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  1. Thanks Ikrananka! Will look into the power switch as you recommended. And Archie in Tutankham is on ice skates....got it. Thanks for confirming - wanted to be sure it wasnt a controller issue.
  2. Wow, thanks for the kind replies. I cleaned out the cartridge slot and gave the power switch a good workout (after yanking the cord out) and it seemed a little better. Star Treks graphics improved a bit, but still some flicker that makes the game unplayable. Oils Well is about 90% ok and Jumpman Jr. looks perfect. Can anyone confirm that Tutankham is supposed to move like Pepper 2? Meaning, its like you are sliding from point A to point B by just tapping the stick in that direction? Im going to try and fix one of the Action Controllers this weekend. Any recommendations on alternative controllers definitely appreciated. I may end up just buying a modded Colecovision and selling the one I have. Grabbed it from a local retro dealer in original box just on a whim and Im really enjoying some of the games. The thing is, these type of games are very frustrating without a soild controller, as they are based on skill and reflexes. With my Atari 5200, I ended up with a competition pro 2 controller after a lengthy search and many repairs on the stock ones. Id rather avoid that and just get the best option. Thanks again everyone, I always appreciate when folks share their knowledge.
  3. I picked up a Colecovision about 2 months ago and Im enjoying the games a lot! Oils Well, Pepper 2, Jumpman, Tutankham...some really excellent games. However, the system I have is giving me some problems. Sporadically, the graphics on any given cartridge get wonky onscreen - sometimes showing your character off to the side of the screen or enemies ghosting in places they are not. Does anyone have experience with this? Ive tried cleaning the cartridges and it seems to help but isnt a solution. Does the system need to be opened up and cleaned? Also, the stock controllers arent for me. I grabbed a set of Super Action Controllers but they need some work. My best one has a hard time going up, and I have to really pin it to move. Can these be fixed or would I be better off finding another brand? Ive had a 5200 for quite some time now, so Im accustomed to fixing those controllers, maybe these arent tough to refurbish either? Id love to get a Colecovision with the video mod... Thanks everyone, Id appreciate any assistance or advice you might have!
  4. Crossbow, that PDF is great. I wish I had that last year when I had 5 controllers torn apart on my work bench! I learned a bit here, some on Youtube, but finally managed to figure out how to repair them. Putting the controller back together is the hardest part. Finally learned it's easier to hold it upside down so the joystick and numberpad line up correctly without slipping! I did get one controller from Best just to have one controller working properly. After that, I took the best parts I had on my bench and repaired another one. Surprisingly, I prefer the one I fixed better than my Best one. It's smoother and the rubber boot centers a little better. I thought once I got my Competition Pro stick the CX-52s would be obsolete. I was wrong. The Comp Pro is great for certain games, but the CXs are preferable for other games.
  5. It's a great game, you'll love it.
  6. That is a good deal. I'd take a box as well!
  7. I'm digging Qix quite a bit lately. What is considered a good score? Do you have strategies you use? If so, care to share them? I make columns and when the Qix wanders in one, I close it up without completely boxing it in. Then I fill up as much red (orange?) as possible and lock in the Qix.
  8. Qix! Such a great game and solid on the 5200. A rare game I prefer the stock controller!
  9. Yeah, Congo Bongo is one of the worst 5200 games. No doubt.
  10. A trick to make the Competition Pro a little easier to use is to tweak the wiring inside so that the two buttons are on the left instead of the top. Then I rewired the buttons so button 1 is at the top and 2 is on the bottom. I had a Wico but they are so floppy and unsturdy. I prefer the Pro. Trak Ball is the best though for the games it works with (except Defender - thrusting is too much of a chore).
  11. Amazon/eBay/craigslist are good starting points. I got one that kinda worked at a flea market and then found a broken one on craigslist that I used for parts. With a few simple repairs, I was good to go! Good luck! They are very cool to own. It's a pity more games aren't trakball friendly on the 5200.
  12. I guess I just think Ms. Pac is a little better. The animation on the ghosts and the variations of mazes are cool (and slightly less likely to burn the maze into the screen).
  13. Personally, I can't see a need for Pacman when Ms Pacman is superior in every way - but thats just an opinion.
  14. Everyone is right. The common ones are cheap, so go with whatever games appeal to you. With the 5200, it is more about deciding how much you are willing to shell out for the rarer games. I think Gremlins and Dreadnaught Factor cost me the most. The trak-ball games are exceptional with the ball if you decide to get one.
  15. You could make one pretty easy. I got an extra one. Got anything for trade?
  16. I had a Wico but it wasn't in good shape. I ended up going with the Competition Pro and that seems better for me. I did find a guy with a Masterplay for sale near my area, but it is missing the extra button (it's one of the original models). Will that still work and provide two button response with a Genesis controller? I don't want to waste the money if I can't jump in Moon Patrol or use a smart bomb in Defender! Any assistance on this would be great!
  17. I'm thinking of doing the same thing Lawdawg710. Let me know how it works out for you.
  18. Montezuma's Revenge is a nightmare with the 5200 sticks - unless one enjoys frustration and short games!
  19. It's OK for some games, but once you try an alternate controller, it really sheds light on what a pain they are to use. I challenge this: play any game with the 5200 controller and an alternate. I'll bet the scores are higher and you'll be much less frustrated with option 2! The thing is with most 5200 games is that they are reaction-based as opposed to puzzle solving. The conduit for the reflexes to the system is the controller. Add in the fact that you need to constantly repair them and the decision seems obvious to me.
  20. Seems to work fine, but as mentioned, not ideal. Button one (left) shoots on Defender and button two (right) does the smart bombs, but it is uncomfortable to make the reach for the right button. I see what you mean about the design for ambidextrous players. Like the trak ball in a way... I've thought about rewiring it so both buttons were on the left but might just hold out for a masterplay setup or the perfect "custom" controller.
  21. Welcome aboard! The 5200 is a lot of fun to collect for and has plenty of classic games. Space Dungeon is a must in my opinion. Defender is very good as well and the sounds are very accurate to the arcade original! Qix is also a fun gem to play.
  22. Lynx, I'd love to join but I'm not on Facebook. Dan Kramer did a great job on this though - definitely a plus to owning a 5200! How does Pengo work with it? I gotta check out Xari Arena as well. I have Tempest but I was a little disappointed with it. Maybe I'll give it another shot...
  23. Wow man, that's a good find! If you're not a gamer yourself, definitely post the sale in the marketplace on this board so it could be picked up by someone that can really appreciate it! If I didn't already have two of them, I'd consider making an offer! I wonder if it still smells like new plastic! Very cool!
  24. I'm definitely interested in the Masterplay with the Sega controller idea. Those aren't far off from the design of the Xbox One controllers which I think are the best home game controllers ever made (at least for me)!
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