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  1. Very sweet Glenn, Thanks much for the endorsement. Yes a few of the sheets were slightly off center which I think is just the way Fed Ex office used the back loader on their printer. You did get them perfect with a little help from Mr. Scissors. This video is great and I hope you don't mind, I going to share it on some Facebook groups. Your going to be the first one to get the newest set of rares when they are finished. I also thought of making the end labels replacements as well but have to complete some other projects first.
  2. I am almost finished with the last of the rarer game labels. It seems there are 20 games in the last set and not 16 as I had previously thought. I forgot the two games made by Nice Ideas and a couple other uncommon titles. I should have them all completed in less then week from now. Thanks to everyone for their support and patience in helping to dress up your original Mattel cartridges with the newly designed covers.
  3. Thanks everyone. FYI I am down to 12 sets left of this run. It will be a several weeks before I make more as I am still working on the last 8 designs of the rarer games.
  4. Thanks folks! 10 sets have been sold already. There are 20 sets left for those of you whom want them.
  5. After numerous trips to the printer to reformat and perfect them I finally have the game labels ready to go. Should you want a set (4 pages of 16 labels for 64) games its $20 each add $3 for the S&H. I don't have the last 16 of the rarer game designs finished yet but those can be purchased separately for $5 when done. Send me a message with how sets many you want and I will provide you my PayPal email address. Thanks for all the support and feedback on making these the best that I can.
  6. I am getting there it's working for a bit now. Had a Com error with my wireless set up. Better that I go to a good copier store tomorrow anyway. The high resolution & DPI quality would be improved with a full size professional unit and I wouldn't have to wait about a minute per copy to print. Best to mass produce these in quality & quantity then using my own resources. To keep up with demand I ordered another ream of the HQ die cut photo paper and it should be here in a few days. I will probably use one of the Fed Ex stores nearby me to make up a good batch of these labels. It's will be easy to add these templates to a UBS port drive and carry it to whomever can do the printing the best.
  7. Still having a few issues with my printer not being cooperative. I updated the software, cleaned heads, adjusted alignment, reset paper type, upgraded quality, & it still doesn't want to make these new labels for everyone. I may make a trip to Kinkos to see if they can print these out in bulk for me. Also going to refine a few of the earlier pictures as they don't look as good as before. After improving the image quality minor imperfections are more noticeable and not up to my high standards for professional use. Good things take time, better and best worth waiting a little while longer. And I was so ready to knock out these out today.
  8. Glue stick for sure, easy as pie. I made reproduction labels for the entire Parker Brothers line up as it's fairly common for those to come loose and lost over the years.
  9. Your right about the colors being wrong on SP Football. No idea why I didn't catch that. I will try my own copy to get some better pictures of the game play. Thankfully I noticed that the Flashback system has most of those rarest games that I need to complete the next set. I should be able to get some good pictures of titles like Spiker Volleyball and Stadium Mud Buggies which are a couple that I don't personally own.
  10. I have just completed the final proof of the 4th set of peel & stick Intellivision cover photos. These die cut 1.9 x 2.5 inch stickers are designed to fit perfectly onto the top of standard game cartridges. This project was not without some mishaps, adjustments, & revisions. For those of you that are wanting completed sets of game labels I will be sending PMs to each of you as soon as I have them printed out. Still to do the really rare labels which will be even tougher. Thanks for all the support to everyone in this great group of people.
  11. How about a new flashback Atari 2600/7800 console with R/Y/W composite mod in high definition that has an insert-able game slot and wireless controllers? That way you could easily play your vintage games on the newest and biggest flat screen TVs with no problems.
  12. What is it that you would most like to have but you hadn't seen any for sale yet? One item I think should be made is big specific storage and display cases for each system. Many of us have large collections but need a better way to show off our favorite games. I would love to have large slotted cases designed for certain size cartridges. Nice wooden or plastic racks holding about 100 games would be just great. Another product I would buy in a heartbeat is something designed to clean the contacts on your old school gaming cartridges. They already make those to insert into your Nintendo with cleaning solutions for the consoles & game cartridges. Why the heck hasn't anyone designed one for the Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision etc? What about a cleaning tool, pad, or device that would work on all the smaller hand held gaming units as well? Let's hear your thoughts & ideas on something which you think is needed within the gaming community but you just can't find it in stores or online anywhere.
  13. What's that you say? You fading out. Let me get my hearing aid and glasses out. Dem der labels thingies isa worken mush bedder nowz. I took a hammer and pliers and used them on the PC and printer. I also threatened to replace them with a mac and typewriter. They straightened right up and are behaving properly. Sometimes a little simple persuasion will work wonders. Maybe the swearing in binary was a bit too harsh.
  14. Update on the next page number 4 for 16 of the hard to find game labels. Many of these titles I had to design from nearly scratch using high resolution images. What I couldn't understand was why my printer was taking such a long time to print out a test page. Waiting 3-5 minutes is just a ridiculous long time to spit out a single page on your newest design project. So in this case more is not always better. If you take a large document picture that is 1024 x 768 dx and then shrink it down to a small 1.9 x 2.5 inch space, then multiply that by 16 your going to have problems. Making a high quality JPG or GIF fit into a tiny template isn't going to make it look any better to the human eye. A silly Compaq computer and Epson printer will take an overly long time to go over every minute detail which none of us will even notice. Lesson learned and I will downgrade the "quality" on some of these pictures in order to fill the demand the INTV crowd here.
