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  1. You know I didn't CHASE on the list. Which was the preversion of TRON Light Cycles, if you strech you imagination!
  2. I'm interested! I sent you a PM. PM me back with a price.
  3. I am very, very interested in buying your Haunted House II. Your the only one who has offered up a HH2 for sale recently. http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...6439&highlight= The only way you could make me happier is if you have Combat II also, that you would be willing to part with both!
  4. Here is the latest program. In order to get the joystick commands to work, I wrote this simple program to tell you on the screen what was done to the joystick. As you will see, everything works fine except the up, down, right, left. This may take some time to work out properly. stick.zip
  5. I just finished writing (on paper) the majority of the remaining subroutines. They handle collision detection of all the aircraft with walls, other aircraft, and the ground. I think I discovered a way to process arrays with memory offsets, which is probably the assembly way of doing things. I don't know if its efficent, but when I finally encode it, we will see if it works the way I hope it will work. The next subroutine handles moving the all the aircraft to the next position. The final one, which I probably won't get to until Sunday, will be processing the joystick and keypad input. Then their should be a decent working game. All that will be left is making it difficult with multiple aircraft, adding colors, adding various types of aircraft, and adding sound. I will try and code the subroutines over the next couple days...
  6. Let's see and this will not be impressive at all... ATARI 2600 : 76 ATARI 5200 : 32 (with no hope of getting all since Haunter House was removed from the AA store!) ATARI 800/400: 3
  7. Real life to take precedence over ATARI? Are you kidding? You didn't stand for that when you were 10, and I don't believe a single one of you stand for that today!!! Let's get serious about this programming thing! Just kidding, I know you guys work hard, and dedicate what time you have to ATARI when all the other factors in your life will let you...we really do appericate it, and are wait for the release... I mean we've waited this long, whats a few more days...
  8. Newsflash... Newsflash... This just released! Investigative teams have discovered the legendary E.T. Cartridge landfill was actually a Pengo cartridge accompanied with a copy Indy instructions buried under the floorboards of some house.
  9. Do you still need this done? What kind of chips does the NES take? I have a universal EPROM burner, so it should work. You can just send me he chip and program, and return postage and I will burn it for you.
  10. You can get it from Dan B's 6502 Tech Page. Look under Development Software. http://www.atarihq.com/danb/6502.shtml There is some nice 5200 and 2600 action from Dan B's also.[/url]
  11. I know I haven't been working on this for a month, its still on my agenda! Work just got over swamped for a moment, and then I had visitors to the house, but I will be starting back to work on this maybe this weekend, since there will be nothing else to do... I think this is as close as you will ever get. If you need me to expand on some concepts, let me know and I will do my best.
  12. I don't think you understand my desperation to play this game!!! If there is anyone who would even consider letting me borrow the cartidge or even maybe the author allowing me to buy the game off him/her, please!!! I love Haunted House 2600 and am total hooked on trying to get the 5200 version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Does anyone have a copy of Haunted House 2 they are willing to get rid of? I guess the author has since pulled it from the AA shelf...
  14. Can you repost #2 I cannot find it in the forums... THANX!
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