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  1. That’s awesome! My younger brother had the US Voltron one. Never seen that one.
  2. Thats what I thought. You just got charged the standard 9% final value fee. FYI, the PayPal fee is 2.9%+30 cents which equals your $1.10.
  3. Can you confirm that it is indeed true that they don't charge fees on shipping if you buy shipping through ebay? Because that would be news to me and contrary to what I believed. I still remember when they changed the policy and began charging sales fee on the full amount so if they changed at some point I missed it.
  4. I'll be honest. I have very little idea of exactly that any of this stuff is. Can anybody shed any light on it?
  5. Oh heck I didn't even realize that. Thanks for pointing it out! That makes me feel a little better then.
  6. Maybe I should have titled my thread differently. I haven't even gotten a single view and I figured there would be some good discussion and maybe learn some info about the stash of TI engineering samples and stuff I got from my uncle: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/288713-some-intersting-ti-engineering-samples/
  7. I got these a while back from my uncle who worked for TI BITD. I keep meaning to go through them and see what I want to keep and to sell but never getting around to it. I haven't opened up the box since nearly a year ago when I took these pics. Just came across the pictures and thought I'd share here and see what you guys thought. The largest of the wafers is like 10" if I remember correctly.
  8. I was a little older when Smurfs was big but my brother had one of their song tapes. If I stumbled on l one of those Id snag it for him. All I remember is the pink toothbrush song.
  9. Not sure how you got that from the discussion. Sounds to me like we are the ones with the wants and he’s perfectly fine selling things the way he is.
  10. And yet you gave them exactly what they wanted (a bunch more eyeballs...me included) by sharing. I agree this falls in the, wtf, you think thats news? Category.
  11. I think he’s probably great for those of you looking for those rare items and willing to pay for them. For people like me who can only buy at the budget level it can be frustrating when he has somewhat common items at inflated prices. It gives is no hope of finding a deal on less common stuff.
  12. Two members have expressed interest in these pending shipping costs. I will update if they don't get sold but feel free to post here if you want to be next in line.
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