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  1. nevermind.. No sense to pay 300.00 for the darn thing i think they are coming out again this friday...for 249.99
  2. end label photo added to show indeed it is the real r5
  3. Anyone have any idea when the next wii batch comes out?? I heard rumors within the week.. But i was thinking maybe the first of next month..
  4. the only thing with the ps3 auctions on ebay that catches my eye now is some of them chicks have some nice gallery images of them and their ps3's by their listings.. They sure do have a pull on marketing their systems with bodies like that...
  5. IF those idiots think about it. They are bidding the stuff up with a new user name they create and in the end.. They are actually stuck with the final value fees themselves.. Just a sign the good old ps3 market is almsot dead and people are desperate to make money.... when people are bidding up thier own stuff... Wont be long and some ps3's will be selling for 750-800.00 because the idiots wont be able to pay off their credit card statements..
  6. LOL ANYONE FOR A 800.00 PS3 Now... I would think about it.. Crap id pay a extra 200.00 for them 2 good night sleeps in bed and staying in a nice house.. Tomorrow we might even see some guys losing money on them.. after they pay the paypal and ebay fees which i figure are up close to 15%
  7. My raiders lost ark cart is just sitting around catching dust.. It is the error label version.. The cartridge's label is pushed into the indention on the top right hand corner of the label and is torn in the top right hand corner from being indented... 22.00 shipped to your door
  8. Whew i see the good old capitalists are taking a drop of a few hundred dollars on ps3 on ebay today.. You can get one now on average anywhere between 1200-1500 on ebay with a game..and there 27000 on ebay now.. Makes me wonder if those 3 days waits were worth it.. if you opened up that night and played it maybe.. Today after them guys payed for their spot in line or payed someone standing there your probably coming out 400-500.00 for three days... Lol go to work Last night they sold pretty good from 1800-2500.00 yet on average.. Makes me wonder how many wii's will be listed and selling on ebay tommorrow for 400.00 ... Probably 500,000 Will be listed lol...
  9. I need a good snes system... 2 controllers... and a copy of mario allstars and a copy of mario cart...carts can be boxed or carts only...
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