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  1. My high score on the game is 170,000.
  2. Keep an eye out on Ebay for " new " Colecovision consoles.
  3. Got the game as well. It's a good fit to the system, very appropriate. Gives it a complete feel if you know what I mean. The graphics capture the game well while giving it a Colecovision feel with the color palette. Hope the programmer knows we appreciate the the work done.
  4. Thanks for the update. Did your package come from the US? Sometimes customs can be a pain.
  5. Ordered. Love the idea. I get a Sierra game vibe with this. Doing a special cart color for this one?
  6. I got 1942 last week. It's great game plus the sound is fixed from the msx version.
  7. I had the same issue with LOTD- garbled text. I did stay up late as well. Love all the roms, it's good for me as I am trying to conserve shelf space.
  8. Here's an idea: A club members only forum to discuss the game. This would be great to discuss high scores and other related fun stuff. Just an idea and the respect for secrecy is understandable.
  9. Super Bagman Considering the good work done on CV Bagman, I would hope they make it a wide release along with Phoenix.
  10. DK III It will interesting to see how off we are after we get the game. Maybe somebody got the guess already.
  11. Satan's Hollow, Disks of Tron/ Tron Arcade...
  12. The club paid itself off after 3 roms from the vault. You have to admit the game is a cool collectors item.
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