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  1. I have a concerto cartridge that is not in a cartridge case. $130 plus free shipping to US only. I also have a shabby 7800 console only (no power supply or controllers or cable) the metal top decorative plate is missing. But it is Tested and Works with the Concerto Cartridge!! This is $25 plus actual cost of Shipping. PM me if you have any questions.
  2. I have decided to sell my concerto, it is working but not in a cartridge case. PM me or see my Marketplace ad here on AA
  3. If they were on the disk I don't remember seeing them...I am glad to see you have started on it....Yea!!!!!!
  4. I may just wait SainT to announce his product to the world if Batari doesn't post an update soon. I am getting very tempted to simply cut the extra pins off my Concerto and use it as an Encore. If SainT does produce a 7800 flash cart, it will be up to him to make it dedicated 7800 or allow 2600 ROMs to play on it as well. Given how mature the Harmony is, it would not be a bad thing to have two flash carts, a Harmony for 2600 games, and a SainT flash cart for 7800 games. That way SainT would not be stepping on Batari's toes by copying the Harmony portion. I think a partnership would be great, but that is wishful thinking I'm afraid. IMO if Batari is unable or unwilling to continue this project for whatever reason, then he should pass the code off to someone who will... AGREE WITH KOSMIC 100%
  5. I just purchased one from Dragonbox.de (Germany) great price, cheap shipping and excellent service. I have been trying out lots of the Console cores and computers. Works great , my Flat screen has VGA input and audio input via 3.5mm jack so works great with the MIST. Still learning all about it.
  6. eebuckey, don't know where you got the understanding that the Harmony Encore can only play one game. It can plays hundreds of 2600 games, atari releases, home-brews, hacks etc. The encore is a finished product and works well. Fred did an excellent job on it! The Concerto was a beta that he sold for 7800 games. It didn't wok at all on my original 7800. I picked up a cosmetically ugly one but it sure works pretty well with the concerto (About 90%) mine does not like the pokey installed, it stops the games from fully loading. There may be only two official Atari games that use the Pokey but a lot of home-brew. Agree with StarshipUK a quick post would be great but haven't heard from him in over three months.
  7. The fact that everything works when you have it hooked up to your LCD TV, makes me think you may have problem with your TV and nothing wrong with 2600. Can you try on another CRT? It iS also possible that you have PAL (Europe and other countries) not NTSC (US) cartridges for those games. Pal carts are programmed for 50Hz TV not 60Hz (us) It would cause problems on a CRT but not a LCD. Provide more info on TV hookup, set etc. if possible.
  8. Did not realize your problem was with just two cartridges or I also would have given you a different suggestion? What are the two cartridges? Could be the cart connector or the games themselve
  9. Have to agree with Toilettunes your mileage will vary with Concerto. I too had to get another 7800 to use it and it plays about 90% OK. Unlike Toiletunes, mine does not work with Pokey installed. It stops the loading process on most games. Anyways its been a long time since we have heard from Fred and people are starting to sell there Concertos. There is also hope that SaintT will have a working cartridge eventually. Fred, we would really like a quick update. Any word would be appreciated.
  10. Never had a problem with my 5200. It is a two port with a LHE Composite/S-Video A/V mod. Adding the Atarimax SD cart lets me instantly load original, lots of conversions and home-brews quickly without a disk drive. The Trac Ball makes for some great gaming. I have two Best refurbished controllers and one i refurbished myself using best part. All work great no problem. Two of my favorite games, Necromancer and Rainbow Walker were converted to 5200 by wrathchild and are one my AtariMax for instant loading. I have no problem with my CX52 controllers but as others have said there are a few alternatives if you want something different.
  11. Hank here is a cheap eBay listing for the 3.579545 MHZ Crystal (XTAL) http://www.ebay.com/itm/3pcs-Abracon-AB-MicroProcessor-Crystal-3-579545-MHZ-20ppm-HC49-metal-can-/252818630431?hash=item3add2a271f:g:OBUAAOSw4GVYReWU or search for this description: 3.579545 MHZ Crystal (XTAL)
  12. Yes, that is it. You won't find it at Radio Shack. Try DigiKey and Mouser (both mail order) or maybe Console5 (mail order) The grey covering is just heat shrink with the printing on it, if you cut that away (no need to) you would find a metal can. It is soldered in with two leads.
