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  1. Where i can find Skunkboard for sale?
  2. I already had looked in ebay but i didnt had found... i appreciate you for the link but this ad is very expensive because here in the forum i saw a seller selling around 75 euros
  3. I am already in this waiting list but the user does not answer the email anymore....
  4. I mailled him but no answer; Are you selling the skunkboard yet
  5. Anyone knows where i can find a skunkboard for sale? i am looking for it for a long time... :-( Thanks Rogério
  6. i receive today my harmony it was working fine with 1.05 but i upgrade it to 1.06 and now the games does not work anymore after select the game in menu thw harmony logo keeps turning and the game does not start, how can i back to 1.05 bios? anybody could send me ou tell me where are the files? Thanks
  7. i want back to bios 1.5 how can i do it?
  8. I dont know what is the system that come with myu harmony if it is PAL or NTSC due of this i have to try to install one of these to see if the problem will be solved but i dont know where i can download the firmware of harmonyu cartridge do ypu nkow where i can download it?
  9. i Tried the settings of the tv but it is the same way, i still think that the system firmware of harmony is incompatible with the system of my atari
  10. i try with Stellar track and it is working fine
  11. Yes this is a LCD TV, the ntsc games are owrking great the problem is only at the lettlers of the menu screen of harmony, i did not try with Stellar track to be honest i dont know what is it, can you help me? i think the problem is the version of the firmware of the cartridge probably it is NTSC and my atari is an Brazilian PAL 60hz
  12. Hello Guys!! I received today my harmony cartridge and i am happy with it, but i have a problem the menu with the letters to choice the roms the lettlers are strange looks like the firmware version is incorrect my Atari 2600 is Brazilian PAL 60 hz maybe if i change the original firware (NTSC) to PAL it works fine, i am sending the picture that i shot of the tv screen for you take a look, the games NTSC are working fine but the problem is at the menu screen. Thanks
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