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  1. Just had a quick go using Altirra. What a superbly crafted game! Really well designed and easy to get into. The flip screen idea is really well done and the game has that "one more go" feel to it. Graphics and music are ace too. Can't wait to play it on my 800XL Well done guys, brilliant work.
  2. Selling my 6128 with Gotek drive fitted instead of the normal 3" floppy drive. Comes with powered scart cable to use with a normal tv. In nice condition and all working as it should. For collection from Glasgow, Scotland. But I will be down in Scarborough next weekend (10-11th July) if anyone wants to collect it from there as well. £220
  3. Thanks guys, this give me a couple of methods to be working from. I like the look of the NetUSBee in particular. More research now needed
  4. Hi Folks Is there any hardware that allows you to connect an ST to a modern USB only printer? I just bought a Brother HL laser and would like to revisit some of my old ST apps like Timeworks and First Word and do a bit of printing from them. Another idea might be something like FujiNet for A8. That lets you print output to a PDF file that can then be printed from your pc server. Thanks Al
  5. This is getting more real all the time The artwork for the game covers looks amazing. Missile Command is giving me strong classic Atari vibes, love it. The physical releases look like a good start as well. Although I intend to buy mostly digital releases, I think now I will certainly pick up a few physical releases. Plus, they will make ideal gifts. I was also really suprised by the quality of the screen on the controller after seeing it on All Access. I think it will really add something new and unique to the games. Roll on release date, whenever that may be!
  6. Maybe Tommy will drop a screenshot of in here to wet our appetites? Pleaaaase
  7. What an amazing version again. The colours, explosions etc. Just brilliant. Thank you so much Bob for all your hard work. As soon as I started to play it, I was imagining what a brilliant version of Galaga could be done for the 7800. Please make it happen!
  8. The Intellivsion cart looks interesting. That and The Sensible Software one are the two standouts for me. Looking forward to arcade releases as well. The VS seems like a very logical move. When was the last time you could get a brand new console for under £100 that had software being released for it? All the potential easter eggs mentioned above make it even more appealing and show that Blaze are putting some effort into making a fun product. Not that I have anything against the PS5 or Xbox X consoles, but for me this year will be all about Amico and Evercade
  9. They look very nice. Have you thought about going through resellers like Retro Lemon in the UK? Might help you reach a wider market.
  10. Wow. I had no idea Harrier Attack ever existed on the A8, what an amazing find!
  11. Reminds me a lot of The Chaos Engine on the Amiga and ST. Similar perspective and action.
  12. You can use a USB power supply with a mod to fit the 800XL power connector. There's a few available on the internet and they work fine. Cost is around £15. You don't get an on/off switch, so would need to use the one on the back of the computer still.
  13. Thanks for the heads up Tommy, just pre-ordered (again lol). Roll on October. Only thing is I need to stop adding titles to the list of games I'm wanting to buy
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