  13. I do not own a four switch or any 2600 at the moment. The oscillator can be check with a frequency counter or scope but they are both expensive pieces of equipment. I would just replace the part. It is not that expensive. Look for a small metal part with part of the frequency stamped on it. Once you think you've found it take a picture and i can verify you have the right part. you might see XTAL or X101 or X??? on the circuit board. Any help from a 4 switcher in locating the crystal? photo?
  14. I think you have a crystal oscillator that is not always starting up. I would replace the crystal. It is 3.599575 MHZ and can be purchased for digikey , mouser etc.
  15. ARCADE GAMES!!! I could never own 2000 arcade cabinets but I have then on my PI and they play accurately.
  16. Retropie will let me play games and systems Ill never own. I can switch from system to system in the blink of an eye. No dirty cart connectors or RF or composite video or region problems. No boxes of carts to search through. It also has HDMI output for compatibility with modern TV. There will always be purist and collectors but I like to play the games (instead of collecting boxes and cartridges) and I have so many systems and games in a small package, what not to like?
  17. Thank you for the explanation. I had never seen or heard about that controller. It doesn't look like it is readily available, why would you support it on your board? Is there any other way of getting the full keypad matrix? Because of your info, i will hold off purchasing the Zx-uno board until maybe you finish your project. Still only having one core per SD card and different formatting? As I want it more for more systems not just Coleco. I have no Coleco carts and would play them off an SD card. It appears to me that this board is really only made to play one core.And you are going to make a better Colecovision system with cart support and more.
  18. What is F18 and the SNES NTT data port you speak of?
  19. Thanks for letting me know about the Zx-Uno. I didn't know it existed. I would be interested in running the Coleco and other cores on this board. Spectrum not being one of them. I downloaded the manual and boy does it seem complicated to run (or maybe the translation and including all the programming stuff makes it seem that way) What is your experience with it so far? Have you tried any of the other cores? The price is right but does not seem as easy as MIST computer. can you have multiple cores on SD card at same time?
  20. Kevtris, Not sure what the Core Store is, could you explain? Do you plan on offering just the cores without a whole Firmware update containing them all? As you mentioned earlier, you are halfway done with cores you plan on releasing for NT Mini. After these 20 cores, will you start work on Zimba 3000? Will you stop releasing cores for NT Mini? As some of the systems you plan to release use a keypad or keyboard like O2 how ill that be implemented? If you can do O2 could you do Atari 5200? I am so glad you are doing some of the less popular systems like RCA Studio and Channel F, Astrocade etc. I never had the urge to buy the NT Mini for NES only but your firmware and added cores is making me think hard about purchasing it. You seem very busy with NT Mini firmware right now, but any update on Zimba 3000 would be appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work!
  21. If you are talking about the Concerto, we have not heard from Fred at all this year. The few of us that have the beta units have varying success with the cart. I have two 7800s and one one will not play anything without crashing, freezing or other problems. My second unit plays about 80-90 % of games. neither of them work with the Pokey installed, even with my good unit, With a Pokey install on Concerto, It causes the game load to freeze. His last communication with us is he was having personal problems and said he would work on Concerto this year. Are you still considering making an SD cart for 7800?. I think if you can get a working one out there soon there will be a market for it. I would buy it. Right how we are all hoping for a firmware update or a hardware solution as to why it does not work on all of our 7800's.
  22. Have you tried a composite or s-video mod? Simple to do and cheap. Why keep putting all this effort into cleaning up an RF signal that will never be as good as a composite or s-video mod?
  23. Thanks for the video Arenafoot. i actually though the red moving black was a power swing indicator! i guess it is just a moving obstacle. Looks like he is approaching the ball from a far distance away (i was right up on it)
  24. So I tried playing the built in Miniature Golf game on the AFP., but cant seem to get the ball to move more than a tiny bit. What is the proper way of hitting the ball?
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