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  1. How is this project progressing?
  2. I am hoping for a Coleco arcade style box redesign for Wizard of Wor.
  3. Renewed # 3 straight in a row. I should be a Gold Member for that ( Austin Powers Style). I like the 2 games for 200 idea. Hope it reaches that milestone. I agree a new roms update for 2021 would be nice
  4. It's like a new Colecovision and the Atarimax cart in one shot. It's small and does not take up as much shelf space. The menu system lets me create folders to label types of cart releases. I'm pretty satisfied. It must have been a lot work for small handful of persons to pull off. Plus it takes a long time to make games form scratch if not working on them full time. I've been feeding my Phoenix with the ROM's from the past two clubs and the free Team Pixelboy Christmas gifts. Can't complain.
  5. It will affirm it's a good idea to ask here. There are sneaky scams out there. I've gotten to memorize their emails- I get excited when I see them.
  6. My high score on the game is 170,000.
  7. Keep an eye out on Ebay for " new " Colecovision consoles.
  8. Got the game as well. It's a good fit to the system, very appropriate. Gives it a complete feel if you know what I mean. The graphics capture the game well while giving it a Colecovision feel with the color palette. Hope the programmer knows we appreciate the the work done.
  9. Thanks for the update. Did your package come from the US? Sometimes customs can be a pain.
  10. Ordered. Love the idea. I get a Sierra game vibe with this. Doing a special cart color for this one?
  11. I got 1942 last week. It's great game plus the sound is fixed from the msx version.
  12. I had the same issue with LOTD- garbled text. I did stay up late as well. Love all the roms, it's good for me as I am trying to conserve shelf space.
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