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  1. Well it seems like Tingiant changed their website (No more eggy sandwiches) I haven't been here in a while so maybe thats old news. And wat in tarnation... LOL 😂 Prime position indeed! The chips sure do seem to be falling in the right places... 🙃 People are silly!
  2. So I looked through both topics on the Amico at the top of the Intellivision forums and used search function incase this has already been discussed but I didn't see it. Do we know a timeframe when EWJ is coming? Obviously with the pandemic things are crazy, but was it being targeted as a launch title, or not something until 2021 (or later)? Were we still getting info on the GTO Red console in April? I saw you post back in January saying you'd know more in April (about the red and purple console) but that post was made in January well before this crazy-ness started. The black one is growing on me though, ill have to debate if I wanna try for a black one on March 31 or wait it out for a red one. Were all colors being planned for launch or is it possible they're coming later? (especially with the pandemic going on)
  3. A Power Stone style fighting game would be incredible! Wish Capcom would do something with that franchise.
  4. I'd go insane if there was a Zombies ate my Neighbor style game on the Amico or a spiritual successor or some sort (Or a direct seuqel, I can dream!)
  5. Haven't been here in a while, any word on a time frame when the other limited edition colors like that amazing looking red one may go up for sale? Will they only be sold through the website or will they be in stores or at other retailers?
  6. I remember the Shenmue III crowdfunding campaign. It broke Kickstarter's site Yikes! That precisely why I don't bother throwing money at crowdfunding campaigns anymore (Only crowdfunding I like and that i'm ok with is board games but that's a whole other topic and can of worms) They can literally say anything and everything they want in their Kickstarter video to get people to throw money their way and lie to their heart's extent, yet have no obligation or anything to follow through on their promises. and won't face any consequences in any way. Reminds me when that Julie Uhrman lady in the Ouya Kickstarter video lies and says Minecraft is going to be on it. Yet it never came and months after it released people were angry because they bought it just to play Minecraft. She just said that to sucker people to pledge money towards it. (Not sure why you would buy an Ouya to play Minecraft and I would assume anybody that was a Minecraft fan before the Ouya crowdfunding campaign launched already owned a device capable of playing it, but I digress...)
  7. Absolutely love what you're doing Tommy! I'm skeptical in in the most positive way (Maybe skeptical isn't the right word. It's like if you're searching for a used vehicle and come across the perfect one on Craigslist at the perfect price. You contact the seller and set up a time to see it and test drive it and you fully intend on purchasing it as long as it's as advertised and the seller didn't lie about or misrepresent it on the Craigslist ad in some way.) Another good comparison is games unveiled at E3 or are announced and then the game gets released and it's absolutely nothing like it was described or what the trailer had initially shown I'm looking at you No Man's Sky (Hopefully you understand what i'm trying to say haha) If the Amico ends up turning out exactly how you're describing it to be and you end up delivering on how you're promising it's going to be and doesn't turn out to be a huge bait and switch expectation vs reality situation like No Man's Sky was or turns out completely different from how you've been hyping it up to this point (And I have every reason to trust you at this point and very little to no reason to doubt you) then I am sold 100%!
  8. In a country that has over 325 million people, and around 4000 Walmarts (f*** Walmart, used to be an overnight manager there) and over 4000 GameStops and around 1800 Targets and slightly less then 1000 Best Buys, 10,000 isn't even enough for each location to get 1 console in stock. So no, 10,000 doesn't sound like a lot. (I know only Walmart and Gamestop have been announced so far and I'm aware nothing has been said about Target and Best Buy, just used those numbers to illustrate my point)
  9. Haven't been onto their website in a long time, but if you sit through the flashy presentation on the home page it shows different game cover art eventually like Toe Jam & Earl and 10 yard fight and a bunch of other games. Don't know if their site always showed these or if it was just updated very recently. Could these be some of the 20+ something games they were talking about? Or has the website always shown these and this is nothing new? Update: I just realized that thing on their website is their reveal trailer that they uploaded to Youtube back in 2018, so this is nothing new unfortunately. They sure got a nice, flashy website (I like it a lot! Very nicely done!) I hope that slick presentation that their website has, I hope that kind of quality carries over to their marketing/advertising when this thing gets closer to being released in 2020. High quality, effective marketing is critical to succeed in pretty much any business. It's going to be crucial trying to launch a video game console. https://www.intellivisionentertainment.com/
  10. Disappointing after bragging how they would be at E3 with 22 playable games that there is no info coming out other then 5 different color variations. I know it was behind closed doors, but c'mon! Don't go around talking about it if your not going to let any of the information or news get out to the people that you were bragging to. It's still early, we could still see information of some sort from this year's E3 come out. (I admit that i'm quite pessimist and a tough one to please, but the fact that the Ouya is the most "successful" non Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft console so far of this millennium and after the Coleco Chameleon and Atari Box/VCS fiascos, you can't really blame me. I'm cautiously optimistic because this one might be different, especially with Tommy behind it and no crowdfunding) Key word:might
  11. I was thinking something exactly like this, except instead of free candy it'd say something like "Atari VCS sneak peak inside" or something of that nature (Sorry, I can't photoshop or edit a picture even if my life depended on it!)
  12. My phone giving words of wisdom today!
  13. -Following this topic since the beginning-Doesnt create an account until May 3, 2019 -Suspiciously calls account "newatariideas" Oh, by the way. If you really are someone from Nutari SA and you're soliciting for ideas, and if someone suggested one you liked and you were to hypothetically run with it, that person with the idea could technically sue. Just sayin' Although i'd expect an over zealous, litigious company such as Nutari SA to already know that.
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