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  1. Looking forward to checking this out - Thanks!
  2. Looks great! Thank you!
  3. Real fun - Nice job! Thanks!
  4. Dodge 'Em is truly the only 2600 game that I mastered (that has a score). I borrowed the cartridge from a friend and played it enough where I was able to clear all screens without losing any lives and getting all points. After I accomplished this, I rarely played it again, and can barely clear one screen these days when I do! This was before Pac-Man 2600 was out, and I approached it like Pac-Man in the arcade, by coming up with a pattern, as I'm sure most or all the others who've accomplished this did. I was never able to come up with a single patter for Pac-Man 2600 though...
  5. A work around is what I do. Essentially I organize everything on my PC, then copy & paste the whole kit and caboodle onto the SD card at once. The system saves everything, folders and all in alphabetical order. Of course, there are limitations. This only works until you go to load another file or folder onto the SD card. the system will stick all new files/folders at the bottom of the directory. So to keep the alphabetical integrity, you need to delete everything on the SD card and copy & paste. A rather time-consuming activity when doing often and not very efficient. But honestly, I have so many roms on the SD card that I probably go through this exercise about once a year. So it's not so bad.
  6. Sweet - Thanks for your hard work!!
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