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  1. You're very welcome, and yep, I'll certainly check its progress.
  2. Thanks for that, and I've put up some gameplay here
  3. Just had a quick go. How do I complete the VCS minigame, please? I get that I'm having to go inbetween the two posts and go through when my path isn't blocked, but it doesn't seem to end. I figured it would end after a few passes through. Thanks.
  4. I put up some gameplay here. An interesting game
  5. I'm a bit delayed in posting this, but I recently uploaded a brief Let's Play of the demo of Berzerk Friendly Fire, including a walk around the arena, and getting stuck in the wall. Cheers, Mr SQL and enjoy!
  6. Posted up some gameplay earlier. Just realised I forgot to post it here. What a bloody awesome game this is! Of course, my nerves were completely shot by the end of it.
  7. That is awesome! I can't program, nor draw to save my life, but the Tyre Trax was certainly my favourite of the above lot because it reminded me of the Activision games from the 80s. I wanted all of those because the artwork was amazing. Alas, £30 was horrendously high back then when I was on little pocket money.
  8. I just made a video here about some new releases including Scramble on the Atari 5200
  9. I just made a video here about these new releases
  10. I just made a video here about some new releases including Baby Pac-Man on the Atari 7800
  11. This is awesome! I've posted a full playthrough here
  12. Excellent, thankyou! I've just put up a gameplay video here
  13. I'm just playing it on Stella. Is there a way to access it through that? Thanks.
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