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  1. In was simply responding to what GDMike posted since I was surprised to learn they were out of production. I hadn’t started looking for another one, at the status of, or any F18A chatter since I got mine quite some time ago. I’m glad I saw this though so I can make sure she has a composite video solution. Maybe I’ll have to recap and give her back their original TI monitor.
  2. So are F18A hard to find now? I’m about to start refurbing my cousins old 99/4A and was going to recommend she get one. I’d love to know what the current status of them is.
  3. Lack of response makes me think maybe these were overpriced. I've reduced the price but orders of more than 1 might be needed to make it worth while.
  4. Anybody need a PCI modem? Take your pick. $3 each (minimum order of two unless you are buying something else from me). Discounts for multiples. An offer to buy the entire lot (for say $18?) would take precedence if someone wants them all. Shipping not included. I haven't used these in ages so DOA's will be refunded or replaced. If you want to try and make an order and need any other old computer parts or maybe other random stuff let me know. I have TONS to get rid of. Many of these are either Compaq branded or have Compaq spares numbers on them. About half of them are Rockwell chips I believe. If you need info on any specific one let me know.
  5. Mitkraft


    Traded some of my common duplicates for some less common games to Tim. He was reasonable and very easy to deal with. Thanks!
  6. Purchased some Track & Field controllers from Atari8bitCarts. He was very reasonable, communicative and easy to deal with. Controllers arrived quickly, well packed and are in great condition. Would buy from him again without hesitation!
  7. Since this was bumped I’ll follow up with I was able to get all my disks transferred after a thorough cleaning of my TI floppy drive. It was very dirty inside and the head was visibly gunked up. I read up on a few tutorials and in the end it wasn’t to difficult. I even lubed the rails and got everything perfectly adjusted. It’s good to know my TI drive is now refurbished and ready when/if needed.
  8. Haha, yeah, I saw that one earlier in the thread. But I try not to print things I already have digitally just for the sake of having a hard copy. All my hard copies are originals.
  9. Stumbled across this thread looking for some strip templates and realized I had a TI binder with no spine insert that contained TI reference and manuals. I used this EA spine file in Photoshop to generate a template that could be used for making custom spines using similar fonts and the TI logo on the bottom. I'm sure I could have sought out the exact fonts but these were close enough for me (and easy to change if you like. Attached is the photoshop and jpg versions of the EA spine with transparent background in PS and white background in JPG. Here's mine with my other binders: TI Binder Spine Template.psd
  10. No kidding! That's kinda cute integrating the channel and power switch!
  11. That's the direction I was headed. I've never had to clean a disk drive before so that's another skill I'll need to read up on.
  12. Well, as soon as I had it licked I had issues. I think it might be my drives or the disks themselves fouling them up. I was getting bad disk messages on most of the disks (I only had 15 or 20) but wasn't surprised considering their condition and age (that came from my uncle who worked at TI and is the reason I had one in the first place). I finally checked a few on the real TI and found that even that a few that floppyti errored out on seemed to read there. So I went down the rabbit hole again and worked out how to transfer using the method @arcadeshopper posted above. I first tried a USB to Serial adapter I had laying around with multiple cables but that didn't work. It just so happens that I also have my uncles old Packard Bell Win98 machine setup with my other vintage computers and since I discovered earlier in the week it still works I was able to use it's native serial ports. This seemed to work for a disk or two and then they all started giving me read errors again. I'm going to have to do some investigation and see if the disks are truly bad, are fouling my drives, or if the drives are only good for a few reads before getting flaky. But both floppyti and HDX are working so thanks again again everyone!
  13. Thank you everyone for the assist! This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for to keep me from wasting time chasing loose ends! @mizapf Your Linux tool worked great! Not being super linux savvy I had to do a search or two in order to figure out what to do with the .c files but that didn't take but a handful of minutes plus a few more to get the right syntax and I was golden! Was able to convert a disk of Scott Adams adventure game saves from floppy to .dsk and read them in Classic99.
  14. How do I get the files from the floppy to the NanoPEB? I’m not aware of how I’d do that since I can’t connect my PEB and NanoPEB at the same time. No, and I usually try to figure most thing out myself (if you’ll notice you’ll see how long I’ve been here with very few requests to be spooned fed) but was hoping I could maybe get some advice on which direction to pursue. @WhataKowinkydink I do have a proper RS232 in my actual PEB if that helps. Not sure having one on the NanoPEB does me any good since I still can’t (as I understand) get the data off the disk and onto the NanoPEB. The issue isn’t getting the data onto the TI. The problem I’m trying to solve is how to get the data off of the disks. Once I have it off the disk I can put it on the Nano, use it in Classic99 or whatever, but I’m looking for how to best retrieve the data from the disk and save it elsewhere using either the TI or a modern computer with a 5 1/4 drive.
  15. So I have a handful of TI disks that I'd like to get the data off of. What is the best way to accomplish this? Here is what I currently have on hand: 99/4A with PEB/Floppy drive Flashrom99 cart and most of the usual original carts (EA, XB, Disk manager, etc) NanoPEB (which I've only recently started to tinker with) A PC with a 5 1/4 floppy drive that can currently boot to Ubuntu, XP, Win 7, and Win 10 (all 64bit). I also have access to a few Macs and other PC's but none currently have a floppy drive. Plenty of hardware around so I could build an older machine (Dox, earlier versions of Windows, 32 bit...etc) and can probably scare up another floppy drive. So what's my best path? There isn't a way to run the PEB and NanoPEB simultaneously is there? I also didn't think there was a way to copy a file from the real floppy to Flashroom99 using the TI. I made a quick attempt to use two of the PC based tools for reading TI disks but TI99-PC seemed to need a much older system and OmniFlop64 didn't seem to work even after I installed the drivers for both the controller and the drive. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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