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  1. Well, Gunlord X finally went on sale for the first time, it's like Turrican: https://www.dekudeals.com/items/gunlord-x It's a Switch/PS4 exclusive (original version was on Dreamcast and NeoGeo...). There seems to be a physical Switch version but it's sold out, won't be easy to find unless you pay big bux.
  2. I was mistaken: the visuals resemble Bad Dudes, but it's actually 98% Shinobi in HD. The original Shinobi is kind of a special game for me, so I cracked and paid full price. I've been slugging it out with this game all weekend and I'm a fully satisfied customer. The gameplay follows the gameplay of the original arcade Shinobi very closely, mostly ignoring the changes made in the sequels, with a few gameplay additions (e.g. you have a supply of land mines) and an expanded enemy roster. It retains an arcade structure, with five levels, divided into two substages plus a boss fight, and a limited supply of lives and continues. The whole thing can't be more than maybe 50 minutes long if you don't die, but not to worry: you will die. "Normal" difficulty, which gives you three hits per life and a few continues, still feels about as hard as the original. "Hard" has one-hit-kills and no continues... we'll have to file that under long-term goals (didn't try "Easy" but even that's probably no joke and what most people would want to start with). I finished Normal, but only thanks to the stage select that unlocks as you complete levels... playing from beginning to end is still way beyond me right now. Overall, it's probably more like the original than what we'd get if Sega actually remade Shinobi, and very well-done, with good level and enemy designs. The roughest bit is the dialog, of which there is some, which doesn't seem to be written by a native English speaker. Although, needless to say, that doesn't make the game any less entertaining, so I'm not really complaining. There's a distinct influence from superhero comics in the visual designs: one boss is clearly just Lex Luthor piloting an Iron Man suit. I was a little surprised (and happy) that instead of being a knowing pastiche of 80s arcade games or a parody like Double Dragon Neon, it plays everything pretty straight, no matter how cliched or generally insane. It's more a like a game unstuck in time than a nostalgia trip. The price is worth it for me but probably on the steep side for anyone who's not a Shinobi fanatic who's already run the Sega Ages Shinobi port into the ground. Anyway, it delivers what it promises. GOTY 1988.
  3. These are all on sale now... still can't find much info about them. I don't ask for much but I have to assume the worst about the quality of this, I've gotten burned before.
  4. Looks pretty cool. In fact I looked up it and it claims to be not only a spiritual successor but actually the official sequel. I haven't taken the dive but this game called Shadow Gangs looks to be basically Bad Dudes in HD, no sale yet tho: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/shadow-gangs-switch/
  5. Well I started on Squire because I thought I'd familiarize myself with the game before trying the hard modes. Joke's on me, because yep it's already hard mode, even though it takes like five hits before you die. The boss fights in particular are way longer, harder and more elaborate than the old games. Gotta love how the UI throw little popups at you with hints and encouragement and "handholding" while the game itself beats you to death and laughs at you. GAME: Congratulations, you're halfway through this boss fight! Don't give up! ME: Halfway?! *gives up* What I've seen of the game seems to be a mix of remade settings/monsters from the first two games plus a whole lot of new stuff. I thought it would feel a little more like a remake of the original in that sense like e.g. Wii Punch-Out. I like all the weapons so far... it's not like Super GnG where 70% of the "power-ups" are basically a death sentence...
  6. From some looking around I've done, it looks like tales of lag have been greatly exaggerated, and it's actually average or better compared to most other Switch arcade ports. There are some emulation issues, though: incorrect sounds and occasional stuttering in some games. There's already a patch today, so they may be trying to fix this stuff. In Street Fighter 2, the rising sun in Honda's background has been removed (i.e. censored -- symbol of Japanese nationalism). Trivial but I hate when they do that stuff. I don't know of anything else that has been changed. The rewind feature, save states, slow motion etc are all pretty great. It's arguably much better than if the same games had been released through Arcade Archives, and obviously much cheaper. But on the thread's official topic: my initial impression of GnG Resurrection, based on level 1, is highly positive. Very much just like old times (on steroids). Even on a lower difficulty setting, it's no joke, but they've tried to make it welcoming to beginners (after dying a bunch, they started giving me tips on how to pass the first boss). Looks like they implemented the choose-your-path feature that was originally intended for Ghouls n Ghosts, but cut for time.
  7. Early adopters are reporting input lag and emulation issues in some games: It's pretty disappointing, I had high hopes for this to be a definitive collection and not just "good for the price" (like I can't play these games for free anyway?). Ghosts 'n' Goblins seems to work ok, but for the English version, I think they used the hardest ROM revision, the one where you have to fight two cyclopes at the same time on the last level (among other changes). I switched it to the Japanese version and I'm never switching it back...
  8. Does anybody know for sure if Renegade includes the Japanese version (Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun)? It's just a different rom version so I would expect so but I guess I don't want to take anything for granted...
  9. Ironically you can cheat because as long as you exit the game before you run out of lives, you can reload from the same spot as many times as you want. But they also include a "high score" mode with separate leaderboards which disables saving, but also disables pausing and rapid fire, which seems like overkill. The Sega Ages series handles it very cleanly: if you change the settings or load from a save state, your score goes on the "freestyle" leaderboard, otherwise it goes on the main one. They also give you ten save state slots plus a level select. Honestly of all the arcade re-releases on Switch I've seen, only Sega Ages really gets everything 100% right. Arcade Archives series ends up looking ok because there's some really bad stuff to compare it to.
  10. I put a fair bit of time into Demon's Tilt, which is a spiritual successor to Alien Crush, Devil's Crush etc. It's very well-done but very video gamey of course, it's not a pinball simulation.
  11. We just got a thread for that: Also, you can set up a Japanese eshop account and get all kinds of stuff that's not available in the west, if you like Cave games for example.
  12. I mean I bought the limited edition and I'm still kinda disgusted, that's some really funny math there... Years-old $20 steam game + years-old $6 smart phone game + gigamax = $30? And apparently the original Space Invaders is some kind of rarity that only collectors are entitled to play? I thought they'd handle it more like the Darius collections, which are pretty overpriced but at least include most of the games. Maybe they'll try to double dip by releasing another collection later, or putting the older games on Arcade Archives or something. I do notice this includes only the three newest games, and possibly the only three that are actually Switch ports and not emulated, so maybe that's how they came up with that list.
  13. This should be everything except it's using a strict definition of "shooter" that excludes stuff like Xeno Crisis (twin stick shooters etc): https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=62430 edit: actually it's overdue for an update, but it's still got a lot
  14. Uh yeah same. I favor the arcade collection, I like the games best and the leaderboards make all the difference. Only minor gripe I have with the NES collection is lack of button config, although the defaults are good enough, and they even thought to include rapid fire where it would make sense. Very cool to include the brand new demakes of Gaplus and Pac-man Championship, those ROMs are easy to find online for anyone interested. I'm a big Splatterhouse fan too.
  15. Hooray, I was right, looks like Space Invaders Forever dropped on the 15th: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/space-invaders-forever-switch/ Sounds like it includes Space Invaders Extreme, Space Invaders vs Arkanoid, and Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE...? Odd that the original would be omitted, if that's the case. Strictly Limited's physical version has already been delayed repeatedly and is currently set to ship "Jan/Feb", which probably means May or something at this rate.
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