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  1. The annoying part of it is having to rotate the screen back to normal for playing on a TV -- that and navigating the main Switch menu sideways. Playing handheld, I think it's a major-verging-on-necessary improvement (do the math on how much bigger your viewing area is). Honestly I haven't used mine much lately, but I have ended up with many more games that support it than I expected to have, both new and old: Demon's Tilt, Namco Museum (Galaga, Pac-man, etc), a couple shmups, even the arcade Contra games. The Namco/Contra collections are nice enough to let you set your display for each game individually, so rotating for one doesn't carry over when you try to play the others. So I'm bound to get back to it sooner or later, and I'm sure I'll get more than my money's worth out of it, if I haven't already. tl;dr it's very good if you have any use for it. Surprised that Nintendo didn't make an official one of these.
  2. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/retro-classix-collection-1-data-east-switch/ https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/retro-classix-2in1-pack-bad-dudes-and-two-crude-dudes-switch/ https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/retro-classix-2-in-1-pack-gate-of-doom-and-wizard-fire-switch/ https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/retro-classix-4in1-pack-sly-spy-shootout-wizard-fire-and-super-real-darwin-switch/ etc, etc... These are out there now, almost escaped my notice. Any chance these are even a tiny bit better than the same games in the Johnny Turbo line? Those don't even allow button reconfigs so the bar's set pretty low... I mean they're not even coordinating the sales, so it's cheaper to buy the games separately in a lot of cases. Ah well.
  3. I have some bad problems with ghost inputs from buttons in a couple of games when using wireless, wasn't sure if it was the games or my controllers or something else. $5 million could repair some of the emotional damage.
  4. I read it as a threat of more Chinese remakes like Panzer Dragoon or other stuff nobody asked for, or else "I'm not saying we're not doing anything but we probably aren't". Sega Ages is maybe the most interesting stuff on the Switch for me, and gave a lot of these games a brand new lease on life for me. Even the really minor tweaks like being able to turn down the shot sound in Space Harrier is a big deal to me. I hate to see it end like this. There's not much hope that the games they skipped over will ever get the kind of treatment M2 would have given them. Oh well, I grabbed a bunch of these on sale that I haven't even cracked open yet, so I'm good for the foreseeable future. I think Streets of Rage 4 turned out well, so maybe there's hope for House of the Dead. I'm sorely tempted to go through the nuisance of a hacked or imported 3DS just for Alien Syndrome. I do have to say, I appreciate M2 giving attention to overlooked games, but the choice of games for that Astro City thingy are a lot more logical than what they went with.
  5. Yeah, they said a while back that they were doing a third one, it pretty much had to be this. Ninja Warriors remake is the reason I got a Switch and I was not disappointed, it's the textbook example of how to do a "retro remake". Have heard nothing but praise for the WG remake too. I bet this will deliver similarly.
  6. ...well that's kinda what I'm thinking, I'm just not inclined to stick my head out the window and yell about it (although it is much better than Wii SMAS). I think it's unfortunate that Nintendo classics will never get the Sega Ages treatment (or the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe treatment). Fans are doing some interesting things with the Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time code, adding in multiplayer and such. Well, it's good that the games will be reaching a new audience, anyhow.
  7. My biggest games are Sword of the Guardian and Fantasy Strike, both about 8 gigs. Haven't tried FS because I don't even have space to install it, but SotG is a modest beat-em-up created by one person and it makes no sense for it to be that big, and it doesn't seem like FS should be either. Must be poor choice of file format on the dev's part, or something.
  8. Same. If anybody missed it but is interested, there is a second "launch" in another day I think. It may well end up on the eshop long before SLG ships... probably best to put it out of my mind for now. The priciest Japanese edition came with Space Invaders dinner plates of all things, sadly no such option for the west.
  9. Coming west soon: https://gonintendo.com/stories/363592-strictly-limited-games-releasing-physical-editions-of-space-inva?page=1 Games included: ● Space Invaders (1978, Arcade) – b/w ● Space Invaders (1978, Arcade) – colour ● Space Invaders Part II (1979, Arcade) ● Majestic Twelve: The Space Invaders Part IV (1990, Arcade) ● Super Space Invaders ’91 (1990, Arcade) ● Space Invaders Extreme (2018) ● Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE (2018) ● Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders (2017) ● Space Invaders DX (1994, Arcade) ● Space Cyclone (1980, Arcade) ● Lunar Rescue (1979, Arcade)
  10. I have to agree... who was asking for not one but two Puyo Puyo ports for a platform that already has a Puyo Puyo game? (hold your fire, PP fans...) I'll second everyone who mentioned Revenge of Death Adder and throw in a vote for Shadow Dancer. On top of that, there were a bunch of games from the 3DS series that never made it outside of Japan (including Alien Syndrome and Alien Storm). If they've already done the backwards-engineering work for them and the games sell better in the west anyway, why not bring them to Switch already? I really hope we haven't heard the last of this series.
  11. Sale's on so I finally picked up a couple of these (Double Dragon and Metal Slug, old faves). The standard features are really nice, about as good as you could hope for a one-size-fits-all set of features for a series of arcade games. ...except for the save system. You get one save state slot and apparently it deletes itself when you game over? I want to pick the brain of the madman that came up with this. A lot of arcade games are unapproachable without save states to work out the trouble spots (unless you just credit feed), this is enough to make me pass on some games I was on the fence about. Frustrating.
  12. Switch OS now supports a universal button mapping, with five slots you can save/reload configs from. It's not extremely convenient but it made Night Slashers playable for me. Wouldn't touch any more Johnny Turbo crap, but it's something.
  13. Besides Creepy Brawlers there's also Haunted Halloween '86, but I think that is a port rather than emulated. Other homebrew ports: Gunlord, Xeno Crisis, probably others. I don't know how big the market is, but I'm in it.
  14. True. I got mine a week or two before coronapocalypse hit, I had to check around online a bit for a brick and mortar store. Now even Amazon doesn't seem to have any.
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