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  1. Have a read here: http://www.atari-wiki.com/index.php/IDE_%26_SCSI_Drivers Jookie's site may also be useful: http://joo.kie.sk/?page_id=306
  2. https://www.atarimagazines.com/software/startsoftware.html This site seems to contain Volume 1, Number 4 disk MSA.
  3. I highly recommend the ParcP-USB adapter: https://joy.sophics.cz/parcp/parcp-usb.html Great for transferring files to an Atari from PC.
  4. You may find that the ePROMS for using 2 chip TOS is a bit more complicated than just burning them. 2 chip TOS is 28 pin and programmable chips in 28 pin format no longer exist. There are 2 options: 1. convert the Atari to 6 chip TOS ROMs (which do exist) or 2. use 32 pin chips and follow guidlines for using 32 pin ROMs in 28 pin socket. All of this information is available on the various Atari forums.
  5. The key with Floppy emulators is that you will need either FlashFloppy or HxC firmware installed on them to use them with an Atari computer. There are guides out there on updating a standard Gotek device to install the FlashFloppy firmware and HxC is updated by purchasing a license to update the device. If you can find one pre-loaded with either firmware then you usually pay a premium on the price. Any floppy emulator withour these firmwares will struggle to work with an Atari computer.
  6. Here is a copy of Codehead Utilities disk and manual. Doesn't contain the program you are looking for but enjoy. Codehead Utilities - Manual (optimized).pdf CodeheadUtilities.zip
  7. I had the same issue. From further installing, I found that installing Neodesk first and then installing Geneva worked. Geneva installation asks for the location of Neodesk and sets it to start automatically after Geneva has loaded.
  8. I know this was an old thread but just wanted to share my recently scanned PDF version of the Megamax Laser C manual for anyone still interested: https://mega.nz/#!Q4hCQBqa!pruGnOLxgHzcZnSWVyagEDHdPhMqm3tUQF_yCankOM8
  9. This looks like the disk you are after...although the README.TXT inside looks like it references Vol 1, No 3. http://www.atarimagazines.com/software/start/V2N3.MSA
  10. I have now added the scanned PDF of the 32 page supplement to my website http://www.chillichai.com/atari-st-review It can be found in the Supplements & Advertising section. From the dates on page 7, I am guessing that this was given away with issue 01 of the magazine. If anyone can confirm that this was the case, I would appreciate it. The supplement covers MIDI, sequencer software and other audio software/hardware for the Atari ST. Enjoy.
  11. Papyrus was available on an Atari ST Review magazine issue 28 cover disk. I have this available as an MSA floppy disk on my website: http://www.chillichai.com/atari-st-review Hope this helps. The MSA disks can be downloaded and you can either use an Atari ST MSA program to re-create the disk or use HxC Emulator on a windows computer to open the MSA file and extract the files manually to a folder or floppy disk.
  12. Last issue scanned... Here is issue 85: https://mega.nz/#!tEtHQbIK!BQGoQQv6QfMCOcpNNqWm4HleKy7p8S2TsFqRez5k7vA Enjoy.
  13. Issue 84 is now also available in PDF format here: https://mega.nz/#!sIlzGT6R!D8FNq7bJgR2tUkeaBvxpdGIyjX6J6mXGbXaEVXTH8J8 Enjoy
  14. Here is issue 83 as well in PDF scanned format: https://mega.nz/#!FF90mSYL!Mli56RqbRubOJR_xkJVDs2QfPiJte9BhZgggXUshnZs
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