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  1. I've been watching this thread for, what, 3-4 years? I don't even remember. I missed a few days and ended up like #600+ on the original pre-order list. Not frustrated. It's a bummer to still be waiting but thanks for all you do. I'll get one when production steps up. Thanks for all your hard work. Love both versions of the Lynx SD/GD. This is a hobby for you. A potentially lucrative one! but take care of your family and your life and most importantly, yourself. I guess I need to get a neo geo color pocket, and your GD, you bastard! All hail SainT!
  2. SainT - do it in your own time when it makes sense. We’d all prefer sooner than later but your hard work is already much appreciated. I’ve been playing my Lynx a ton lately. I’ll wait as long as it takes!
  3. Nice review by RetroRGB on YouTube. I expect the waiting list to grow even more.
  4. Possibly in customs? I get my euro electronics stuck in customs for weeks at a time sometimes.
  5. :grovel: love what you do for us. Thanks!
  6. You bastards dragged me back! SainT... I can't freaking wait... but really I can. Screens look great. Relax, you seem to be refocused, tackle getting the CD emu to work when you can. Saw the tweet, now my inbox is blowing up due to being subscribed to this thread. BUMP!
  7. Do whatever you want. I don't have a TON of interest in CD emulation for retail stuff anyway, obviously... It's a shame for CD exclusive homebrew but I would totally be cool with a future update if possible.
  8. VladR, your input could surely be helpful but your tone was very condescending... You assert that the Jag arch just makes sense eventually. Sure, but what about your workarounds? Why did you need them? I think simply posting "My gut feeling is that there is some synchronisation issue between GPU and CPU, and I'm trying to figure out how interrupts affect this." without all the other stuff would have been much more helpful. No trolling intended. SainT has an awesome project in the works. Some more inspirational help would probably work better.
  9. Was not directed at you or anyone in particular! Awesome UT ref, didn’t get it. Best shooter of all time. I was just riffing.
  10. DJ from the Last Jedi? The T-t-t-thief? Sorry. Awesome news SainT! Take your time. Get healthy. Will wait years if need be. My mediocre collection and homebrews will keep me busy. You fools should still try to collect! This thing isn’t just for piracy!
  11. Yeah, I got my Jag for $20 with 2 controllers, boxed, with Iron Soldier, from an Elecronics Boutique (later EBgames) - man, have times changed!
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