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  1. Ordered! Thanks so much for helping homebrewers sell their games and can't wait to play it!
  2. Excellent! I would love to buy a copy once you are ready to take orders.
  3. It's a PT hovercraft! Those pesky rebel scum better run...
  4. Ordered one SP KotM board but failed to mention I'm in the USA. Thank you for producing this update!
  5. Awesome version of a great song; loved it! For some reason, I have Weird Al's lyrics in my head when I listen to it though.
  6. Awesome! I sent a PM over a week ago and would still love to purchase SP KOTM on a new PCB board once they are available. Thanks for upgrading yet another great game and can't wait to play the new screens!
  7. Purchased! Thanks for helping us get CIB versions of these new games.
  8. Finally got my games in the mail today!!! Thanks Rev. Going to be a great weekend with just me and INTV.
  9. Yup. I sent a payment on November 28th for Aardvark, FUBAR, and Melody Runner as well but have not received them either. Looks like there are many outstanding backorders still processing.
  10. I get the whole intentional rarity concept. I personally believe we should all stand against buying games that are made to be "intentionally rare" when the demand and sales from the community would obviously be higher and is not just a financial situation for the developer but that's just me. Absolutely ridiculous that a game that was just put up for sale is now routinely selling for over $500 and we don't even know if the gameplay is any good; especially after how buggy Quo Vadis is. Looks like anyone can produce junk as long as the packaging has Intellivision stamped somewhere on it and we will all fall over ourselves trying to get one, paying exorbitant prices in the process. I know this isn't the first time this has happened (Smurfs is a another good example) but I'm sick of it and won't buy another INTV game unless everyone is given a reasonable chance to buy it.
  11. Can someone who owns the game tell me: Is the game even any good to merit these prices, or are we just buying whatever is produced to have "complete" collections?
  12. Is that what happens when the Intellivision gets too cold? Learn something new every day...
  13. Ordered; PayPal from USA not an issue for me. Can't wait to play it!
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