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  1. With the exception of Morton Koopa, most of the one screen levels in my SMW 2600 remake are almost done. Very basic, and the bosses don't have collision detection. But hey, got a basic Mario working. Also got Yoshi's House, and  Top Secret Area complete. And Currently animating Bowser. I'll finish Iggy Koopa next. But if anyone is interested, it could be re-created(for the most part)on the 2600.BUT because I want to stay on Nintendo's good side as I want to actually publish to their system one day, I'm going to halt progress all together. I can send my play-field art over if anyone else wants to take a shot at it though.

    1. superskyphoenix03


      I'd rather just send my playfield art if someone wants to continue, because my engine is very basic, and doesn't quite fit well. It has the concept I'm going for, but doesn't execute it too well outside of Yoshi's House, Top Secret Area, and Bowser's Fight.

    2. atari2600land


      I think you can work on stuff just as long as you don't sell it, like what I had been doing with my Super Mario 64 on 2600 game.

    3. superskyphoenix03


      While I do agree, Nintendo is very strict on their IPs. They shut down a different SM64 remake and DMCA Royale(previously Mario Royale). And since I don't want to deal with Nintendo's lawyers(who are always very vague I hear too).

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