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  1. SpotAnim bought the famous Atari 5200 flip lid from me. Quick payment... Thanks SpotAnim !
  2. Hello friends, Looking for one in working condition so I can amuse myself this coming cold winter days. Mint could be a plus... Henry
  3. Hi Atari Age fellows, Here it is: - Atari 5200 Flip lid early 4 port smokey reflective version, solid, has scratches but pretty good condition. 20$ + actual shipping fee from Montreal (Canada) - Atari 5200 bottom cover 4 ports smokey version, solid, has scratches but pretty good condition. 10$ + actual shipping fee from Montreal (Canada) - Atari 5200 bottom cover 4 ports smokey version, solid, has couple of teeth missing but won't affect the tightness when installed, I have tried it. has scratches but pretty good condition. 10$ + actual shipping fee from Montreal (Canada) - All for 30$ + actual shipping. I haven't been here for a while, but sold Atari 5200 stuff here and I have good credit. I am known for the cover of BeefDrop Check out at the picks, Henry
  4. I didn't know Kenneth personally. My artwork was accepted by Kenfused and Atari Age for Beef Drop. Very symbolic to me. Thanks again Ken, wherever you are! My condolences to everyone who knew Ken.
  5. Nothing fancy: Mario Bros, Galaxian (I would like to see the special graphics after the 10th level mentioned in the manual), Pop Position, Centipede, Ballblazer, then back to Mario.
  6. It might be that, it looks like Realsports Baseball is taking extra juice from the console somehow, maybe. There is screws underneath my Power Supply, I'll open and see what kind of fuse it is and change it. The fees for shipping a a genuine power supply from Ebay is astronomic to Canada. Thank you Atari Age Angels!
  7. I found out tonight that It is was the power supply that went bad. I tried to use my Universal AC/DC adapter without much hope. I usually use it with reverb pedals. I set it on 9 volts with the tip set on + and the input was 120V 60Hz 12W! My Atari was back on again. So I tried a couple of carts and yes, they work besides Realsports Baseball, when Insert that cart the console shuts off automatically. How can that be? It was working last week. A cart with more kilobytes? Speech, but Berzerk works. Can someone guess? I will buy another original adapter I guess, If I want to challenge a friend with Baseball these coming holidays. Anyway, thank you for taking time to read my post and answering!
  8. Hi Chas10e, you mean the Power Adapter plugged in? is it dangerous? Nice cue, I should find and ask someone who knows about testing power adapters. Thanks
  9. Hi dear friends, I just plugged everything like usual, sparks came out from the Switch Box like usual. I didn't turn on my 5200. I went to do things. When I returned to have fun, the console couldn't be turned on, I unplugged the cable and plugged it back in many times . No sparks anymore. My 5200 is dead I am not very good in electronics, but I would like to somehow isolate the problem so I can replace the part, (I hope it is the Switch box or Power adapter and not the console). I bought the Switch Box "New" from Best Electronics 8 months ago but my 4 port was never refurbished nor tweaked. I hope somebody have an idea... what should look for first... Thank you, H
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