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  1. Expanders for the VIC are hard to find these days. This is all I could find; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Commodore-vic-20-Game-Slot-Expander/254937728035?hash=item3b5b790423:g:evYAAOSwkZ5gcw69
  2. I still use a C-128 only in 128 mode, for programming, GEOS, spreadsheets, even word processing every now and then. I even use CP/M (with the REU) for dBase II.
  3. I sold an almost complete C-128 keyboard with the top case just a couple of months back (it had one broken F-Key). Maybe I should have asked more for it. I've been looking for C-128 keyboard parts, and I am surprised how unavailable they are today.
  4. I really need to get new glasses. Sorry for the bum steer. The C-128D keyboards are currently selling for around $300.00 plus shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-Commodore-Model-128D-Personal-Computer-Keyboard-with-Cable-Untested/254860915159?hash=item3b56e4f1d7:g:wZ8AAOSwQ-NgIaEG
  5. You might try asking on Lemon64. There are a couple of people there who have 3D printers, that may not venture over here. Worth a shot, anyway. Wish I could help more...... These would get you half way there; https://www.ebay.com/itm/COMMODORE-128-C-Replacement-Key-F-With-Spring-Plunger-Keyboard/164637581712?hash=item26552a2190:g:mkQAAOSwlgNa~cFX
  6. That's a long way from VGA. Hope you're happy with it.
  7. Did you find a ViewTronic N4? They are great, but, do NOT loose the remote! It will drive nuts without the remote.
  8. By the other side, I mean if it's on the right side, try it on the left side of the monitor - obviously with several inches in between. However, if you're only having trouble with a couple of disks, it's most likely the disks causing the trouble, and not the position of the drive. The only original disk I have of the what's giving you grief is Castle Wolfenstein. It has a "noisy" copy protection scheme (bangs the head a bit), but loads OK on my 1571 (I don't have a working 1541 right now). My guess is that this disk may have some damage on it. Do you have a friend with a 1541 that you could load your disks on? either their system, or their drive. That's most likely the easiest way to test for bad disks.
  9. You might even have to move your 1541 to the other side of your monitor to stop errors. This used to be common knowledge, I don't know what happened. Are these game disks original, or copies? Some times even "good" copies can create problems loading. 5 ¼ disks can last quite well, but don't store then in a hot, humid environment. It will kill them. I have a few Elephant brand disks that date from the 1980s, and are still going strong.
  10. Some where back in this thread it was noted that the C-64 was sold at Toys R Us in the early '90s (with a cost to Commodore of $5.00 per). I wish I could remember what the C-64 sold for from that outlet.... Toys R Us also sold the C-128 Dcr for $189.97 - until at least 1994. (I bought three at that price).
  11. I tend to agree with this opinion. Why steal the currently available software, when you can buy it?
  12. Do you know which C-64C you have? There are two very different versions, one with what is referred to as the short board, motherboard, the other uses an older, breadbin type motherboard. You can usually tell by where the Commodore graphics symbols are located on the keys. If they are on the front of the keys, it's the older type motherboard. (this holds true if the computer is in original condition) The newer, short board, will last longer without problems from the chips. Get a new PSU though. Don't trust those old Commodore units under any circumstances!
  13. My only objection to the KeeLog PSU for the C-64 is it isn't powerful enough to run an REU. It's a shame they don't make a more powerful model.
  14. The old ViewSonic N4 video scaler output a great VGA display - if you find one. They haven't been made for a while, but do show up on ebay or other sellers. Most owners will not part with their units however. https://www.ebay.com/i/303813212366?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-213727-13078-0&mkcid=2&itemid=303813212366&targetid=4580153133025503&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=403206328&mkgroupid=1224856168411808&rlsatarget=pla-4580153133025503&abcId=9300372&merchantid=51291&msclkid=b1aa3b2497761d162bb15b28ebc24bb7
  15. I have one of the re-issued cartridges from Corei64, and I love it. Thomas Christoph is very passionate about his work in the 8 bit hardware field for Commodore 64. You will not find a better person to deal with either. He is quite often found on lemon 64.
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