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  1. It was a dream job Paul. When I saw the job advert for it in our local newspaper I ran all the way home to call the number for an interview. We had a good bunch of guys, a few of whom I went on to work at Escom with. But that's another story!
  2. I worked for Silica when they opened a store in Debenhams Glasgow. Excellent company to work for and getting to see all that lovely hardware and software up close... well I might well have paid them to work there! Great memories
  3. For £300 I'm looking forward to my Amico with it's two controllers and six included games plus another five or so titles that I get to choose myself from the store. That's a big factor in my purchase.
  4. I've mentioned the Amico to a few friends with pre-teen children and they all seem interested. Especially when you tell them it comes with two controllers and a bundle of games. Start talking about no in-app purchases, etc and they really perk up. Also brought it up on a video chat with some fellow retro gamers and they also sounded keen. I think once the more hardcore gamers get to see Amico in action quite a few will want it as a second console, espcially if they have children or a non-gaming spouse. Tommy, have you heard of a football (soccer) game called Sensible Soccer? It's a classic game and I think the combination of controller with screen and co-op action would make it something really special on the Amico. And thanks again for all the time you spend here. Never seen a CEO answer questions and be so open about a new product. Indeed, your level of activity on AtariAge is one of the reasons I pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago
  5. Interesting to hear the quote in the VB article about 100'000 Amico being reserved by retailers. With everything going on in the world it looks like a VIP pre-order really is the best way to secure yourself a system this year. October can't come soon enough!
  6. So many fun looking games on the trailer, and quite a few that I'm really looking forward to now. The Evel Knievel one in particular pulled at my childhood heart strings! I can easily pick a dozen games at the minimum that I will want straight away. I haven't felt that way about a new console release since going back to the original Playstation. Just one question Tommy, it's about the next round of pre-orders. Are you going to be staying with the $100 deposit? I remember you mentioning in passing a while back that it could possibly be less than the original Founders Edition. With the current Covid-19 situation a lower deposit might encourage more people to pre-order during these times when finances are already starting to get stretched for many families.
  7. I totally agree with other members posts, Tommy has been great on this forum. Personally I've asked two questions and had two answers within 24 hours or so! How many CEO's would even bother looking at a forum in the first place? Already I have made a space on my entertainment cabint for an Amico. That is partly due to the man in charge being so open about developments
  8. Tommy Are there any 'classic' arcade racing type games in the vein of Pole Position, Outrun, or the Lotus Trilogy planned for the Amico? I think the disc controller could work excellent with that kind of game. This is the first console since the XBox 360 I have wanted to buy so really looking forward to October. It's like being a kid again! And if anything like Galaga makes an apperance....
  9. Will European fans be able to reserve a founders edition console next week as well, or is just for US buyers?
  10. Just tried the app on Google and really liked the Moon Patrol demo. If this is an indication of the quality we can expect on the Amico then I'm all in Love the little retro touches with the sound effects!
  11. Thank you. Personally never been much of a fan of Jet Set Willy, but really appreciate all your hard work to bring the definitive version to our Atari's. Of course, now I will spend the next couple of hours swearing at my 800XL as I try to get past the first couple of screens!
  12. Is this years line up going to be made available in the UK as well?
  13. So looking forward to this, really hope it reaches the Kickstarter target. Although seeing all the game screenshots and covers is brilliant I think it's the hardware features and stuff like adverts that I'm actually looking forward to most. One thing for sure, a visual encyclopedia style book like this is long overdue for the A8 and it will have pride of place in my collection So come on fellow Atarians, if you haven't already pledged your backing to Darren and are in a position to do so, please get off the fence and help fund the book
  14. Some nice looking new units here - can see myself purchasing at least three of them if they reach the UK (Flashback 9, Legends, Namco Blast).
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