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  1. I like the first one more (green on jacket as 'reflection' of the green title).
  2. One of the nicest Atari 8 bit pics I have ever seen. It's just perfect. Great work Jose!
  3. As for the title screen: Have you checked the cover of the Sega Mega-CD version of PoP? No tiles and the Prince features a ... turban
  4. The game is called Star Raiders (with 's' at the end) earlier, interesting.
  5. Now that is interesting news! Thanks for sharing! I always wondered when Star Raider(s) actually was released. Now it looks like march 1980 is more likely. If you understand German you may check out my article about Star Raiders.
  6. FYI: Chris was posting in this forum some hours ago.
  7. Some parts at te beginning sound pretty impressive (considering this is generated by Pokey), others do not. I really appreciate your work. Thanks!
  8. You are a genius Thanks for that really nice tune! But will this work with Rings of Medusa title theme, too?
  9. Is the Youtube video emulated or real POKEY?
  10. Just a noob question: How difficult would it be to write something like Rasta Music Tracker from scratch?
  11. Wow, sounds like Sega Master System Thanks! Did you ever consider to convert the main theme from SMS The Flash?
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