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  1. Bump. Are these just too high or just undesirable?
  2. A little more than I expected since they turned out to weight 33 pounds! Shipping total was $20 with media mail.
  3. Got these in a large lot along with the DVD movies in my other post. I've never had a PlayStation so I have no way to test them. Def Jam Vendetta (no manual) $20 ------------------------- PS2 Games Lot - $20 Ballers Phenom (no manual) World Championship Poker (SEALED) Narc College Hoops 2K7 (no manual) Tokyo Xtreme Rader 3 (case only) Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge Pinball Hall of Fame The Gottlieb Collection ------------------------ PS1 Games Lot - $5 NCAA Football 98 Gran Turismo 2 (disk only)
  4. SOLD! I got all these DVDs with a large lot of stuff. The three large stacks (with just over 100 movies) all have the correct DVD in them. Condition varies and many of them are previous rentals. The short all has cases with discs other than the ones that belong in them but I'll include them in case there is anything you find interesting. Shipping shouldn't be too much since these can be shipped with media mail.
  5. SOLD - Navarone Cartridge Expander. Used but works as intended. $25 plus shipping.
  6. VHS Tapes $13 shipped OBO! Just a couple I still have hanging around that I thought might be of interest here. Blade Runner Director's Cut, Ghost In The Shell (English dubbed), Pink Floyd The Wall, Stargate, Highlander 10th Anniversary Director's Cut, Highlander 2 Renegade Version
  7. Pentium Pro server parts $100 or best offer. Prefer to sell entire lot but if I get no decent offers I will consider breaking up if desired. I believe these came from a Compaq Proliant server I used to have. I have no way to test them but I believe they were working when removed. 3 Pentium Pro processors (two SL22z 512K and one STB32 256K) 8 32MB EDO memory sticks (compaq part # 228468-001) 6 Processor Voltage Regulators 6 Processor Heatsinks
  8. I used to work for Compaq and I’m pretty sure I have one or two of those laying around. Some of them actually had rambus memory. I’m trying to remember the internal code/nickname of those things and it’s escaping me. I’ll dig in my old docs if I think about it. My drivers that I saved from back then are still in folders by code name. And I agree, those things are heavy as hell!
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