in HS and college. I Even saw them at Southern Star Ampitheather at Astroworld. Remember that?
  5. Bought some of his band's albums from Crazy Climber. Pleasant transaction and they arrived safe and sound despite terrible weather thanks to awesome packing! Thanks!
  6. Got my albums in the mail on Saturday. I forgot to check the mail until late Sunday night and despite some crazy wind and rain this weekend they were safe and dry thanks to some bombproof packing! Albums look GREAT and I can't wait to hear them and give a set to my brother! Thank you!!
  7. Dude, a chance to directly support a musician who's putting out real vinyl? Hell yeah I'm in!!! I'll take two sets and give one to my brother for Christmas if they are still available, Thanks!!!
  8. @Elvis If you are interested in gospel albums I actually have quite a few in my “to sell” pile that I never seem to get around to cleaning, grading, researching and listing. Send me a message if you’d like me to dig them out and show you what I have.
  9. Trying to get better at it costs quarters! That’s the whole point. Not like you can go home and practice.
  10. I have one of those that isn’t even missing any buttons. I’d let it go for less than that...lol.
  11. i think I was misremembering and thinking of the SMS version. Since I always think of it as a Nintendo game I just thought NES was the console I played it on.
  12. Oh yeah, I can’t believe I forgot about the SMS version. That’s a great one also!
  13. I love R-type! I’m not very good at it and haven’t played a ton of it but it’s still one of my favorites in Arcade and NES.
  14. Back in the early/mid 90s my college used SSN as our student ID which it was also printed on. I tried to tell them at the time this was a bad plan. At the time my girlfriend was from Mississippi and their driver’s license number was their SSN and had it printed in their also.
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