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  1. There's an ergonomic issue caused by the side walls of the cab reaching so far forward that it obstructs the player's hands from reaching the controls. I find the d-pad easier to use if the joystick is removed, but it's difficult to reach from the side with the thumb. This wasn't an issue with the Data East mini. Rolling Thunder 3 has another super-goofy button layout... from left to right: jump, shoot, special attack. Doesn't match the other two RT games.
  2. I just tried mine out for the first time, for a couple of games. For possibly the first time for MyArcade, they put the shoot/attack button to the left of the jump button (the usual arrangement), except for Splatterhouse 2, which thankfully is a Genesis game with a button config screen so it's fixable. Thankfully stretch mode is optional on all games. Some emulation problems... Splatterhouse had slightly glitchy music, and Splatterhouse 2 has absolutely terrible emulation, maybe the worst I've seen in a commercially released product... constant audio and graphical glitches and flickering, not for a second does it look or sound right. Disappointing. The Data East MyArcade collection wasn't perfect but the games at least worked. Pac-man seemed to work fine, I think Rolling Thunder 2 (arcade version) might be a little off but I'd have to directly compare to MAME to be sure. Best thing about it is the physical unit itself, although some of the "artwork" is just screenshots from the games... Replicade for example is releasing products with more polish. The Numskull cabs look quite solid but they are of course pricier.
  3. They seem to have made a habit of this, inexplicably
  4. Soooo... Genesis version, censored, an extra block button, and a big pic of MK3 Scorpion on the side? I'd say you get what you pay for, but half the time the expensive stuff sucks too.
  5. These almost seem like a good idea for a keychain or something but maybe they went just a hair too small?
  6. Looks cool, cool, if I may ask a stupid question, how big is 1/4 scale really? I'd really like a Ms Pac-man with an arcade rom... and Space Invaders, but I'm paralyzed by the number of choices for that one. I'd like one with no stick personally. Probably been discussed but does anybody know the roms being used for these little Tiny Arcade guys? https://www.amazon.com/stores/TinyArcade/TinyArcade/page/7394D18A-F13F-4666-ABB7-06DF0CF6181D
  7. I think you cracked the puzzle. But maybe some of the time, talent and money that goes into trying to scam people with insane Frankenstein monsters like this would get better returns if they tried making a quality product that would appeal to retro gamers. It's a strangely untapped market...
  8. Seems common sense to me... you open up any collection of 30+ retro games and they're typically going to be sorted. I mean for some "Company X Classic Collection" etc sort of game compilation. On a pre-built MAME cab or a Chinese multicart or whatever, you're liable to see 100+, or even over a thousand, unsorted games. It's kind of a bootleg way of doing things... So... I guess on the Bad Dudes micro cab, the game itself swaps the usual A & B functions, but the cab swaps A & B again, so it ends up canceling out?
  9. Very belatedly it occurs to me that Bad Dudes was actually one of the very few NES games to botch this: I'm still chalking it up as a mistake... as time passes I'm actually a little irritated that they didn't bother to alphabetize the games, either Pac Panic is just the Japanese name of Pac Attack. Pretty fun game actually. I wonder if they will use the Genesis versions of these two... it's probably not the best one. In other news, Replicade's third machine (after Centipede and Tempest, assuming any of these actually come out) will be Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition, of all things... seems like an odd choice if they could have just as easily done Hyper Fighting, but at least it has an extra controller for 1v1?
  10. Pac-man 2 and Pac Panic are also console exclusives I believe... could be Genesis versions, might be another? I don't know how much DE charged for the likes of Scrum Try et all, but they should probably be glad they got it...
  11. Probably initial release isn't worldwide though, right? What I'd really like is some assurance that the buttons can be reconfigured... you'd think that after putting in save states, monitor support, controller ports etc they couldn't possibly miss that, but apparently we can't take anything for granted.
  12. I agree about the screen. I half-expect the aspect ratio to be stretched vertically, while people try to say "it doesn't look that bad!" Conventional wisdom says that a Japan-only Famicom game wouldn't fly off the shelves of Wal-mart... but I'd get it day 1.
  13. It was down the last time I checked. If up also works, that's interesting to know.
  14. I actually emailed MyArcade requesting Splatterhouse about a month ago, and what do you know? I especially never, ever would have expected Splatterhouse 2 to make it onto one of these things. They seemed to have memory-holed that franchise after the PS3 game had such a shaky dev history and reception. I guess I should've asked for a Ms Pacman mini cab while I was at it, but I thought it would go without saying. Could be saving it for Volume 2 or something? It's listed on Amazon, and the Tempest machine is actually available for pre-order (supposedly due to ship in September). The guys behind it don't seem to be giving a lot of concrete info on the whens and how muches so far, and it's Kickstarter, so I'll refrain from getting my hopes up and assume that it will either come out in five years or quietly disappear, and be pleasantly surprised otherwise.
  15. I can't believe they're going with that button layout
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