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  1. Your right they were cut with sizzors. Nobody makes a laser cut design that would fit those dimensions. They are simple replacements not meant to be expensive or of a high caliber resolution. I made these up to stick on, so you could identify your blank cartridges. They aren't made to museum quality standards. Thank you for pointing out what you didn't like without resorting to just bashing them up.
  2. Yeah these are really bad too when you use a magnifying glass. So sorry that I have such bad eyesight and am color blind as well. If anyone else wants to try and redo these please be my guest. I thought there was a need for all those which have fallen off.
  3. I have redone every one of the PB labels but only showed a few. Obviously the pictures are lousy as they look much better in print. I have also made LotR and SW Ewoks Adventure too. But I am waiting on decision on a special project that I am working on. Those prototype labels probably won't be available for the general public. I am sorry the ones shown aren't up to some people very high standards. It's pretty strange that I have a ton of likes with another Atari group. Perhaps you folks would prefer sticking a dymo label or using crayon to write on your blank cartridges? I challenge anyone else to attempt to remake these better. Take a look at the copies that others are selling on eBay and you see that mine are better and more detailed. I never said they were perfect. If you can't say anything decent or helpful, its better to say nothing at all. Otherwise the donkeys baying by open their mouth prove they are not the lion which the monkey said they were. So ends the proverb.
  4. Yup that one wasn't sold thankfully. Here is a better close up of my copies so you can see the differences.
  5. Yes most of the better ones I made do say Retro Reproduction Artwork by DCS @ Age-of-Atarius © 2015 on the ends. If the original copyright is too blury to be read I made other changes to the label. All of the the slanted TM copyright symbols have been changed to RR on every one. I wanted it to be clear that these are remanufactured so people won't take a poor label and slap on a perfect remake to increase its price. That is another reson why I chose not to make copies of Mr. Do's Castle and Q*Berts Qubes. I want the rare original games to maintain their value in the market place. IMO a rare game should show its age and have some patina. Notice on the copied Frogger three deep that you linked there is no TM right after the II where it should be? If you look closely at my copy there are two RRs where the original Trademark would be. I want to keep it clear and continue to maintain my honesty and 100% perfect feedback record on eBay. There are way too many jokers out there selling crap and overpricing reproductions. Thanks for pointing that one out to us.
  6. OK folks they are finished, finally going to start selling these Parker Brothers Atari 2600 Reproduction labels. I took all the best images I could find of the game titles and completely reworked and touched them up. This was not an easy task as I sometime had to mix multiple pictures to get the full image including the copyrights. Then most scratches and blemishes that I found were gone over and fixed. These are printed on a high quality photo paper that has a strong peel and stick backing. They are made slightly larger then the original dimensions and should be a perfect fit for those games that no longer have the decent titles attached or are missing entirely. I have incorporated my trademark on all and written Retro Reproduction onto the bottom of some matching the original copyrights. Since these are early copies, I thought I would give the group here a discount price before I sell them on eBay. If you would like to order some you need buy a minimum of 4 labels. It will be just $2 for each single title copy and $2 for the S&H. Just send me a PM of your PayPal eMail account and list of what you want. I will then send you an invoice of your order so it can be tracked and insured by PayPal. I only have about 5-8 of each PB title already made. I won't be making them for Mr. Do's Castle or Q*bert's Qubes as I want those to maintain their original values. It's going to take a bit to get additional peal and stick Photo Paper, and I had to order a bulk shipment of ink for my new Epson printer. Some of these are not perfect as the copyrights are a bit blurred, yet others are really excellent and you can barely tell them from the originals. As the angular size of these are strange, they are DIY and you will have to cut them out and attach the labels yourself. This way you get the pleasure of "Restoring" your own games. Most of these I have already cut out individually, so you will likely get them ready to stick onto your own games.
  7. Hey Albert, Please put both myself David & wife Brenda down for badges for this years CGF. David Seaman Age-of-Atarius Dallas, TX Brenda Seaman Age-of-Atarius Dallas, TX We look forward to meeting with you this Friday and helping set up the AA display & gaming center. See you soon, David.
  8. I really liked Rabbit Transit. Very cute with the multiplying rabbits. Little did I know that you could skip the silly "Bear went over the mountain" every time you passed a level. Simply push the red button. No not the RED button! I have no idea how many bunnie wabbits I eventually got up too, but it like five lines of 20 or more.
  9. Original DK the quarter eatter was the bomb learning tricks like bouncing off wall on top level. 2nd level tough with timing jumps to elevators. Loved the flames chasing on three and getting hammers when they climb ladders. 4th pie factory was the best as most average players couldn't get there especially on the second round very tough. But I prefered DK Jr the best. Climbing vines and dropping fruits on snap jaws. The super jump begining of level two a pain timing it sometimes. Dodging birds and eggs up top not so bad learning patterns of flight. I actually enjoyed the key level as it was a bit of a challenge had to move quick up top usually all snap jaws got around last key. 4th level with water & jumping sparks a little difficult especilly when 2nd or third round very fast. I forget what my top score on either game was but could eventually make a quarter last about 45 minutes to an hour of playtime.
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