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  1. Can you add Uthernet II support for PlatoTerm Apple II?
  2. I think the reason for this is they were running a "early bird" sale and the prices where different. Now thats over I think that the counters are just showing normal prices sales. Most people purchased on the early bird sale.
  3. So lets hope the new folks at Atari don't screw this up. If they allow the community to create things then this project will be successful. If not it will die a slow death like most!!
  4. Hi all, I'm just wondering if it would be possible to have the ported games on the new Atari VCS? I see its a linux system and they do state that you can create your own apps etc. Going to be interesting to see what approach Ataris takes relating to ported Atari games. Unless they have a master plan to port their collection for a paid service themselves I don't see this being a problem? Anyone know anything more? I see Tempest 4000 is included, not sure how it was ported?? Cheers, Rob
  5. ok thanks for the help. I'll try this. If this fails and I don't get a good picture is there any other way to get a better picture?
  6. Is the UK version not PAL? Why do I have to mod it? My TV has component RCA video and audio inputs. Can't I use them? Thanks, Rob
  7. Hi all, I've just acquired an Atari 2600 UK version and I'm having problems connecting to the TV. Its got the RF cable and not the RCA one. My TV has Satellite IN Coax in and RCA IN ports. What connector do I need? I've tried connecting the the normal antenna connector on my TV but the image is bad and its does not tune in properly.
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