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  1. Here in the 'States, there were loads of disk based programs, including many games. Was Europe really that much different?
  2. Did you order the test harness with your dead test cartridge? Without the harness it will not tell you a lot. ps - The PLAnkton replacement PLA is the best choice out there. It works with everything and gives off no heat!
  3. I don't hear many people talk about Ballblazer. I played that one on the C-64 and the Atari 5200. I was so hooked on that game - and Joust (only on the 5200)
  4. Have you checked all of the RAM chips? It's not uncommon for a bad PSU to take them all out. Also check the PLA If we knew the motherboard version it might help too.
  5. The "which port" issue is out the window if you have a legit copy of the game. The manuals always told you which port to use.
  6. Does the dog ever foul the floor?
  7. The PSU issues were why Commodore created the special power supply unit for the 1764 REU. Great unit if you can still find one. This is a thread from Lemon64 mostly on the topic of Cartridge expanders, but it touches on other ideas too. https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=59536 Cartridges were quite popular with the C-64 and C-128 machines. If the cartridge was used too much problems could surface, but unless you are unlucky enough to get a secondary school system, no problems should show up. There were hundreds of cartridges for the C-64 in many fields, not only games, but from music, to graphics, to various utilities.
  8. I hope you didn't damage your little brain thinking that one up. Amazon is the reason, I don't deal with them. Usually this isn't a problem, and actually saves me money. BTW - I ride a bike that will easily top 170mph - to just give you an idea how far off your assumptions are. Always dangerous assuming things......
  9. Why are so many people shooting themselves in the foot, choosing Amazon.com to market their latest and greatest? Don't you all realize how many of us C= user refuse to deal with the devil (Amazon.crap). Good luck anyway. I may have enjoyed the read.......
  10. If this C-64c still has the original power supply, get rid of it! I agree that Ray Carlsen makes great power supplies.An excellent choice. I doubt you will need to change any caps. They rarely go bad in a 64. That's a problem with later model Amiga machines. A good heat sink on the PLA wouldn't hurt (if it's an original).
  11. I've had a problem with Amazon long before his 1-click crap. I refuse to buy from them, period. I wasn't belittling RobertB about posting so many places. I just thought it funny he hit so many sites! I am all for spreading the word about C-128 news. Mine still gets used almost every day.
  12. You don't like Amazon either? Funny though - when I searched this book, apparently RobertB has pasted his post on every Commodore site in the world ! I hope and pray it will be available some where else.
  13. If you haven't already bought RAM chips, this is a pretty good deal on ebay; (not my sale though) https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-KM4164B-15-64Kx1-Dynamic-RAM-DRAM-4164-Commodore-Apple-Oric-ZX-Pravetz/183722288512?hash=item2ac6b3a580:g:~UcAAOSwctJcAyx- Also, a note on that cardboard "heat sink" in your C-64. Many people remove that beast. It traps in heat, and does little else. If you happen to have any chips running really hot, use individual IC heat sinks. If you need CIA chips in the future, I can spare one or two. .
  14. The point about the early Commodore printers is that they were terrible printers, with no descenders. Their output was just plain awful!. I used to use a Star Printer and an Epson LX 90 that looked quite good. There were even early Ink Jets with Centronics interfaces that could be used with the C-64. But the Commodore 801 and 803 were awful.
  15. But, almost all printer interfaces used the serial port, from the well known (?) Cardco +G to the Xetex Super Graphix.. There was a GEOS printer interface that used the user port, but not many others.
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