  15. I will be posting a pick and choose auction in my eBay store next week for the PB labels which I have already made up. It will be starting at $9.99 for any 4 of the more common titles. You can also look up my current listings of which are the newly designed Intellivision cartridge covers. Simply use the advanced search on eBay by seller Age-of-Atarius.
  16. Hey Folks, I am almost done with the HTF games which will make 64 labels ready to go. Since demand is greater then what I can produce going to set a limit of one set per person to begin with. I should have about 7 sets ready to sell in less then a week. Price will be $20 plus $3 for S&H for 4 pages of 16 for a total of 64 Intellivision labels. They will be mailed USPS with tracking to the first people whom wants them. The last rarest games title might take a little longer to make as I don't own any of them. I will open a separate thread should I need help with the high definition pictures for screen shots on those which I can't find online. I have divided each die cut page into the following groups: Sports Titles, Learning & Mind, Action Adventure, Hard to Find & Voice, and lastly the Rarest. (incomplete) Not to worry, I will make more labels for everyone that wants them ASAP.
  17. LMAO, thanks guys. You can really stick them anywhere you want. Make up a INTV collage, stick them on a binder, a game holder, or whatever. I don't recommend them on your body as a tattoos, but to each his own preference. Looks like I will have to order some more photo paper to keep up with demand!
  18. The adhesive on the photo paper is really quite good. I have copied all the original Parker Brothers game labels for Atari 2600 for replacements as those fall off so often. Those game labels curve around the game shell and they have also held on quite well. These peel and stick die cuts have slightly rounded corners and really fit on just great. Your games will then slide in the intellivision perfectly since there is enough room on the top, these covers make little difference at all. These are well made and will likely stand the test of time. I wouldn't be surprised if they last longer the normal basic end caps on the games themselves. $20 a set sounds good then, I should have the full line up completed in a few more weeks.
  19. Thanks Eric, Yes, you did buy up the first lot of these that I made a couple months ago. I was surprised by the quick interest as they sold within an hour of posting them in my eBay store. What do you think would be a fair price for me to charge the group for these labels? I am thinking that $20 a full set 80 games of would be fairly cheap. That's just a quarter per label for each one. I still have about 15 games left to design of the rarest titles which I don't actually own. Stadium Mud Buggies, Spiker Pro Wrestling, Learning Fun, etc.
  20. They go directly on the top of the games. Games will still fit into your console just fine. The picture #9 on the bottom right shows them attached on the cartridges. Feel free to click on the pictures for close ups and see how well they look.
  21. I designed some new cover labels that fit directly onto Intellivision cartridges. These measure 1.9 x 2.5 inches and fit perfectly on the top of the games. They are high definition pictures on glossy die cut photo paper. So far I have made over 50 simulated screen shots and am now working on the hard to find & rarer games in the INTV line up. Those later titles will take a bit longer to make as I don't own a few of them. LMK if anyone is interested in putting them onto their own games. It really makes the cartridges pop with the new labels instead of the basic end caps they have now.
  22. Did you ever notice how the Intellivision & INTV games had such small bland and basic labels on them? I always thought they could look better, so I designed my own and put them on the cartridges. These simulated screen shoots labels are now attached to my video games. They were made in high definition and printed on die cut glossy photo paper. The games really pop out now. Please tell me what you think of them
  23. Many thanks to the folks who like my rough cut Parker Brothers labels. The improved ones are hiding in a crashed PC hard drive. Just hadn't gotten around to recovering the data. But I have gotten a bunch of orders for the old ones posted here from many nice folks. I have moved on to developing M-Network games cover labels, and currently working on about 60+ Intellivision skin labels. I will post in the the appropriate section of the forum when those are totally finished and ready for sale online.
  24. Man I wish I could go ot this one too. Albert has got some great guest speakers lined up. Going to stick with the Texas & nearby shows. I will probably set up mine own vendor table next year. Great way to sell a whole bunch of extras and pick up some rares missing in my collections. I used to help setup and sell at the local Hot Wheels shows. Not a big deal anymore as the Treasure Hunts are cheaper and that market is way down. Retro Gaming really seems to be blowing up crazy. Many older games are sky rocketing in value especially since Lame Stop quits buying/selling'trading the older systems.
  25. Nearly done with the remakes and completed copies ready for eBay listings. I have reworked some of them many times. A few could use minor touch ups but happy with the results now. I made a ton of samples as I was rechecking the sizing issues and comparing them to originals. The black outer cut line is much thinner and almost eliminated. The colors and image quality are much improved. I hate to throw away the test items so would like to sell them super cheap so long as people order at least 5 that they need. Lets say just 50 cents each and the price of the stamp if you want to buy them. Currently have a bunch of Star Wars including two prototypes and just about every other Parkers Brother copies ready made but for Mr. Dos Castle and Q*bert Qubes. Does anyone want or need some? They are even precut to size and ready to attach to your games. I can PayPal an invoice if you need it or could just send them to you for a few bucks. LMK thanks David
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