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  1. cartridge arrived fine and played some commando and donkey kong,tomorrow working and then 2 days off and then weekend,time enough to play with dragonfly,thx rj1307 for this wonderfull device.
  2. hmm,recapped my jagcd,works as new,also new laser in 2 year ago,but i don't use it,have now jagdrive,lots easyer and afordable for the people that doesn't have 1.
  3. Thx rj1307,is it possible to play 2600 with it? I have a harmony encore,but should be nice.
  4. Hi,i want to order dragonfly+ym2151 module+pokey max + shipping,color may be purple please
  5. can you buy somewhere those overlays?
  6. i have a jag cd in excellent condition,new laser-recapped,it reads cd fine,but if cd's also gona work i can put it away. I have that ode for 3do for my fz10 and fz1 and have a usbgdrom and mode for dreamcast. They are great.
  7. @SainT:congrats man with the jag gamedrive,i love it,works absolutly fine,played for 4 hours on my jag,must say,i'm impressed,no problems at all here. Hope cd games will be possible,that i can put my jag cd instorag.
  8. What cd games working for now?,my gamedrive just arrived. Ok,seems a new update is needed,but is it clear wich format is gona be used,i read about a tool to convert images,but is that released?
  9. Mine ordered from dragonbox,can't wait to play with it.
  10. Hi guys,those rubbers arrived and replaced,working fine. So now you known they are good. Thx for pointing me to them.
  11. Now that i ordered them,i can also recap it and service it further,it has a new laser,so it works perfekt,tryed yesterday with audio cd and games. Also recappped my ntsc jag and my wife found back my pal jag,so gona recap that and keep that as backup,its 50/60 modded. And then waiting if that gamedrive becomes available sometime.
  12. Ok,will do that,i don't know when they will arrive,probably december.
  13. Thx man to pointing me to them,apreciated.
  14. Can you point me to it if possible,i'm searching for it,but can't find it to be honest.
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