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  1. You should be careful with your harsh comments. The game under question is an extremely rare test marketing version. Full story can be found at arstechnica website.
  2. I own that book already (it's not that new). Do you have some page numbers at hand that confirm your claims? What is the title of the other book you mentioned but could not get?
  3. I have a pong console made in Hong Kong in my collection that was manufactured in 1976. Also, what makes you sure that the production was ended in 1979/80?
  4. Very interesting. What makes you sure it's from 1992?
  5. Atari Home Pong was the first one with dedicated LSI-chip (LSI = 'large scale integration').
  6. There are some errors in that list, e.g. Interton Video 3000 was released in '76, Odyssee by ITT Schaub Lorenz was released in 1973.
  7. That's indeed interesting news. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I am shocked! RIP, Curt. Anyone knows what happened?
  9. I like both, composition and instrumentation. Thanks for the superb tune!
  10. Update: The US patent No. 4,359,222 entitled "Hand-held electronic game playing device with replaceable cartridges" by Smith et. al. mentions the Intel 8021.
  11. Thanks for the info. I found some hints: Sean Riddle claimed to have 8021-dumps of three different Microvision games. Best regards, Knurri
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