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  1. Im number 98,so just awaiting till it arrives,thx Saint
  2. Price is good Saint,for all the work and effort,metrials ect...,instant buy here.
  3. Hi, I have an ntsc atari jaguar with jag cd and v3 skunkboard,here is flashback working.
  4. Looks nice Saint,almost there.
  5. I just tested the pro controller,nice and great quality,play flashback with it,works perfekt.
  6. Great stuff Saint,hope we can have it with christmas,nice present for myself.
  7. I hope you can fix mine or make of both 1 working unit. I really appreciated all your hard work for the games you did. Fingers crossed,grts filip
  8. Hi Para, I have a ultrasatan here thats not working,maybe you can make 1 working from 2. You just have to pay shipping. I'm from belgium. I think something is wrong with power,i insert a cellphone psu,and nothing. Its a version 1.2
  9. Ok,just read always the first post,the info is there. Grts Fille
  10. Then you to lazy to read even the first post?????,cause its there,no preorder. I've been getting quite a few PM's and messages in the Lynx SD thread asking about a Jaguar SD cartridge (Everdrive style), which I've hinted at in a few other places. I thought I'd just make it known that the design for a Jaguar SD cartridge is largely complete and I've started some actual work on it. Although the Lynx SD cartridge production is taking all my spare time at the moment, so until I've got that under control then progress will be slow. What I have got sorted is a good start, however. I've got a windows tool chain setup for the Jag. I have replaced the boot ROM with my own code and have hooked the Jag up to my trusty old SC1224. Next up is interfacing the Jag's DSP port to the PC via a microcontroller using the high speed synchronous serial interface. This will then let me actually do simple dev work on the Jag to test cartridge hardware. This is going to be a while yet, it could well take another 6-12 months depending on how much time I need to devote to the Lynx SD, as this is just a hobby for me, so my time is limited. There are no pre-order lists or anything like that, and I will ask for posts relating to this to be removed as it's just way too early. However if anyone wants to ask any questions, or if I have any progress updates, this thread is a good place for them. Edited by SainT, Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:45 PM
  11. Hmm,nice,seems to be a big difference on the pictures. I hope it doesn't wipe out the logo's on the game consoles.
  12. I just ordered novus 1,2,3 kit,gona clean my consoles with it.
  13. Hi, I use for years the ultra satan,and its fantastic. I also purchased petari's hd driver.
  14. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saturnpsu-sega-saturn-replacement-power-supply#/ Hi guys, Here you can bake it.
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