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  1. Got it used from a friend in France. Should be getting it in a few weeks.
  2. Hello, I have a Sega Saturn that will not power up. I cannot find any schematic for the Yamaha XS205 Rev C power supply. I believe that the transformer is bad. I get continuity on the high voltage side but not on the low voltage side. On the high voltage side, I get ±160v DC but nothing on the low voltage. I am unable to find the part number of the transformer. The transformer is green and the number on top shows: XR909 A T64. Anyone know a replacement part number for that transformer? Thanks.
  3. Indeed. I don't mind trying. I only need a schematic to built a 15kHz signal generator that can replicate the one on the SNES. I have a working SNES to compare the signal to. You don't have such a schematic by any chance?
  4. As I suspected, on the defective SNES, I get no signal on pin 100 of PPU2 U3. When I compare to a working SNES (See picture), which gets a 15kHz signal on pin 100. Does anyone know if it would be possible to create a replacement 15kHz RSYNC using an external circuit? Would it work? Thnaks.
  5. If I check with an oscilloscope, what kind of signal should I be getting out of pin 100? If I had a reference, I could compare.
  6. Do you know if pin 100 of U3 is the one doing the video sync?
  7. I checked all the lines for the PPUs and RAM and everything looks fine. I also checked the grounds and VCC and they also llook fine. When I look at the electric diagram, I see pin 100 of PPU2 U3 that says CSYNC that goes to both the RF Module and the AV out connector. Does anyone know if that is what is used to sync the image on the TV? If U3 is not sending the correct signal out of pin 100, could that be the issue? Thanks.
  8. Do you know a good RGB Mod for the SNES?
  9. I have tested with a different PSU and cables. I have another SNES that works fine with the all my cables and both PSU that I have. Since I have the same issue with RF and RCA, the issues seems to be elsewhere.
  10. Power looks good according to the meter. Which of the chips could be causing the issue? Does not look like a RAM or PPU issue from what I saw on Youtube, but I could be wrong. Since all the tests pass on the diagnostic, I am not sure what what to look at next! It seems like there is something wrong with the video output.
  11. Here is a video of Starfox on another TV and the diagnostic cartridge test. What I would like to know is if there is a repair manual for the SNES like they have for the Intellivision and Colcecovision that can tell you what to check, and what kind on signal to expect from a meter or oscilloscope. VID_20200222_125644.mp4
  12. It depends on the board version that you have. On mine, it's under the metal shield next to VA1 and between the voltage regulator and a very large capacitor.
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