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  1. Hi, sorry about the delayed reaction - it's a plain 1040 STFM, with German TOS 1.02 installed.
  2. It is not that I don't press space / fire button, the issue is that the game does not detect the disk change, just keeps asking for the 2nd disk.
  3. I have a Gotek running Flash Floppy in my 1040STF and it works fine except for multi disk games - I just don't know how to swap disks. I select the next / proper disk using the buttons on the Gotek, but the ST does not seem to detect the change. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, I have a 1702 and it works fine with my 800XL. I can use both composite and S-video with it. Regards Peter
  5. Hello, I have just received an 800XL with a tape deck from a friend of mine and would like to play some old games on it. Is there a site out there with .CAS files available? I found the CAS2WAV software but have not had any luck with finding games in this format. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks Peter
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