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  1. Really awesome news! I hope you can get Hot Dog and Relief Pitcher too 😎
  2. This game was everywhere in Aussie stores back in the day... great game. ☺️
  3. This hacking stuff is fantastic... I'd kill for infinite time and fuel in APB, just to explore the scenery haha
  4. Hmmm - shows up as $32 for one game to Australia... is that right, Carl?
  5. Hey Carl, I'm keen on CyberVirus - do you still offer the discount shipping to Australia???
  6. Is there a section on games that we know were planned but never saw the light of day?
  7. Hmmm... few titles that I'd never heard of - such a shame they never saw the light of day
  8. If you ship to Australia then I'll grab one, thanks
  9. Yeah, got a couple of Lynx II's with McWill screens. Only time I get to play is on my holidays... otherwise I just hang out on the forums to keep up to date
  10. It looks amazing... very excited for this one!!!! :grin:
  11. I think most of us will buy whatever you turn out, whenever it gets done... so looking forward to both releases!
  12. If multiplayer became a reality I'd probably buy one physical cart and one rom
  13. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! I've been waiting for a Bomberman style game!!! Sign me up for a copy!
  14. Very exciting news! I'll look forward to hearing more...
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