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  1. I got the prototype mini, I have a couple of gripes 1) 8-way stick, I guess a diagonal 4-way was too much to hope for. It feels a little flimsy but good enough to play with. 2) It always boots to FHMC Q*bert, no matter which game I played last. If you want to play regular Q*bert, seems like you have to go to the game selection screen every time you turn it on. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like a bug. Overall a pretty cool device. The option to use an external monitor seems pretty cool although I haven't tried it. I don't like the other 19__ sequels too much, but 19XX is pretty amazing imo
  2. AtGames left their reputation out for the buzzards ages ago. They're out for a cheap buck and it looks like this time they didn't even get that.
  3. Oops, I lied: you have to go into options and change it to joycon mode. You really feel the Unity-ness of this game in the UI. Overkill was great, Director's Cut was great, Typing of the Dead Overkill was great. I really don't need it ported to anything without proper motion controls, but maybe it's worth hooking the ol' PS3 back up. Using the stick and gyro together, I sometimes end up pushing the cursor way off to the corner, and re-centering it is tricky. Sometimes it twitches and jumps around on me... sometimes not. I've been playing with a Switch Pro controller, and the gyro feels a little better maybe...? Or is that just my imagination? There might be some voodoo to where I sit and how I hold the controller to get it right. 'L' toggles the gryo on and off, but there's no visual feedback, so if you clumsily bump the button it seems like the game's gone berserk for no reason.
  4. Well, it's not playable with half a joycon, but I'm satisfied with the controls. It's different from a lightgun, but it's not bad at all. I might even blaspheme and say it beats squinting down a plastic gunsight for 20 minutes. You can use the analog stick and gyro in conjunction and tune the sensitivity of both. The upshot is less clunky than dragging a cursor with a stick, but not as lame as pointing with a mouse. My only other Switch "lightgun" experience is Beast Busters in the SNK collection, and that one is sadly almost unplayable.
  5. The fire button can be remapped. I don't see what can be done about the overlay, though.
  6. It's only the controls giving me pause... I don't ask for much, I just want it to be semiplayable with half a joycon.
  7. Speak of the devil, Capcom Fighting Collection is coming soon, so we can all buy Street Fighter 2 and Cyberbots again (but with online play): https://www.capcom-games.com/cfc/en-us/ Probably means they'll go on with yearly redundant Mega Arcade Museum Whatevers and forget Stadium ever existed. You got your wish: Fighting Collection has all of those, plus the CPS3 Red Earth which has been a holy grail forever. If you don't mind, please ask your genie for Steam/Switch ports of all the other Ghosts 'n' Goblins games, including the GBA port of Super GnG and the Wonderswan one and even the iPhone games. Thanks!
  8. I'm impressed with the lineup, it has a lot of neglected odds and ends in it that I wouldn't have expected to see. Notwithstanding the shameful and glaring omission of... Jr. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man.
  9. Yeah, I'd rather have the arcade versions in most cases, and I wish the controls could be configured. But otherwise, it's good, and the demakes are a great touch. Heads up: Pac-Man Museum+ is coming to Switch (and other platforms) this year, if anybody didn't know. Line-up: Pac-Man (1980) Super Pac-Man (1982) Pac & Pal (1983) Pac-Land (1984) Pac-Mania (1987) Pac-Attack (1993) Pac-In-Time (1995) Pac-Man Arrangement (Arcade version as seen in Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2, labelled as Arcade Ver.; 1996) Pac-Man Arrangement (PSP version as seen on Namco Museum Battle Collection, labelled as CS Ver.; 2005) Pac-Man Championship Edition (2007) Pac-Motos (originally included in Namco Museum Remix; 2007) Pac 'n Roll Remix (originally included in Namco Museum Remix; 2007) Pac-Man Battle Royale (2011) Pac-Man 256 (2015) You know what's missing, not even gonna say it...
  10. I thought I read somewhere they they sold well everywhere except for Japan, which somehow made a difference to the shot-callers at Sega. tbh I'd rather have one more Sega Ages game than everything announced in that Nintendo Direct combined
  11. iirc they announced that new games were coming shortly before it dropped on Steam and PS4, then nothing since then. So I might guess that it did fine on Switch, not so great on the other platforms. It's depressing, because (with the patches) it's maybe the best collection of its type out there, in terms of games, price, and features. That it repeats some ground they already covered on the Belt Action and Street Fighter collections might have hurt a bit. Well, I wouldn't expect Capcom to sit on their old arcade games forever... so what are they going to do, drop yet another Mega Arcade Museum Whatever with 80% of the same games on Steam and Switch 2 in 10 years? I'd think it would make more sense to put some more games on this thing. But it's been an awfully long time without hearing anything.
  12. I got a lot of time out of Namco Museum and Mr. Driller. That is probably the ultimate Mr. Driller game.
  13. It was pretty bad on release, but improved a TON with updates. I haven't played much 1941 but I doubt 7 frames is the current number. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be getting any more games... Capcom promised more, but it's been a long while. I'll second what everyone said about American arcade games, but I feel like if that was going to happen it would have already.
  14. They kinda overshot "arcade" and almost landed in "mobile game" territory. You can even buy extra boosts in Arcade and Time Trial modes, you pretty much much have to put yourself on the honor system if you want a strictly skill-based challenge. It's strictly an "unlock all the stuff" type of game, thankfully there is quite a bit of stuff and it's fun to play. Yeah, I couldn't get into Fast RMX either. I didn't like the color matching, but honestly, if you took that away the remaining game would probably feel pretty thin. What I'd like is a Switch arcade racer that can blow the likes of Wave Race 64 and F-Zero GX out of the water, the tech should be there but the games aren't imo, or maybe I'm just playing the wrong things. Cruis'n Blast is cool and worthwhile but it's not that. Once I get all the keys and trophies I guess I'm going back to Outrun and Virtua Racing.
  15. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/cruisn-blast-switch/ Looks like a Switch exclusive (unless you buy the arcade machine). Could be the biggest and best arcade racer on the platform?
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