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  1. Opened it up - removed all the guts. Looked at everything really well -- to my untrained eye, it all looks fine. Guess I'll have to buy another one -- I can't play without sound.
  2. Why won't my profile pic update??!

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      I blame the Illuminati or the wrong file type or the wrong size or . . .

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      had that problem before, you might need to clear out your browser cache

  3. My NES is being stupid. When I try to hook it up to play, I cannot get the game audio, only a constant, obnoxious buzzing. I've tried hooking it up using different cables... I've tried connecting it to different TVs... I've tried using the RF thingy which didn't work, then I tried the back up RF thingy I have which also didn't work... then I tried using the red/white cables which didn't work, then I tried the back up red/white cables which also didn't work. Everything else seems to be functioning normally, just no audio....and who can play with no audio? I don't want to buy a new system. I've had this one for almsot 30 years and I want it to work. If anyone has any suggestions, or knows of someone I can send it to have it repaired, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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