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  1. When you look on the back of the box, this computer is made to do so many tasks but all I can remember when I went to my friends house who owned a Commodore 128, was playing games.
  2. If I were you I'd sell it to a member here. But that is just me. I stop holding on to things I don't use ...
  3. I am sure he will be happy ! Btw, I already had the trak-ball NIB 12 years ago, when it was easier to snatch one on eBay. Beautiful package design. High quality product. But this one, I had to let it go, since I kind of prefer Centipede and Super Breakout on the actual controllers. I never got into Missile Command but I know that it is the game for the trak-ball.
  4. Well, there is the value of one's heart give ...
  5. Hi friends, As much as I love the cool design, I realised that I prefer to play Centipede with the stock controllers. In perfect working order ... 85$ + actual shipping from Canada If you happen to have a a gold upgraded stock controller , or maybe a Wico, or a Competition pro, let me know Henry
  6. Hello Friends, I recently had Darryl1970's Mario Bros Arcade put on a cart by a fellow member, but unfortunately, the game randomly stops, freezes, shows bands in the middle of gameplay... This could be just a bad transfer. I was wondering if someone has already put any of the Mario Bros Arcade, Encore or Encore improved on a cart successfully ... Since playing the enhanced version, I cannot go back to the original, it's unbelievably well done ! Thanks for letting me know, Henry
  7. A still from on Frankie and Johnny movie. Frankie, played by Michelle Pfieffer, goes to buy a VCR.
  8. This 7800 version looks nicer than the arcade ! I wish I owned a 7800.
  9. I second what is said above, as an Atari 5200 owner, I own the majority of the titles offered boxed. I wouldn't say no to a couple of them, but would pay around what Shawn suggested.
  10. I just sold mine ! It took away the magic of pulling out the cardridge out of its box and inserting it into the machine ...
  11. We had our first Amiga 2000 when it just came out in the 80s. By in the late 90s, our Amiga 4000 running Mac OS (with the Emplant board) was stolen when thieves broke into our house. By that time, our Amiga was stuffed with my father's designs, my drawing and animations. A decade's worth of memories. We never did any backups. But for the thieves, it was bad timing since they didn't know what they were stealing... I am convinced they didn't get much for it. That was our defining moment 😔 (and an end of a decade of Amiga for us.) We then bought a PowerMac.
  12. Hi friends, I recently bought this wonderful AtariMax SD Multicart, I would like to trade it with a fully working and in good shape Atari 5200 trak-ball (+Centipede bonus 🙄) . This Atarimax cart originally contains Beef Drop and Venture (which I will miss) and is loaded with the usual 5200 stuff. The reason I am selling it, imo it is taking a bit of the magic of taking out a cartridge from the box and inserting in the 5200. Note : I asked Steve of Atarimax, to send me the unit without the label on the cartridge so I make a custom one, but I never did. It will be shipped with the original label and stuff.
  13. Yes ! Can the Speedlink USB Competition Pro joystick be used with them ? but I guess they are missing the Start/pause/reset buttons .. and how much are you selling them ?
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