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  1. What’s your definition of “not that much”? The cheapest in any condition currently on eBay is $119 and the only other sold is $95 loose. I haven’t been watching so I have no other price history to go by.
  2. Wow, I didn’t realize these were going for that much! I have a loose one but didn’t think I had any of the more valuable ones. How much are loose ones going for now?
  3. Im actually surprised someone with a flashback played it enough to wear out the joysticks. First time I’ve heard of that. I actually liked my original FB2 joysticks (which looks like those). I used them on my really Atari for a while since they were my best performing sticks till I rebuilt some of mine.
  4. And given who the seller is that seems pretty likely.
  5. Ooh, finally able to get in on one. Count me in!
  6. If I ever do I will indeed share. Any tips or examples to help me identify what exactly is needed to make it perform better would be appreciated. I thought I remembered something about the original improved version having a small nub at the very center of the underside to make it harder to simultaneously hit multiple or incorrect directions but I'm not certain of that.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I saw that one as well but its appears to be for a different handheld. It has 3 tabs around the outside but the flashback has 4. I'm not sure about the size and since I've brand new to 3D printing I've not modified or created an object yet. If I can't find an existing one then trying to modify that one might be my next step.
  8. So I finally got a 3D printer and was also coincidently playing my FB portable recently and remembered that back when I bought it where was an online seller with a replacement D-Pad that was supposed to be an improvement. Figuring there was one I could print I started searching around and either my search-fu is weak but neither is anywhere to be found. I can't find any reference to one being sold and the only 3D printable one I've seen referenced is the one @Fireslayer26 mentioned but he seems to have only been here briefly and that was almost a year ago. Thingaverse doesn't seem to have one either. I've not yet attemped to model or make aything from scratch and even if I had I wouldn't know what needed to be done to improve it. My first hope is that someone has or can point me to a existing model that I can print on my 3D printer. Short of that any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Finally picked up a 3D printer and this was always high on my list of things to do when I finally got one. I'm still learning all the nuances of 3D printing and learning/dialing-in my printer so my prints aren't quite perfect yet but this is good enough for now and finally gives my Nano some protection so I can leave it connected and not worry about it getting damaged. Thanks @discgolfer72 for making and sharing this design!
  10. I actually saw that. Being a big Dr. Seuss fan there are only a couple of books I don’t have. I do have those 6 including a 1953 edition of Scrambled Egg Supper. At those prices I’m very tempted to sell them. I have a hunch this is a knee jerk price spike and they will settle back to high but reasonable at some point. If you check sold listing there are a lot of them selling for 2k-5k for the lot and tons of the individual books selling for $300 on up.
  11. Ok, yeah, everyone else are babies says the dude throwing a hissy fit and threatening us with the destruction of his stuff. 🤪 Someone’s off their meds.
  12. I’m shocked that people on AA (or anywhere really) still need to have this pointed out but “Askin’ ain’t gettin” as they say. Asking prices are meaningless. Only sold prices tell you what something is worth.
  13. Y’all know these were posted here on AA right?
  14. I agree that is a great haul and brings back a LOT of memories! I don’t come across Petra very much on vinyl. I used to listen to them when I was in HS and college. I Even saw them at Southern Star Ampitheather at Astroworld. Remember that?
  15. Bought some of his band's albums from Crazy Climber. Pleasant transaction and they arrived safe and sound despite terrible weather thanks to awesome packing! Thanks!
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