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  1. I'm just playing it on Stella. Is there a way to access it through that? Thanks.
  2. Awesome fun! Here's some gameplay on Standard difficulty
  3. Completed Galaga 2600 on Advanced, and with a perfect Challenge Stage on stage 7! And I got the colours right  
  4. I'm playing the PAL version. Didn't realise the colours were wrong. I just set it running in Stella and played the game. I'll have another crack at it and check the PAL/NTSC setting then.
  5. Sweet! Just posted some gameplay up here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZSFMOFXDyQ
  6. Cheers I bought the Halo 2600 cartridge from AA a while back, too
  7. That console's not the only thing that's now got wood (sorry, couldn't resist)
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